Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beverly Hills and Santa Monica

Today we've few missions to conquer! One of it was to find the famous Michael Jackson mural at Cahuenge Boulevard, second was to find some HARD ROCK tshirt or merchandize and another is to continue the green route of hop on hop off which lead us to the world’s famous pier- Santa Monica.! Yes..the famous pier where many Hollywood director’s favorite shooting location. So after our hearty sandwich breakfast at Subway, we took the first schedule bus to Walk of Fame again. 
call me maybe?
1st mission complete
Captain JAck!
madame tussauds
nice structure
look at those hanging luggages!
tom jones graffiti 
Asked the locals for Caheunge Blvrd and we went round and round of blocks where suddenly I saw this huge building like a courthouse which stated United States Post Office..sweet! went in to buy few postcards and stamps for my family and fren back home. 
spot on! my favorite building--POST OFFICE
all the dearly departed
time to head home these postcards
neat eh?
post boxes
Then we searched again passing through unfamiliar road which was really quiet and a little dodgy but finally lucky strike and there we found it!

empty street
oh yes! finally found it!
Then we head back to Walk of Fame and waited for the bus to our next destination. If you grew up watching Hollywood movies, then most of the roads and places will definitely makes you feel like you are into similar scenes minus your heartthrob’s actors. Haha.. I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210 and always wonder what was the number that I’ve seen the street myself, the postcode gives perfect was during the 90s where I don’t have any computers to google for it..haha but nevertheless the series was one of my favorite even though it doesnt give any good social examples. 
the famous palm tree
the arch
Rodeo Drive..
Today’s weather is a little windy and we were so hungry by the time we reached the pier. The place was lively with colourful wheel ferris, fun fair and small booth around. We took our lunch at Bubba Gumps…to be honest, I’ve never tried Bubba Gumps in Malaysia. I remembered having my first at New York and I simply love it plus the waiters never fail to entertain us with their quiz, games and chat about Forrest Gump. Well Forest Gump will be always one of my inspiring timeless movies.
fun filled activities can be done here
let's check out this place
at the pier
world famous Pier - Santa Monica!
time to eat!
prawn with hotdog
this is what i've ordered. Fish + prawn so yummy!
its a lift actually
ferris wheel
After the scrumptious meal, we went for a walk at the beach. A blue-eyed boy was doing his summersault so I say hi to him. And he said Hi back to my Malaysian friends..haha 
hi malaysian
After admiring this place, we decided to make a move so that we could have enough time to catch the last bus from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills for the next interchange route. 
while waiting for our last bus at beverly hills stop
Then by the time we arrived the Walk of Fame, it was about 930pm already where the hop on hop off operating time ended. So we decided to take the train to Downtown LA. As we asked the lady at the counter, she just said “Be careful you two young lady went taking the train during the night” that gives us the wild scare. Well sometime ignorance is bliss?
night scene at HOllywood 
train quiet
But everything was alright, we kept ourselves alert and pretend like we were the local Asians that has been staying there..anyway one thing I noticed that Los Angeles has been the spine of Asians instead of the whites. You see, I was staying at Downtown LA where the next block was Little Tokyo, few blocks away you could find the street of Mexicans, and another few blocks there you would find the ever famous Chinatown. So yeah I think I can blend well here..haha

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Empowering Ambitions

Yo yo..just few months ago, I was chosen as the Grand Prize winner under the Blackberry Empowering Ambitions campaign. And with that, I had an opportunity to meet with their brand ambassador like fashion icon- Nurita Harith, notable chef-Sufiz, fashion blogger-Hanie and web content developer - Raeesa. It was a fun shooting and i've learn a lot from there. It was a rewarding journey and I'm glad to be given this opportunity. 

So after 2 full days of actions, cuts and camera rolling, the video is finally out ..Check it out ! :)

I would like to thank Blackberry for trusting in me and picking me as the Grand prize winner. Not forgetting Text100 staff, crew and production of Phuture Phlow. It was fun and at the same time learning something out from my comfort zone. :) Simply cant wait what's next in line for me from Blackberry for being part of the Elite team. Dare to Dream!

Friday, January 24, 2014

HOLLYWOOD!! Meet the stars!

Ready for some celebrity crush? Well I was certainly outrageously ready. Despite to having a stand of not visiting any MADAME TUSSAUDS at every countries I've visited as I still prefer to rub shoulders with the real deal, but since it was FOC with 48 hours/2 days hop-on hop-off bus tour so why not? By the way, it cost $59 dollar per person which was also given complimentary if you book online from this website HERE. Print it out and bring along the voucher. Weather was about 19-22 which was perfect!

Had a good sleep the night before with comfy bed and pillows. After I had my balance of Johnny Rocket’s tuna meltz last night as breakfast this morning, I am ready to explore HOLLYWOOD. Off we were out from DoubleTree with nice weather. We searched for the nearest hop on hop off bus stops which was located at the American Japanese Museum, Little Tokyo. While waiting we met with 2 friendly Australians Christina and Maya which was also having the same direction with us. It was 920am, and suddenly we saw the red huge double Decker bus opposite of the road. I guessed we had got it wrong and we quickly hit the traffic button hoping it will turn red soon so that we could catch the bus. We managed to catch the 1st stop and hop on after showing our receipt. He handover an earplug and a map for us before explaining some safety measure and the last bus timing. 
Downtown LA on a sunny bright day
The stairs
 Never could i believe that I was actually in Los Angeles! Always wanted to be here and now that it has come true, it was certainly overwhelming. I really missed LA as I'm typing this. wish I could go there again. 
Broadway any one?
 The street are pretty quiet as people are still sleeping i guess..ahha.. Some of the places remind me of the familiar Hollywood movie scene like Spiderman, King Kong , Transformer etc. Probably some of the location were shot here. 
Los Angeles Theater building is still very classic like how we watch in Hollywood movie 
The fashion district
Staples center
nice deco
No idea what building was this but it certainly look cool
As we are approaching Hollywood, there a glimpse of Downtown LA at the highway
the Hollywood signage 
We decided to visit Madame Tussauds first and check out the street of Walk of Fame, Chinese Theather, Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills, and just chill around that order. While we are battling with the strong wind on top of the double decker bus, we also managed to listen through the bus narration on how Hollywood name came about. So if you are first time here, i suggest for you to take this tour as it is not only 'educational' but also hassle free to move about. Who know you might also spot some real celebrity. 

Madame Tussauds --
Tom Cruise -walk of childhood crush
Oh Johnny Depp..! 
Brad Pitt close up
Much detailed and it takes almost 3-6 months to finish up one wax celebrity

going gaga.. was certainly fun mimicking their poses
One of my all time favorite classic inspiring movie
till we meet again..
Rest in peace yo
even Bollywood artiste were here haha Kuch Kuch hotai hai
So after rubbing shoulders with some of the celebrities at the wax museum, we had our nice lunch at California Pizza. well..if you are in California, you gotta try their special pizza.Upon checking in, I noticed that by installing the California Pizza application in your mobile, 1 free CHicken Tinga Quesadilla will be given for free with at least 2 main course dish were ordered. So after installing the apps, I just need to flash the apps and show it to the waiter. easy peasy.
Total was $16.50 
Then we just wandering around Walk of Fame street, get some souveniers and suddenly was approached by this local tour guide for Celebrity Mansion tour. It costs us US20 per person which a little disappointing as we only get to sit on the ride and take picture from afar. But anyway, at least it was cool to witness the mansion of Katy Perry+Russel Brand (before they broke off), Britney Spears, George Clooney etc at Beverly Hills. 
the stairs at HOllywood Boulevard..remember GLEE?? some of the scenes were shot here..
presenting the famous HOllywood signage
Katy Pary + Russel Brand ex-mansion
some of the huge houses at the hillside 
like an english house
House of Blues at Sunset Boulevard
Halloween decorated houses...must be quite spooky at night
the famous signage
Rodeo Drive..famous shopping street

By the time, we are done, we head back to Hollywood Boulevard to check the night view and for the last hop on hop off bus before heading back to Downtown LA. Grab Subway sandwich for dinner and then it was wifi all the way...Heck..cant live without the internet..
Okay, next post will be another familiar place where you normally watch on HOllywood movie or teleseries. So wait for it..Bye for now!

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