Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secrets of Minahasa, North Sulawesi

[170409-190409] Making Air Asia as my favorite brand has permitted me to witness and explore some hidden secrets of the ASEAN world. That includes a lot of research that lead to a heck of an experience. The news about eruption and earthquake alert around Indonesia few days before has just raised my inquisitiveness level raise few steps higher.

I am on a mission to promote North Sulawesi because I believe the distinctive deep secrets, exotic delights and richness in nature are definitely going to add some spices to my life.

As I stepped my foot on the land of North Sulawesi, little did I thought it will be a VIP treatment escapade weekend. And as promised by Charlie (the owner of Highland Resort & Spa, Tomohon), he will try to make the best out of the 3D2N trip. I was searching high & low through online for homestay or guesthouse, then I found about Highland Resort & Spa, Tomohon. I manage to get really special and (I think) the best rate ever with the hospitality and friendliness given.

My only disappointment was unable to trek to the peak of Mount Lokon. The heavy downpour since we arrived and the unstable condition of the volcanic mountain that might be active anytime have deterred my enthusiasm…slightly…. But all that was alleviated by the following:

The staggering beauty of Tomohon (the city of flowers), the active volcanic Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu that smoked its substance rebelliously, the distinctively changing colours of Lake Linow, witnessing the smallest monkey (Tarsius) in the world, stepping on a land where the soil are on top indentation, passing by the picturesque lust of greenery, discover the pitch dark Japanese cave, taste the best malabar, looking up at Asia's tallest statue of Jesus Christ, being welcomed by their friendly people, abundance heritage and culture is totally phenomenal.

The Farmer & A Breathtaking Countryside..

One of active volcanic mountain - Mount Lokon

Distinctive flowers ready to blossom
Happy Easter
Tomohon (aka City of Flowers)
Lake Linow (changing colours lake)
The Fishing Village

Asia's Tallest & 2nd Tallest in the World of Jesus Statue
The one & only Buddhist pagoda in Manado
The smallest monkey in the world, weight :117gm-134gm & 4-6 inch (15cm) in height [Tarsius]
Only at Minahasa Jungle Market (Saturdays morning) - dog, pig, pyhton, wild rats etc are for sale..to be cooked and eaten
The timeless solitude of Manado is surrounded by mountainous area that caressing each other passionately. The waving clouds are just a gesture of peace and tranquility. It also has an interesting history, where in 1844 earthquakes leveled the lands of Manado and the town was completed re-designed by the Dutch. Today its coastline is lined with shopping malls and the town is made up of a majority of the Minahasa ethnic group.
If you think Manado is only famous as one of the world’s top ten dive spot, think again…you might be missing more than you could imagine of. So what are you waiting for…make a space for yourself even for short weekend trips that definitely will leave you crave for more. Well, at least I know I did…
I would like to thank a bunch to Charlie, his staffs – Maikal, Alex, Modi, Uncle Fred, Alam Spa and the friendly people of Manado that make this trip an unforgettable journey!.

Kinilow Jaga VI Tomohon, Minahasa 95362 North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 431 353333/353888
Fax: (+62) 431 353777
website: http://www.highlandresort.info/

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