Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Great Escapade

~The Great Escapade~

Hrmmmm...this is good..i meant really interesting deal..Malaysia Airlines also fondly known as MAS has recently launched 9 smoking great deal –the MAS Stimulus Packages.
And as much as how everyone complaining that they need a great escapade, I couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving than the most important persons in my life..well to begin with, this is no Sound of Music family fiasco or singing DO Re Mi at the peak of mountain but we do have some share of fond memories and of course the same fascination about travelling...not to mention each family member’s level of tantrum that run smoothly in the genes. so just bear with the Viva’s family for probably few minutes of your precious lifetime.

With the MAS Stimulus Packages, my task has just turned easier few steps. I mean look at all these 9 specially custom-made for fellow crazy bunch of people like us. I shouldn’t have use the word crazy..i think insane are better..LOL. MAS also have a varied delicious meal onboard..yum yum..

Anyway, let’s get back to track. Wouldn’t want to get lost in the middle of an enchanting escapade, don’t we? Where were we, oh ya...back to track..

First and foremost (loud applause and the red carpet been rolled), my parents- appa, Mr Viva Vengdesh and amma, Mdm Vivian Chew Seng Ngo. Since they deserved all the best and better things in life, the Business Companion seem to fit the answer. They make the best Bonnie & Clyde (in a good cause) and amma has always been the best partner in crime for appa. Not as if they have done anything illegal but they have always been a great business companion, so with 1 full-fare Business Class ticket, getting another at 50% off will definitely keeping the budget within limit. City of love, Paris should be the one.

Next are bunch of rascals from these 2 beautiful peoples above-mentioned.

We have..hrmmm let me see..none other than a vain-pot, creative, popular, adventure-seeker and believe life is a journey of adventures..none other than the one and only...jeng jeng jeng...ME lah...who else. I’ll just take the MH Flexi 1+1. I’ll buy 1 and I could bring along my B for FREE..who says you need lots of money to go travel? Certain things are meant to be priceless...and i meant price-less. New Zealand here we come.

Moving along, my younger brother, Ronnie. Smart looking dude but hardly open his mouth..we believe the gold still hidden there. So search no more, Grab+Deal would definitely suit him. Eygpt or Cambodia might be on the list of destination.

Then we have Anand. The friendly type and get along with kids very well. I presume Kids Fly Free would be awesome for him. Not that he has any kids, but by buying 2 tickets (one for him and another for his gf), he can bring along 1 kid for FREE..Anyone’s kid...just kidding...hehehehe. Hong Kong Disneyland perhaps?

Next we have this sweet, pretty, feminine and seriously...a good cook, my sister, Ratha. The Premium Match would be the catch..why? Coz she likes everything to be posh and classy. So she could find any lower First Class or Business Class fare, and the good people in MAS will match the offer..sound simple, right? Spa and aromatherapy at Bali should kick the attitude.

The deal seems juicier and we definitely wouldn’t want stop just there coz the next person I’ll be introducing is another cracko in the family. The most talkative, smart and yet you can’t get enough of her sarcasm, (please play the Manchaster United’s theme song...was it Glory Glory) my other sister, Moly. Let’s give her the Economy+. She’s not only could enjoy her Business Class privileges and comfort with an Economy Class ticket, she could probably brag about it after coming back from an EPL match in Manchaster, London. I could slightly hear Moly swearing at me now..the most she will tell her favourite animals on Animal Planet channel.

And finally we have this secretive, cute, gadgets lover and her fetish on Korean music band, TVXQ..presenting the youngest of the brats, Puspaa. So the Weekend Getaway would probably full fill one of her dream to rub shoulders with TVXQ in Korea. The package would be a weekend trip which good for her since she is still studying to any ASEAN country with surprisingly low fares. But first, prepare your passport first my dear.

Last but not the least, we could all (that include friends as well) always take the 80% off Domestic & ASEAN or even the BALIK KAMPUNG deal. That way we could still stay connected and annoy each other distinctively!

So what do you think? The MAS Stimulus Packages not only add some masala to a bland dish but it also another way of fun travelling with our loved ones. Who knows, the Great Escapade might be the next thing in your to-do list.

And at the end of the day, there is always a story to be told. After all, I am Devi da Lil Devil...(smirking with visible evil horn appearing on my head).

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