Sunday, January 5, 2014

Visit Malaysia 2014 Official Launch

We heard it on radio, seen it on television, and the promotion continues through social media platforms with the latest video clip of our beautiful Malaysia's scenic destination, people, culture and scrumptious FOOD craze! I must admit, it did spark some interest in my medulla oblongata to check it out what's the hype about. Yes folks, I am referring to the Visit Malaysia 2014 (#VMY2014) official launched on 4 January 2014. My lucky number!.

Since some of the major roads will be closed, I've decided to take the STAR LRT from Pekeliling. It was just RM1.20 from Pekeliling station to Masjid Jamek station which was about less than 10 minutes ride. Then it was just a walk away to the gorgeous Dataran Merdeka. And since the weather forecast expected to rain, we bought along disposal raincoats..
so much improvement has been ages since i last came here 
im gonna have my own book soon
like an ice rink :) 
We arrived the scene at 650pm and it was still bright but a little cloudy. The stage was nicely decorated and set up.  Took some pictures when suddenly we were approached by NST photographer and TV3 newscaster. 
hehe..cant help..i actually ask the newscaster if i could pretend for a minute that i was a TV3 newscaster..hahaha
and YES we were in BULETIN UTAMA TV3 ..thanks to Ratha's fren for this snap..hehee
After a short interviewed by the TV3 newscaster, we make our way to some exhibition booths promoting #VMY2014 among others are from the IM4U (1Malaysia for Youth), National Museum Department, Kraftangan Malaysia, National Visual Art Gallery, Tourism Malaysia Information Centre and 1 Malaysia Green 1Malaysia Clean.
our Prime Ministers line up
While we were waiting for the event to start, met one of the blogger, Rabiatul and thanks for the lovely pin button :) . Followed her to the tent where the media were sitting and met Lily..there were the invited bloggers for #VMY2014 and so cool they get to stay at Novotel Hotel and escorted by bus from there. It was nice meeting them both.

The launch finally started with everyone rise up with respect and honor to sing along our national anthem song - "Negaraku". goosebump wei..MC was Dato' Mahadzir Lokman which was probably still one of the best for event like this. Then it was welcoming speech by Minister of Tourism and Culture at 915pm followed by speech from our Deputy Prime Minister and finally the official launch of Visit Malaysia 2014! Nation's grandest and biggest tourism celebration of 3D mapping and multimedia showcase, spectacular fireworks display, cultural dance show and performances from local artists like Dato' Jamal Abdillah, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Dato' Khatijah Ibrahim, Amy Search, Awie Wongs, Nash, Hafiz, Azlan and the Typewriter, Najwa Latif, Dr Joanne Yeoh (Violinist), Mohadiman (Flute) and Kumaresan (Sitar) . The 3D mapping and multimedia showcase was pretty impressive.  
3D mapping and multimedia which was pretty impressive..try to upload the video later
and suddenly fireworks after the launch!
happy youth from IM4U
Lily and I
One of the tourist being interviewed..
post show performance about the start
say cheese
the new mascot..Proboscis monkey
Dato Mahadzir Lokman as the mc announcing to all to take their seats.
local dance performance
it started to drizzling ..but luckily just for a while
the yellow umbrella..
truly beautiful
nice one!
orait peeps..that's all for now!
I've truly enjoyed the fireworks display that lasted almost few minutes from the top of Dewan Bandaraya Buildings and also the iconic Sultan Abdul Samad building at Merdeka Square /Dataran Merdeka. On the way back to the LRT, we saw the streets was filled with people selling balloons, drinks and some neon lights. 
busy selling items.
2014 is definitely going to be a great year with magnificent mind bursting events coming up! What a great way to start the new year and let's make it as interesting as possible!  oh ya..check on New Straits Time tomorrow..muhahaha...

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