Friday, January 2, 2009

Colourful Christmas

241208-251208. Rush to Klang after work,  The traffic was expected.. invading the streets and roads of KL. Stopped by Brickfields at their cousin brother's place, the famous: 7 Gold & 1 silver medalist during the World Championship for Performing Art 2006 in Hollywood California,USA,let the drum and trumpet be played... Mr Samuel J humble as he could be with the sense of humour that keep you laughing and oh ya his cool magic tricks. later, we proceed to Klang for a christmas eve dinner. next day, another christmas open house at . Ive been eating a lot..and i meant a lot..the food simply delicious just that i miss the turkey tho. Went to Myke's house..such a lovely home with full of decoration. And i got my christmas gift...a GUITAR...wuhoooo....gotta start practising....:)
glittering decorative
the great musician, Brother Samuel J Dass
sitar-sealed with care
on the way to Klang
Rina & cute little Aiman
Adorable Danish Daniel & Dev Darshan
Aiman & Danish being playful
Distracted for a while before continuing their battle
the many faces of Danish Daniel
"Home Alone" infamous impersonation
Clockwise from L-R : 1)Ehh...what's happening there? 2)Hrmmm, can somebody get me a tissue? 3) Wooh...its a flying balloon!

Decorated and designed by Rina's dad


Anonymous said...

i look like a fully ripe peach.

ok diet 2009 is on the way. hehehehe


Anonymous said...

happy new year. and thank you for the gift, it was lovely.


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