Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cant get enuff of Mentakab

280109 just got back from mentakab. wasn't excited coming back to KL ever since a thief tried to break-in my rented condo before CNY. so i went back again to mentakab that weekend. lol....and dad cooked for me crab curry with extra eggs in it...its yummylicious... and i spend that weekend gossipping with my 3 sistas, that includes some juicy and anger release stories...ratha...chill ok...sometime we surrounded by pain in the head plus ear-droppers in the working place. 2 of my brothers wasnt around, so no choice we talk about them too...both of you must be coughing non-stop that weekend rite? hahahaha..anyway...went photo-digging under my parent's bed, and found out all the hidden old funny that all the memories kinda spilt out...i've uploaded it in my facebook..certain thing are meant to be kept...such a playful bunch we are...Viva's the best!
how can i resist the crab curry with extra eggs in you appa! went to pasar malam (night market)..look what i found...its kuih bakul...the auntie that sell the kuih bakulratha, moly and me-stop at KFC for loo

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