Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lata meraung Waterfall...massive enjoyment

On 2nd day of CNY, it was humid and hot...ding! Everyone shouted...Waterfall!!!! This is the 2nd time we went there. Its in Jerantut, Pahang. You have to 1st go to Jerantut town, then pass by the orang asli settlement. The journey was slightly creepy as we passed by empty hut/ dilapidated houses, some rubber plantation, caught in between of dead cocoa tree and small narrow road. But trust me, the destination we are about to reach was pure heaven. We brought along some mandarin oranges /'kam' to give away to the orang asli kids. This time, all of us feel like the journey was slightly further with few changes on the surrounding but that give us some shocking encounter when a group of absent-minded mat rempits showing off their struts like bees and flies chasing for u. But luckily nothing unwanted scenario we continue until finally we saw the stairs. After 10-15 minutes walk uphill and passing by the mini jungle...we finally arrived to the gorgeous and magnificient Waterfall called Lata Meraung. It was massive enjoyment, the waterfall almost piercing our bones with delight, cold as 7up from the fridge, blurrrrrhhhhhhh....the Viva's escapade during 2nd day of CNY...was wicked and sinfully enjoyable ...muahahahah
dead palm trees street...dried and dying off cocoa trees...puspaa..and her fetish on korean band, tvxqfalling tree on the way to the waterfallthis branch remind me of the memories with my late grandma when she will cut it using a parang and let us swing like little tarzanpuspaa, moly, mum n dad --cant wait to cool us offit's freaking cold..i tell uronnie cleaning his shirti love this spot right here...its exhilarating!anand and ronnie showing off their favorite bug, the drangonfly..the red ant..quench the thirstmassive enjoyment!

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