Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011..Huat Har!!!

Yeah..went back hometown on the eve of CNY and meeting up with my beloved family, popo, cousins, uncles and aunties...having great time with great people . :) :) how i wish i dont hv to go back to KL..hrrmm...i might just take the step to move elsewhere but KL realy soon!!! ANyway so it is the year of Rabbit,..and as bunny hoping around happily..after visiting the relatives at popo's house and chit chatting ..oh ya collecting the ang pow too, we the VIVA's family 'hopped'to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. It was just about 1hour 20 minutes drive from Mentakab. Entrance ticket for both Adult and child are RM12 each( before 3pm) & RM6 (thereafter).
in the morning of 1st day Chinese New YearKarak...on the way to Bukit Tinggigoing uphill

castle ..i like

dad trying to have a peek from the fort

and he knows very well i would love to hv a picture there...hehehefrom aboveat the entrance..GOD of prosperity giving us mandarin oranges

family photo

the infamous clock towerso many duck..2 tokens for a game. no luckor else we could bring this cute big fellow home

as usual, we (bunch of cracko) loves taking pictures..and the tradition love taking pictures us 6 siblings at the stairs...

it reminds me of these old photos that i managed to essemble..simply bringing back the old memories...priceless..ladders of happiness ~Siblings Forever~ Do re mi fa so la
me and ronnie

remind me of Venice, Italycafe

nice fountain
walkway at the back

welcome to my kingdom :P
nice place
not so many people..making this place just nice to look aroundColmar Tropicalenext time we come again...sometimes its not the place, but being around with our loved ones that sparks the beautiful moment till eternity
SO how was your Chinese New Year...hope you had a good one like i did too. :)

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