Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger

The prize is definitely the drive for me to come out for this video below:

Since i'm a person that loves to travel and happen to be a blogger, so why not trying to join this contest. Not only i might have the chance to win free flights, hotel stays and US$2000 travel allowance to FOUR (i repeat  4!) wonderful cities in the Philippines, but the chance to be crowned as the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger! ..owahhhhhhh...

So if you think you fit the bill and would like to join, please show them your dance steps based on the safety music provided by Cebu Pacific and submit them before this 15 march 2013! 

For those who are reading this, care to spare a vote for me? If I get selected, I will throw in some giveaway from CEBU! hehehe


Then VOTE for my video under Devi da lil devil at THIS LINK 

Thank you guyz! :) You can only vote once and before 24 March 2013 yea. 

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