Monday, August 25, 2014


The short dress or known as the mini dress are seen to be one of the items that every girl have in their closet. The short dress may be bought to be worn once to a certain occasion or simply because it just caught your attention while you were shopping. Whatever the reason must be, do not hide those mini dress at the back of the closet as you could perk it up to show off your personality. The short dress will never go out of style as designers are always producing new ideas of designs and prints to suit every individual’s taste and personalities. There are three different ways where you could style up your mini dresses and look fashionable as ever. 

The first look is to match your short dress with a nice pair of sneakers. Women can choose from the classic Converse one or go more relaxed with slip-ons. This kind of style is suitable for the girls who want to show off an edgy and laid back character. Not only that, it makes you feel comfortable walking all day long with comfy pair of shoes. I personally love this look especially when I travel as I tend to walk a lot for sight seeing. So comfort is definitely the key for this essential look.  
Looks so comfortable right? 
The second look which women can try is the simple and cute mini dress pair up with an oversized sweater or denim jackets. This style is perfect when you are in a cold setting and it gives you a classy look. For the ladies who aim to get a toned down and descent look, an oversized sweater will do the trick. However, make sure that the hem of the sweater is longer than your actual dress or it will probably look sloppy. Besides that, overlaying a denim jacket on top of your dress gives it a simple yet stylish appearance which makes it perfect to parties and fun celebrations. 
Another classic yet edgy look
denim jackets will do the trick
The third look for women to try is by slipping on a pair of dark or neon coloured leggings with the mini dress. This type of look is mainly for the ladies who do not want to show a lot of skin. You do not have to shy away from wearing the short dress as leggings can help you show off your dress style with confidence all around town. 
love how simple black and white add on the rocker chic style

fashion that never fade..always chic and look cool
If you are wondering where to get some new mini dresses, try checking out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of beautiful mini dress designs and you could have it delivered straight to your home! I'm going to add few more short dress for my collection too but honestly i'm spoilt for choices because Zalora simply have great varieties of latest arrival.  Just one click away so go and check it out now!


Diana Diane Teo said...

I also love the first look especially for travel, comfort and yet stylish.

To be honest, from far I thought it was you. Hehehe

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

yes..comfort is the key when travelling ..

thanks..from far only..hehe


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