Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1 - DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why you want an iPhone 4 from DiGi?
Because I am one of DIGI biggest loyal fan! I subscribed to DIGI PREPAID while i was studying in University. There's where i received my first phone from my dad. I still remembered the days of 'topping up' each time it runs out of credit. Having said that, it was a bless to stay connected with my loved ones. From happiness to sadness, all our moment are shared when we are apart.

DIGI connecting people like me and you with our loved onesEven when we are Psychically ApartDIGI being the CUPID...I love surprises & DIGI never fail to amaze me by giving away all the surprises a fan could ask 4. And you throught it was not wrapped?Taadaaaa..good things come with small packages..nicely tied with ribbonFrom Birthday Bonus to DIGI Birthday Bash to DIGI Tripping/Fuyoh to Special invitation for events to awesome CONTESTS and its getting better and bolder each day
Birthdays always excites me especially when all my family and friends able to wish me or sending cute MMS or even bubble talk..:) :) :)A travel and adrenalin junkie myself, DIGI has been generous to offer the best rate and best connection line even in the jungle or up on a mountain. Loving DIGI to bits!Then after few years, i upgraded the line to DIGI POSTPAID. And i personally see how it has grow to a full force corporation.Basically it has spread their wings and fly further and further. Just like the butterflyNot only it saves a lot of hassle of running out of credits, i enjoy receiving Bonus Points to be exchanged as credit or even new phone. How nice if they could do that with the new Iphone 4?

On top of that, I love watching DIGI advertisement on tv especially the quirky yellow man with -I must admit pretty creative & kinda blow my mind storyline. Isnt the yellow man adorable?Be it during festive seasons or during promo offer. DIGI always the BEST! enough to make my day filled with laughter and inspiration. But why IPHONE 4 with DIGI?need to say more???? Coz currently my phone has gone cuckoo...then i have to borrow from B, his old hp which was also broken and have very limited features to use. i've been eyeing Iphone 4 the minute this kambing came to town with all 4 forbidden apples. Nice to see, nice to touch, but once taste it, things will never be the same again! C'mon it’s the phone that needs no introduction. From stunning Retina Display, FaceTime technology, 720p HD video-recording abilities, iOS4 and to the all-new iMovie for iPhone video editing software, packaged in the distinctive glass and steel form typical of Apple design.It is officially my new found love interest and i cant take my eyes of it
And with the yellow man around, i know that the Iphone4 im about to own is going to be alright. Like how DIGI has been taking care of me all these years. And i have the confident, DIGI will 4eva.. oh yeah!!
*some pictures credits to Google search (without watermark)


Freda Foong said...

Omg....damn love what u wrote.... Damn creative....

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi babe,,,thank you..heheeh..wah u own the Iphone 4 already..damn cun ahhhh

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

like it a lot.....gluck devi....may 1phone kambing 2 u..hehehe

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you ayu. harap harap mulut u masin..:)


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