Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Win Them All - R.A.G.E

I received a call from one of the writer of The Star on Monday (30 Aug 2010). I didnt know how she got my number but i agreed to be interviewed via phone after she said she is writing an article on contest winning. So it was a pleasant surprise this morning when i was informed by some fellow friends that i was featured in the Star newspaper today (1 September 2010) under STarTwo(RAGE). ..i went down to the convenient shop and get a copy for myself...wweeeeeeee
You may also check the online version here at RAGE

Yeah i know, some might say "eh i won a house/car before"..BUT look here,I'm happy on ur winning but i dont compare myself with others, so dont u compare urself with me. Lil Devil gotta do what Lil Devil do best for her. I pretty much 'love what i do and do what i love' type of person. Everyone has a piece of story at the back of their achievement. So be happy with ur own, will ya.

But few things i would like to clarify on the article...i have not won 60 free trips YET but the trips i've won may sum up to RM60K or that is a big different all together there. Anyway, Tian Chad told me error like this will make me popular. Errrr...but this is absurd. I hope the writer could amend it soon on the online version as she said she cant do much for the printed one. ahaks. Megan McCormick / Ian Wright -please.if you could read this ..i want to host my own travel shows too or maybe get featured in one of your episodes. But hey, im a strong believer in having BIG DREAMS. so now u know why i mentioned "i have not won 60 free trips YET". Anyway thanks to The Star/RAGE for featuring me.

Wah now everyone thought i am 4 years younger than my actual age today. well..age is just a that doesn't bother me much. Anyway..i'll be writing some of my 3.8cents worth of shares on contest winning soon.why 38? coz its sam pat (chinese meaning itchy,,hahaha). Well there have been numerous request from others asking tips on how to win, so why not?

So..if u want to join the FUN, wait for the next rise of the SUN.


Anonymous said...

what is the page/website to get to know when there is a contest..i wanna join too.. :-)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...


you may refer to

good luck there!

Anonymous said...

hey..thanks..will try my Luck.. :-)


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