Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 2- DiGi iPhone 4 Play


...okay dont play its the real deal..what fascinates me is their over 250,000 application in practically every category under their App Store. WOW!

But those who know me, also know very well that i LOVE traveling. So when i get to know that there is an Application for Traveling, it’s like a jackpot screaming to my ears.
Even though i believe every journey starts with the very 1st step of my foot, there are also some unavoidable moment i have to go through in order to reach the destination. Sometimes, things like this happen ...errr

Hrmm...i think i need to transit at KLIA or was it Changi wait..was it Dubai?

Alamak..Where am i again?
Gulp, this map is confusing
Hey bahasa apa ni ah? what the heck is this? walao
Oh dear..where on earth am i now? I need to get this translated..panic attack
But no matter where i go, DIGI is always there to send me a welcome i know where am I..hehehehe But fret not, coz with the App for Travelling installed in the Iphone4 that soon to be mine (wink wink)...i’m going to walk the talk and talk the err..language too.

It will come really handy as i'll be going to the country of the Asian raising sun soon. Metro maps can be just a piece of cake to understand. Arigato gozaimasu (thank you in Japan)
Currency exchange? yeah they have that too!!!With the simple converter, i can now decide on the bargaining to the locals within split of a second. They definitely going to adore me!!!
And on top of that, i can reach the destination easily and still on time to take some pictures.

Aaahhhh.the beautiful EIFFEL TOWER,PARIS..isnt life blissful with DIGI Iphone 4 play?
*some pictures credits to Apple Store application

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