Monday, September 6, 2010

My 3.8 (sam pat) cents worth of shares

I've been receiving a lot of requests from others asking tips on winning. Honestly, there are no tips or secrets. infact deep down, i believe everyone knows about it but maybe it was not practiced / feel with all your heart and soul yet.

1) Winning don't come easy at times. so put your effort, spend some time to think outside the box, take risk, Be unique and different sometimes playful. be it for slogan /photo/blog/video /story contest. it takes a lot of patience, practice, persistence and most importantly determination. Luck however come unexpectedly as well too.
2) Be honest and true to yourself. The ideas will be flowing naturally when u know u r doing the right thing. It's always a great self satisfaction coz even if u dont win, you know you have tried ur very best. Indescribable feeling! "Do what u love & love what u do." Live ur life to the fullest. Adventure & Mother nature keeps me inspired.

*Im against plagiarist esp when i found out they steal my winning slogan for other contests and they actually WON. or even if they copied the slogan from a SONG/ POEM or whateva form from someone else piece of work. how pathetic?. well, Cheaters will fall eventually.
3) Read and understand of the contest theme. Do your homework/ research about the organizer nature of business. It might help sometimes
4) make a list/reminder of the contests that you are keen to participate. coz procrastination is a friend that tag along uninvited. And you dont want to miss the boat when everyone start sailing away.

5) Always keep a positive & winning attitude. DREAM BIG coz you'll never know when would THAT BIG DREAM come upon u 1 fine day. Keep trying n trying n trying. Even if you lose, (i know it's hard and can be frustrating), take this as a reason to improve urself.
I believe in karma so its always good to do some charity /contribution to the unfortunate and stay grounded..even if u prefer to fly
if u think i want to brag, i might as well dont hv to share this in the 1st place, right? so there u 3.8 cents worth of shares.(sam pat in chinese means kaypo/vain)..and my blog entry always has pictures on it coz i love them lots, so enjoy!
those eyes...pic taken at Jiu Fen, Taiwan


TianChad田七摄影 said...

Yeah be positive and strive for the best!! I believe you are creative and with a kind heart ;p

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you tian chad...that is so sweet...:)

ciawei said...

Never know that u got a blog too!!
Ya, I agree of what u have sharing,
u are very sincere.
As a Buddhist, I strongly believe in Karma too.

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi cia wei,

yup have a blog but hardly update it, :P

yes let's make this world a better place..:)


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