Friday, September 23, 2011


So just few days ago, one of the prize that i won got stolen went missing. Sad case. but then i realized happy thoughts will lead to happier things so I pledged to myself, I dont want to sulk over this kinda thing. even tho its a small gift, but i always appreciate it coz i know its not easy to get it. I meant, c'mon, even if u have all the money in the world, but u cant buy it, coz its a competition, u need to win mind my crappyness, earlier post I mentioned that I went to Naza KIA right? so check out what happened?
presenting my latest gadget that i have given a name to it...Lil' DAPPY ! muahahaha...u probably wonder why DAPPY? figure it yourself if u try to flip over the IPAD. hahaa...
Its my latest gadget..hehehe. with Ms Hasniza (PIC of Naza Kia)
Shipment from KOREA
slim, faster and its white..thank god its not BLACK!
So yeah i just won myself an IPAD2...woahhhhh..kkeekekek
 It's white, slim, faster and yeah menggodakan...:) And everyone guessed it was a car. well..who knows? happy thoughts running wild..dream lil D. dream!
Lil' DAPPY! woahhh

SO thank you KIA MOTORS /NAZA KIA for the awesome prize!


Unknown said...

Hey Devi! :)

Wowww.. you're one of the biggest contest junkies I know, aside from Bella. LOL! :)

Congrats on the win! You're right, if you can't buy it, you need to win it! LOL! :)

And perhaps, next time it WILL be a car. I have a friend who won a Peugeout.. so since then, I figured anything IS possible! LOL! :)

Enjoy your lil Dappy!! :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hye shemah!

hahaha...i am i am a contest junkie.(self proclaimed!) hahaha

thank you ..hehehe..

yeah i have seen ppl winning cars..hopefully with god's grace.

lil' Dappy is resting..will be fully charged later.

:) and congrats to Allie for her first win!

Wansteddy Tales said...

Betul-betul murah rezeki! Tahniah! Memang frust kalau hadiah kita xsampai2, even kecik pn sngt bermakna. Kita join suka2 tentuny target nak menang n dapat hadiahnya. Tapi kalau dah menang hadiah xnmpk bayang. Nmpk sngt bkn rezeki. Cumanya kalau kita sabar, ganjaran lain yang lebih gempak akan mariiii. Kes Devi ni membuktikannya. Tahniah babe! Kemenangan ni berikan inspirasi ;D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi wan,

tulah, mulanya frust juga tapi apa kan daya..memang hilang mcm misteri nusantera. tapi happy ah dpt IPAD2 .ehheheh..thank you, babe.

Wan Amira said...


you are one lucky girl lah..

i memang nak sangat hadiah ipad.. sebab tu sampai sekarang tak beli2 ipad lagi..

congrats to u..

and of cos u deserve it..

sebab tu orang kate kalau bukan rezeki kite bukan rezeki kite, then u get even more bigger :D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi ibu emir,

yeah i love to think myself as a lucky girl and im blessed for that.

hheee..samalah kita, beli dengan menang lain feeling dia. tak semestinya ada duit boleh 'own' the prize sebab still need to compete to win. it is actually much harder than buying on our own..hehe..tunggu masa je tu, ur ipad sure will arrive soon. gambateh!
and thank you ! :)

EzayHadry said...

sis devi.wahhh ipad2 :)
me still berangan-ing nak

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi ezay,

terima kasih. sure boleh..always remember, from a DREAM, where all the possibilities will arrive. so keep dreaming, coz u will never know when it will come true ONE FINE DAY!..hehehe:)


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