Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are you 701 Enough?

Aaahhh...Are you 701 Enuff? Well, for those who never heard about it, you might have been missing a lot of information you know. Well, to begin with..701 panduan is the ultimate source for local search or better known as Malaysia Online Directory that range from maps, city guide, travel, movies and even bussiness search. It ain't get any better without the latest trend invading every single world wide web..yup Blog. 701 Blog has varieties of cool information that you can search for. My personal favorite will be the Travel & Lifestyle and of course the latest being is their Contest. :) Christmas is also getting (hint hint) hopefully my wish to own a Iphone 3Gs will be fullfilled this time..~sob sob~

So as i was searching for something to eat for tea break, i saw this last piece of bread that has expired. Hrmmm...then suddenly as if a blinking lamp was appearing on top of my head. why not creating something with it since i cant eat it anyway?. so i grab a blade and start crafting on it.

Almost done but have to carefully tear it out from the bread as its kinda soft took out those pieces carefully..nice or not?

What about this? HOw about some 3D pop art..?or this? camera action...roll? honestly i dont really quite 'feel' it..i just need to get out of the house
So i went down to get some fresh air and perhaps can join with the kids to play basketball/cricket. Then suddenly, i had an idea. grab my Canon, some papers, markers, blade and my 'heart'. It's always nice to be out of the house for some fresh air..right?
i love greenbanana leaf? making me hungry as i was thinking about banana leaf rice.then i gathered some of the kids..see those happy faces? :P
I bought 3 balloons.
Then coming running the little brother. kids can be shy but when their clans are there.
...posing comes naturally for themI did some editing just to create some colours on the balloons..the youngest boy on the front right just cant let go of the balloon..its officially his..:Pnow he is using it as his pillow. so easy to get them to pose.
.coz all of them simply like a pro. I like this photo the naturally HAPPY.
like how 701 panduan makes every malaysian life isthen all of us when to play..yeah i feel like im in primary school now.who says u only need to be kids once?
Later that night before midnight, i did some experiment with my canon and a torchlight. hahaha..just for fun..let 701 light up your day like how it does to mine.
So the final question--Are you 701 enough?
Im sure u'll get the answer by now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Care to vote for me? Thank you

Dear homo sapiens,

care to vote for me? voters chance to win come and vote for me..hehehee... thanks.. 2nd last picture..Umadevi Vengdesh at this link

dont forget yeah..thank you in advance.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tantalizing TAIPEI

And this is how i spend my AIR ASIA tickets to Taipei that i won earlier. From the town city of Taipei, to captivating Yang Ming Shan National Park, to majestic Jiu Fen and to old mining village - Jing Tong..the journey was indeed i was looking forward for.

Night view of Jiu FenFisherman WharfThe lighthouseSulfuric -Yang Ming Shan National ParkNight view from the guesthouse101 taipeiTaipei Airport Library - Ben Tio

Jiu Fen..A mei tea house I love night view..simply bling blingwaterfall at ping shiLove letter-i likecute cream at the Modern Toilet restaurantdelicious food not nessessarily served on a nice can be served on a toilet bowl too :) ok rub for luck


pic taken at an abandoned house in Ping Shi, Taipei

Continue your revenge of becoming a sinner
I have nothing else to say
But to be myself and just be happy
Coz u r the main reason i was not
Goodbye to all the hurt
Farewell to all the pain
Let me take this road to a better place
Where i'm in control and not u..the sinner.

Friday, November 6, 2009


pic taken at Hanoi railway station - midnite train

When suddenly
Light seems so dark,
Life seems so plain,
Heart seems so fragile,
And everything been out of place,
I have no place to turn to,
GOD..r u really listening to my prayers?

Monday, November 2, 2009


pict taken at Setapak after sunset where the skies are the bluest ever.

Ada kalanya peristiwa silam sungguh menyakitkan,
Ada kalanya ukiran pahit masih di situ,
Lebih aku melawan, lebih sukar untuk kulupakan,
Merumitkan dan hanya membuat ku buntu.

Alunan kisah yang memedihkan,
Hanya air mata menjadi saksi,
Ikatan yang merantai sempadan,
Biarlah cepat alam ini bersilih ganti.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Moment of Inspiration, Save Lifes with Early Detection

Hey you..yes you.. Does it ever strike in your mind that what if one day you get to know that your loved ones has been diagnosed with breast cancer and it’s already too late? And that’s hope is gone, all you could afford to do was to blame yourself and keep asking ‘why her?’ The suffering, the pain, the agony that she is going through, and all that moment of silence that was running in her mind, how you wish if you could trade all that with one simple note to God as replacement?

This year Wijaya International Medical Centre is again collaborating with Pink Ribbon Deeds, better known as PRIDE to bring you Paint Your Blog Pink 2! The only thing that has changed is the theme for this year, “Minutes for A Lifetime”.

Wijaya International Medical Centre are proud to involve the Malaysian Bloggosphere to deliver their insights on the matter of Breast Cancer awareness and detection. Their commitment to healthcare is not only towards the treatment of cancer but more importantly, a few minutes of clinical breast exam or a mammography each year will make that significant difference in your life and / or the lives of your loved ones.

When it comes to asking one about what is the most important and precious gift that they ever received in their life, little that we realized that the LIFE itself is a priceless gift.

Model of the photograph above has given her consent and it is only to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign -Minutes 4 A lifetime.

Do you part to save your own life or someone else life. Each person have their own personal struggle, don’t ever let that fails you. Always remember, you are not alone. There will be hope as long as you willing to help us help YOU. Don't Suffer In Silence, talk to someone or get medical treatment. Breast cancer knows NO one, age, status or even race. It attack like a silent alarm and every woman are in risk if they ignore about the changes in their own body. ignorance is not blissful after all.

[Why You Need To Know About Breast Cancer Symptoms] Breast cancer begins in a cell, which divides and multiplies at an uncontrolled rate. A small clump of cancer cells are too tiny to be felt, so the earliest stages of breast cancer usually have no symptoms. A mammogram can detect cancer before you can feel a lump, which is why your annual screening mammogram is so important. Some benign breast conditions can seem like cancer, so it’s good to know the difference, and get a health professional to check out worrisome lumps.

[Understanding Symptoms] The classic symptom for breast cancer is a lump found in the breast or armpit. An aggressive type of this disease, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), grows in sheets of tumor cells that invade the skin and resembles a rash. Doing your monthly breast self-exam (BSE) is a great way to be familiar with your breasts’ texture, cyclical changes, size, and skin condition. Early detection is the best way to protect your health and improve your odds of survival. Don’t hesitate to see your doctor or nurse for a clinical breast exam (CBE) if you have a question about a change in your breasts.

By Pam Stephan, Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical Review Board .

Stand Up 4 Pink, Stand Up 4 The Love of Ur Life

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Dont just stare there and talk about it. Go and get urself checked now. For every men out there, do your part, bring your wife, gf, mother, sister and your loved ones for a check up immediately. It's takes just minutes to save a lifetime, so dont waste this precious gift from GOD. I know i did. I get myself checked annually since 3 years ago. You should too.

Moment of Inpiration, Saves Life With Early Detection

Please enjoy the inspiring performance by Charice Pempengco - Note To God. Dedicating this song to all soul out there that need some encouragement.

Charice Pempengco - Note To God

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wanna Win A handphone?

Wanna Win A handphone? Well read on..

Hey! GoMobile is rolling again and they are back with their contest of 2009! They are giving out a FREE phone again! Yep, no kidding! The Motorola W209 Phone is up for grab!!! dont fret if its already september, if 2009 have not end, then u might still have the chance to own one.

What Should i Do? u may ask..

All you have to do is register yourself as GoMobile Clique member and copy the badge (as below) from and paste it in your website or blog. Link them up! Spread the word! the more the merrier..:)
Drop them a note at their Facebook page or by email: info_at_gomobile_dot_my when you’ve done so. The GoMobile team will go on its cyber rounds and one lucky winner will be selected randomly.(please spot Not to worry if they don’t spot you, there will be lots of prizes every month until GoMobile 2009 which will be held at KL Convention Centre from 23-25 october 2009. Now go and win yourself a Motorola W209 phone! Good luck!

and oh ya see u at KL Convention Centre from 23-25 october 2009.

GoMobile badge

Monday, September 7, 2009

Light up My Monday Blues

Handover me some tissues,
Enough of drama and issues,
Hey cute little cupcakes,
Please light up my monday blues.


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