Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 2- DiGi iPhone 4 Play


...okay dont play its the real deal..what fascinates me is their over 250,000 application in practically every category under their App Store. WOW!

But those who know me, also know very well that i LOVE traveling. So when i get to know that there is an Application for Traveling, it’s like a jackpot screaming to my ears.
Even though i believe every journey starts with the very 1st step of my foot, there are also some unavoidable moment i have to go through in order to reach the destination. Sometimes, things like this happen ...errr

Hrmm...i think i need to transit at KLIA or was it Changi wait..was it Dubai?

Alamak..Where am i again?
Gulp, this map is confusing
Hey bahasa apa ni ah? what the heck is this? walao
Oh dear..where on earth am i now? I need to get this translated..panic attack
But no matter where i go, DIGI is always there to send me a welcome i know where am I..hehehehe But fret not, coz with the App for Travelling installed in the Iphone4 that soon to be mine (wink wink)...i’m going to walk the talk and talk the err..language too.

It will come really handy as i'll be going to the country of the Asian raising sun soon. Metro maps can be just a piece of cake to understand. Arigato gozaimasu (thank you in Japan)
Currency exchange? yeah they have that too!!!With the simple converter, i can now decide on the bargaining to the locals within split of a second. They definitely going to adore me!!!
And on top of that, i can reach the destination easily and still on time to take some pictures.

Aaahhhh.the beautiful EIFFEL TOWER,PARIS..isnt life blissful with DIGI Iphone 4 play?
*some pictures credits to Apple Store application

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1 - DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why you want an iPhone 4 from DiGi?
Because I am one of DIGI biggest loyal fan! I subscribed to DIGI PREPAID while i was studying in University. There's where i received my first phone from my dad. I still remembered the days of 'topping up' each time it runs out of credit. Having said that, it was a bless to stay connected with my loved ones. From happiness to sadness, all our moment are shared when we are apart.

DIGI connecting people like me and you with our loved onesEven when we are Psychically ApartDIGI being the CUPID...I love surprises & DIGI never fail to amaze me by giving away all the surprises a fan could ask 4. And you throught it was not wrapped?Taadaaaa..good things come with small packages..nicely tied with ribbonFrom Birthday Bonus to DIGI Birthday Bash to DIGI Tripping/Fuyoh to Special invitation for events to awesome CONTESTS and its getting better and bolder each day
Birthdays always excites me especially when all my family and friends able to wish me or sending cute MMS or even bubble talk..:) :) :)A travel and adrenalin junkie myself, DIGI has been generous to offer the best rate and best connection line even in the jungle or up on a mountain. Loving DIGI to bits!Then after few years, i upgraded the line to DIGI POSTPAID. And i personally see how it has grow to a full force corporation.Basically it has spread their wings and fly further and further. Just like the butterflyNot only it saves a lot of hassle of running out of credits, i enjoy receiving Bonus Points to be exchanged as credit or even new phone. How nice if they could do that with the new Iphone 4?

On top of that, I love watching DIGI advertisement on tv especially the quirky yellow man with -I must admit pretty creative & kinda blow my mind storyline. Isnt the yellow man adorable?Be it during festive seasons or during promo offer. DIGI always the BEST! enough to make my day filled with laughter and inspiration. But why IPHONE 4 with DIGI?need to say more???? Coz currently my phone has gone cuckoo...then i have to borrow from B, his old hp which was also broken and have very limited features to use. i've been eyeing Iphone 4 the minute this kambing came to town with all 4 forbidden apples. Nice to see, nice to touch, but once taste it, things will never be the same again! C'mon it’s the phone that needs no introduction. From stunning Retina Display, FaceTime technology, 720p HD video-recording abilities, iOS4 and to the all-new iMovie for iPhone video editing software, packaged in the distinctive glass and steel form typical of Apple design.It is officially my new found love interest and i cant take my eyes of it
And with the yellow man around, i know that the Iphone4 im about to own is going to be alright. Like how DIGI has been taking care of me all these years. And i have the confident, DIGI will 4eva.. oh yeah!!
*some pictures credits to Google search (without watermark)

The STAR, Faces of Efamol

I was featured in The STar, Friday, 24/9/10 as one of the Face of Efamol.
Thank you Biolife.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dad called me this morning and ask me to grab the NST today (23/09/10). weeeeee... Assam laksa anyone? Maybe can try at Nikko Hotel...muahahaha.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

F1 Singapore 24-26 September 2010

Are YOU a DIE HARD fan of Formula 1? Then listen carefully, even if you are not, I'll make an offer you can't refuse. well im certainly not a Godfather, goesYup..that includes some A-list artiste from Hollywood too
Or maybe just an excuse for you to visit Singapore. It's about time right?

Okay this is the offer.
1 return air tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (Singapore Airlines) PLUS 1 pair of 3 Day ZONE 4 WALKABOUT passes worth $188 per ticket.

If you have any friend in Singapore and want to surprise her/him, then maybe this is the time for you to do so. So let me know ASAP if you are interested.

*pictures source from google.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Look what i found

RWAAAARRRRRRR...dont come near me, or i'll bite... old photos like this makes u want to withdraw more from the memory bank.
mischievious me with my cousins.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My 3.8 (sam pat) cents worth of shares

I've been receiving a lot of requests from others asking tips on winning. Honestly, there are no tips or secrets. infact deep down, i believe everyone knows about it but maybe it was not practiced / feel with all your heart and soul yet.

1) Winning don't come easy at times. so put your effort, spend some time to think outside the box, take risk, Be unique and different sometimes playful. be it for slogan /photo/blog/video /story contest. it takes a lot of patience, practice, persistence and most importantly determination. Luck however come unexpectedly as well too.
2) Be honest and true to yourself. The ideas will be flowing naturally when u know u r doing the right thing. It's always a great self satisfaction coz even if u dont win, you know you have tried ur very best. Indescribable feeling! "Do what u love & love what u do." Live ur life to the fullest. Adventure & Mother nature keeps me inspired.

*Im against plagiarist esp when i found out they steal my winning slogan for other contests and they actually WON. or even if they copied the slogan from a SONG/ POEM or whateva form from someone else piece of work. how pathetic?. well, Cheaters will fall eventually.
3) Read and understand of the contest theme. Do your homework/ research about the organizer nature of business. It might help sometimes
4) make a list/reminder of the contests that you are keen to participate. coz procrastination is a friend that tag along uninvited. And you dont want to miss the boat when everyone start sailing away.

5) Always keep a positive & winning attitude. DREAM BIG coz you'll never know when would THAT BIG DREAM come upon u 1 fine day. Keep trying n trying n trying. Even if you lose, (i know it's hard and can be frustrating), take this as a reason to improve urself.
I believe in karma so its always good to do some charity /contribution to the unfortunate and stay grounded..even if u prefer to fly
if u think i want to brag, i might as well dont hv to share this in the 1st place, right? so there u 3.8 cents worth of shares.(sam pat in chinese means kaypo/vain)..and my blog entry always has pictures on it coz i love them lots, so enjoy!
those eyes...pic taken at Jiu Fen, Taiwan

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Haven't you heard?
All the crocs are running loose..quick
WHAT? where? When?

Heheeheheh.dont worry its not the real crocodile..But the CROCS WAREHOUSE SALE is BACK! yeah i posted the video about it HERE few days quick get yourself ready and head to Ikano starting from today, 2 September 2010 until 5 September 2010. Today? yeah Today is the day! BUY ORIGINAL! Trust me, no Regrets!A collaborative effort with HOPE worldwide. So come and get it fast before your favorite pair run out of stock/size. Here are some of the sneek peek product you might find interesting.

This elegant Cyprus is going down to RM100 only (Retail Price :RM209)
How about this cute as button, Prima? Warehouse price at only Rm40!!!! (Retail price at Rm129)
U R still here? Go and grab it first before it too late! tell your friends about it too okay?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Win Them All - R.A.G.E

I received a call from one of the writer of The Star on Monday (30 Aug 2010). I didnt know how she got my number but i agreed to be interviewed via phone after she said she is writing an article on contest winning. So it was a pleasant surprise this morning when i was informed by some fellow friends that i was featured in the Star newspaper today (1 September 2010) under STarTwo(RAGE). ..i went down to the convenient shop and get a copy for myself...wweeeeeeee
You may also check the online version here at RAGE

Yeah i know, some might say "eh i won a house/car before"..BUT look here,I'm happy on ur winning but i dont compare myself with others, so dont u compare urself with me. Lil Devil gotta do what Lil Devil do best for her. I pretty much 'love what i do and do what i love' type of person. Everyone has a piece of story at the back of their achievement. So be happy with ur own, will ya.

But few things i would like to clarify on the article...i have not won 60 free trips YET but the trips i've won may sum up to RM60K or that is a big different all together there. Anyway, Tian Chad told me error like this will make me popular. Errrr...but this is absurd. I hope the writer could amend it soon on the online version as she said she cant do much for the printed one. ahaks. Megan McCormick / Ian Wright -please.if you could read this ..i want to host my own travel shows too or maybe get featured in one of your episodes. But hey, im a strong believer in having BIG DREAMS. so now u know why i mentioned "i have not won 60 free trips YET". Anyway thanks to The Star/RAGE for featuring me.

Wah now everyone thought i am 4 years younger than my actual age today. well..age is just a that doesn't bother me much. Anyway..i'll be writing some of my 3.8cents worth of shares on contest winning soon.why 38? coz its sam pat (chinese meaning itchy,,hahaha). Well there have been numerous request from others asking tips on how to win, so why not?

So..if u want to join the FUN, wait for the next rise of the SUN.


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