Friday, July 27, 2012

I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday with Cikipedia!

pic from Cikipedia
You know why? Because Thanks to the good people of YTL, they have exclusively hooked up with Cikipedia to bring you a super luxe holiday getaway, to a 5-star tropical island resort -Pangkor Laut Resort. Gulp. RM2000 in total! waaaaaa...

Now if that are not motivating enough for you to participate then I dont know what else will. Psstt! I'm really longing for a beach holiday!

So..what I need to do is to write my daily or weekly workout routine in less than 50 word.

Dancing is my favorite routine,
A great stress releaser and keeping me in shape,
Like the famous line from Madagascar movie,
“Let’s move it move it” and pumping the adrenaline,
Oh Cikipedia and YTL, I’m longing for a gateway so call me maybe?
check this video out!

So there, I hope I could win and chill at the beautiful YTL Pangkor Laur Resort ! and maybe get everyone to start dancing..hahaa

Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 reasons why I love joining contests

1) To let my brain thinking outside of the box
2) Realizing my dreams to travel (like a VVIP) hheee
3) Keeps me motivated and making my heart skips a beat - my passion!
4) Satisfying! -money cant buy feeling
5) Rewarding -Able to do charity
6) Put a smile on my face each time i saw the word CONGRATULATIONS haha
7) it teaches me valuable lessons-patience,mature,accept failure,never give up
8) outdo myself..i never know i can do that!
9) Save on my shopping lists, groceries etc and sharing it with loved ones.
10) it makes my life interesting like fireworks yo! it really does

what's yours?

This year Birthday has been SWEET!!! muahahaa

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arsenal - Meeting the Gunners in Malaysia!

Wassuppp..... I was one of the lucky 50 who have won a priceless opportunity for the Meet & Greet (M&G) session with Arsenal FC players last Sunday. Organized by Proevents and out of 3,416 entries I was one of the chosen. An opportunity I should not missed!. So off I went to Saujana Hotel Shah Alam with my sis, Moly. Met Lizzie at the registration counter and decided to team up--well kinda "u stractched my back and i scratched your back" kinda thing..15 minutes was given for each session. We were on the line since 430pm. But the M&G will only starts after 530pm as stated in those passes. A lot of waiting and fans started pushing. But we managed to went through all that and 'sneaked' in for the 1st session. First thing first..strategy! we went to the players with least / none fans roaming around them. hahaa..

Lukasz Fabianski is so pleasantly good looking esp that he is a lefty hahaa
And one point, other fans started asking me to help them by taking picture for them. I tried to help but omg..with limited time, I felt like the time for my own are running out so fast! literally I'm in Amazing race with these amazing players..Liz and I can make a good team as we managed to score pictures with 10 players. haaa..

Mikel Arteta -like a spanish actor..

Ignasi Miquel

Marouane Chamakh

Francis Coquelin

Craig Eastmond 

Alex Song
Then the bell rangs after we took picture with Nicholas Yennaris and panic grips in. As I was picking up their autographed pictures on the table, Abou Diaby winked at me. LOL... Security were everywhere around to 'chased' us out.
Nicholas Yennaris
 Then it suddenly hit me, oh no..we have not met Walcott..So as we were searching in the hall with some fans running around, finally managed to find him. But fans were still roaming around his table and then came one huge white lady and screamed " Out! that's enough!" while she pushed them away, I did the Justin Bieber trick again and move to the side, giving a 'kesian face" with my hand gesture only 1 photo pleaseeeee to the security. Surprisingly, he said ok so i guessed my "puss in boots" face sells. hahaa and So 1 click for Liz, then when it was my turn..another security pushed me away, but heck..lil devil gotta do what she does best...hahaa..i kinda stayed and once Liz has given the ok sign, i then said 'thank you' and move away  gleefully.Walcott was friendly while his teammate- Vito Mannone  (sitting next) jokingly said to him, man you are most wanted! hahaaa
Vito Mannone and Theo Walcott..hehehe
Thanks Liz for the photos! :) and to Proevents for organizing this..:)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Justin Bieber Live in Malaysia 2012!

Last year, ive updated my status asking would anyone get pissed off if i said i hv the meet & greet passes to meet Justin Bieber?
Last year, ive updated my status asking would anyone get pissed off if i hv the chance to meet JB? 
So fast forward 15 months later, I finally had the chance to meet him in person. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan but I'm a believer and never say never for an opportunity so thanks to Digi Youth and Universal mUsic Malaysia..finally..i guess the law of attraction works ya? 

Must admit it was a bit poorly organized, as the winners were asked to registered at 1.30pm when the actual meet & greet (MNG) is only going to be after 330pm. ???? Te MNG winners are not allowed inside the press conference hall. But I was lucky as I was heading towards KLCC, the security lead me to the press conference and nobody stopped me..LOL. So i went in and managed to grab a seat 3rd row from the front!

registration at level 1 of Traders HOtel
the tag was meant for MEet and Greet Only..but hehee..
 Waiting and keep waiting inside this hall...>.< It was nice to meet the nicest crew from Universal Music Malaysia like Michelle and Alycia. (met them before during Singapore trip to meet Far east movement) and i was a little surprised that Ryan Matjeraie from hitz/8tv quickie actually could recognized and say hi to me. Super friendly guy. Met him for the 1st time during the same Far east movement too..haha 

winners seat
was so bored so i started to doodle as my little tabby and hp are not with me..pffftt

interview session after his acoustic performance..naiseee

Justin Bieber and mtv VJ holly
No recording are permitted during his  performance and it is strictly guarded so no choice..I've only brought my compact camera. my hp and samsung tab was surrendered at the registration counter earlier. Screaming fans started crying and 1 girl was lucky enough to be called on stage by Justin himself during 'One less lonely girl' acoustic. He was hugging her and kissed her forehead twice. She was hysterically out of control literally. 

Finally after all that, ive managed to meet the rest of the MNG winners. wasnt shocked to know it was more than 7 of us from telco sponsors. 10 persons in a group photo.The house rules was "No autograph, no hugging, no kissing, no photo and no talking not even a hand shake". So as our turn came, it was a bit messy, I was literally being pushed at the corner..wth?? so after the group photo, the security and guard kinda drag us to move away, since i was at the corner and everyone has left, as I turned, Justin and I looked at each other eye to eye, he just came towards me and hugged..kekeke..mcm drama pulak kan? I must admit..he has the face of a pretty boy but a little too skinny. I think he did try to connect to the winners/fans as close as he can. But the only setback was the security and his bodyguard that are a little too exaggerating. So there..waited more than 3 hours for a 2 seconds meet and greet. 
and that's a wrap!
but at least Ive finally met this youtube sensation + multi-talented celebrity. haha never say never and believe in dreams..that's what i constantly reminding myself to do!

squeezing in with Justin bieber..LOL

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ultimate AirAsia Ranger!” contest

Queens Ranger Park simply rocks!

Being a Big fan of English Premier League also known as EPL can be a curse at times. Imagine staying up late just to watch those match LIVE from my humble home. The battle to conquer the tv remote control can be brutal. yeah i meant that when i said 'brutal'...hahah.. i could even find the 'football fever' are unbearable when my favorite team are battling in the football pitch by not giving their very best. When 'silly' consideration of passing the football to the opponent are intolerable, things gets pretty nasty when penalty or free kicks are given..yeah talking about the suspense and thrills while they holds against their crucial part of their body before the kick..ahaks!

Crashing the opponent team manchester city by 3-2 was one probably of the highlight that definitely will shaken the rest of the top clubs for next season. 

Its hard to tell that their defeat to victory was a sure win at first. But inevitably, it did raise few highbrows higher than the empire state..:P 
Stroke with good technique and team work, the win actually give them a huge punch to rise up in the limelight. 
jump of a champ!

Oh ya what about the match against Manchester City where Joey Barton was sent off for elbowing Carlos Tevez? well..maybe Joey should give himself a good 10 seconds rule before reacting that way. But who don't get piss off when things don't come our way right? hehe.. 

oh yaaaaaaa...
This post was written  for  The Ultimate Airasia Rangers contest.


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