Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Allianz Dare 2B Healthy Challenge Winner

Hey ya! It has been a while since I last updated my blog. And this morning as I was driving to work, my enthusiastic cells decided to work diligently by gathering all the other veins,cells, senses and molecules in my entire body to at least write and publish 1 post. So there, thanks for the motivation, appreciate that, brain cells.  

Just few months ago (26 May 2016 to be exact as it was just 3 days away from the due date of the contest), I've managed to finish up a simple video of me doing exercise routines following the first 3 letters of my name and posted it in Instagram. And who would have thought that this 60-second video basically going to uplift my 2016 dream resolution into another level of anticipation and probably going to make my life-changing even more interesting, which I think it's already is...coz I always count my blessing..:) The motivation behind the video was pretty much of my fetish towards snow-capped mountains are getting intense..So intense that i felt it going to explode like the volcanic mountains around Indonesia that happened really frequent lately.  I wanted to visit Annapurna and complete the trek to the Base Camp at Nepal, Kathmandu. I've always adore mountains and rainforest plus things related to mother nature. Afterall I was born and bred in a small hometown of Mentakab where climbing trees was one of my favorite pastime with my brothers. 

Anyway, thanks to the initiative campaign by Allianz under their Dare 2B Healthy , I make my time to complete the video with my trusted Iphone6 after my normal jog at the rooftop. 

I didn't pay much attention to the result as I saw few other great entries too and it was already almost 200 people joined in. But not until on 15 June 2016 where I received a prompt in my social media inbox and I was informed that I was shortlisted..There have picked 6 entries and only top 3 will be the ultimate winners. One week later, taddaaaa... I was chosen as one of the top 3. yeahhh.. thanks a lot for this opportunity  Allianz. .

And with that my #devijourney2annapurna would be my motivation factor where I will not only get the chance to be trained by a personal trainer for 6-month to equip myself for the preparation but also an all expenses-paid trip to fulfill my dream resolution. Wow! I was just about to plan and book a return flight for a trip to Nepal somewhere in March 2017 but now the opportunity just came in at the right time right moment. :) 

This going to be my year of adventure and who knows life-changing trip. Simply cant wait. 

It has been almost 5 months plus now that I've undergone training which includes carrying weights, hiking, running, cardio and even swimming...I've discovered a lot of things about myself during these period and it has changed me gradually for a fitter, better (except for my knees pain this past weeks which I am recuperating). 

Thank you again Allianz team (CEO- Joseph Gross, Joannica, Shu Chee, Ashreena and the rest), Misteeq Media team (Pramodh, Mal and Jo), my good looking personal trainer :P , Subash Adrian, of course to all my old and new friends that have been really supportive throughout this journey and last but not least my biggest motivation- My beloved family!  

In the Star newspaper 

During the Press Conference with (from L-R) Seamonkey instructor, the other winners Zurina, Jordan and my PT , Subash. 
Press conference on 1 September 2016. 
The day is getting nearer and I am equally excited and anxious at the same time. Wish me all the best and follow my journey in my instagram newsfeed! :).

Till then, i would like to wish everyone Happy Diwali and let this Festival of Lights shine your life with the brightest star and rise your life with meaningful and quality resolution! Dare to Dream and Live life Interestingly yo!  


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