Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hotspot of SATC2 Tour (NYC)

26/5/2010 Woke up after 3 hours of sleep. Breakfast at 8th Floor, the same floor where the HP media event took place last night. Had a chance to chit chat the other winners from India( Nazia and her mum), New Zealand (Tyford and her sister), China, Philipines and also 2 fashion bloggers from Japan. (Reina and Moe). Our guide for today’s hotspot tour is Jessica. She is such a doll and bubbly. The cosy bus brought us To few places where the series and movies of SATC were shot. There were also cupcakes given to us at the end of the tour. By 1230pm, the driver dropped us at Wall street, which was also very close to our hotel.
The setting of the media event last night that I missed
Was that a King Kong up there?I simply love this slim buildingMr Big and Carrie favorite dine in placeJessica, our bubbly tour guide of the Hot spot tourMoe and ReinaWest SideThe Magnolia Bakery
i love to take picture of Doors at every countries that i'm visiting. It's a gesture of opportunities.
one of the winner from China. super tall
Wall Street..i used to see this on tv...now im HERE...
stay tune for more updates on NEW YORK...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HP Media Event, Sex & the City 2 Private Screening & Party at The USA

So in case you guyz were guessing from my last post whether 'can she make it?' Well I've MADE IT. And I must admit, that it was one of the best night I’ve had while i was there in New York. Infact it was one of the best experience I've ever had in my life (so far!). Coz i'll never know what more better things in life is coming. Things just getting bigger and better. And i did manage to be chauffeured in a limousine, rubbing shoulders with the rich, famous and fabulous yet they are so down to earth. Oo la laaaaa…Couldn’t help myself but somebody please pinch me.
Arrived at Paris Theater, and like a movie scene, walking on the red carpet while I spoilt myself for some VVIP indulgence..truly bliss. Popcorn, candy, chocolate, soft drinks-limitless. Saw some of the celebrities sitting and I keep clicking while waiting for the highly anticipated movie –Sex and City 2 to be played. The private screening was organized by HP and being a SATC2 newbie, I really enjoyed the movie. Well I don’t want to spoil the climax here as it will only be premiered in Malaysia on 17 June. So keep waiting yea.
Tommy Hilfiger just walked pass (1st column, 3rd row picture). a glimpse of him from behind. :)
After 2hours 27minutes, a short walk on the red carpet and voila we are in Bergdorf Goodman. There was where the party was held. Exotic dancers at the mannequin window, HP mini collections with matching accessories on display, shoot, print and email your photo with SATC2 backdrop on the spot facility, simply over the top champagne and other alcoholic beverages, unique Moroccan spread, gorgeous peoples and not to mention smells really good home sapiens walking around. So there you go, sometimes when you least expect, is the best you get. Not only I managed to meet with some of the celebrities but also successful yet humble personality. It was really nice chatting with most of them. I’m officially a New Yorker tonite. hahaha
Famous Bollywood director +host of Koffee with Karan Red carpet The night was simply amazing Bergdorf Goodman - where the After party was held Guess who? renowned british photographer + 1 of the judge for ANTM (American Next top model)..yeah i know he is so tall...or im just a shortie...hehehe
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? hehehe..yup..one of the hostNice perfume deco..well i just have to join the bandwagon for this. You get shoot, then they will print out and email to you the softcopy on the spot. Thanks HP! The moroccan food spread (YUMMY!) ..nicely decoratedFree flow of Champagne and other alchohol beverages One of the cast of SATC2
And his 'partner' in the movieGorgeous Fashion bloggers from JAPAN.One of the winner from IndiaOne of the staff of Bergdorf Goodman. she is so cute
Before heading back, a goodie back consist of Vivienne Tham collection tshirt and scarf, as well as HP merchandizes were given to us. We were chauffeur back to our hotel by the limousine again. It was indeed a great way to end the night. Doesn’t get any better..
The goodie bag with 1GB thumbdrive that blings. can make it as a necklace accessories tooAnd the rest follows...:)
Feels like it was just yesterday..i really left part of my heart there in NEW YORK. so happy and hard to believe that I was there.Thank you HP. sadly everything will come to and end, so watch out this space for some more photos of SATC Hotspot tour on the final day of this trip. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

ChildHood Dream-Statue of Liberty!!!!!


Orait after 2 hours of sleep, then came beautiful Tuesday morning. Time was 630am, looking outside from the hotel window, it was bright already. Get ready and head down to Broadway street for breakfast at the Duke.
Have I mention that the food here is simply marvelous and inexpensive as well? Later, took the subway from Times Square to South Ferry Station (the final stop number 2 red line). Bought the metro card (return) and cost us US8.80 for 2 persons. We are going to visit Lady Liberty ToDAy! Always plan ahead if you planning to go there coz almost thousands visitors daily will be there. The best is to make a reservation through email /phone. B managed to make reservation via phone (http://www.statuecruises.com/). Cost =US12 p.p(return) on a ferry from Battery Park to Ellis and Liberty Island (with Pedestal/Museum Ticket). Unfortunately the crown access tickets have been sold out until Aug 2010. Even with reservation, the queue was still a long one. After almost 45minutes of ‘tanning’ under the scorching sun, finally I was on the ferry of STATUE CRUISE. First stop was to Liberty Island. I could see Lady Liberty is appearing bigger and bigger as we getting nearer to the 1st stop. WOW..such an iconic monument. so beautiful and indescribable..my childhood dream has just come true!Mary poppin? Hahaha…I feel like a diva with Kimora favorite quote-Fabulousity "Life in the fab lane" Apple anyone at the BIG APPLE? oh yeahThen, we climbed the 136 steps ( i think) for a panoramic view of BIG APPLE. Later to Ellis Island, here there are the immigrant museum and some history and ancient artifacts.
By the time we arrived Times Square it was already almost 3pm. So lunch was a slice of pizza to take away and back to hotel.
This Cowboy has left his clothes at home MTV MOvie Awards (",) U cant get enuff of this yellow taxi "Beca" in Times Square? heheeheWhile updating the pictures, I suddenly dozed off. Woke up and look at the time, it was almost 6.00pm already!!! Got shocked as the media event supposed to start at 5.15pm-630pm. Shower, get dressed, make up ...n as I was rushing like mad, i received a call from Stephanie of HP (Singapore) asking where am I? gulp...they are leaving...am i gonna make it for tonite event? wait for it!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Smells Like A Reality - NEW YORK

KL to Dubai – 6 hrs 45 min, transit for 4 hours,
KL-JFK Airport, New York – 13 hrs 30 min.
inflight food that was surprisingly delicious...EMIRATES AIRLINE orait after stuffing, its time for some movie..check check check...Up In the Air..my kind of movie then i remembered seeing stars...zzzzzzzzzzz
I was keep wondering whether this plane is really heading to NYC or to India? Coz almost 95% of them are onboard from Dubai Airport. Upon arrival, I haven’t really ‘feel’ or even ‘smell’ the vibration of NYC. While waiting for the pick-up shuttle to arrive, I just gazed around and really looking forward for this trip. As Jay-Z and Alicia Keys collaboration song entitled NEW YORK keep playing in my head, I just wish someone could drop me at Times Square right now. Hahaha..So as the driver arrived, hopped in and lucky enough for me to seat beside the driver, coz my Rebel keeps snapping away. Then I saw a limousine (well normally im not into all this luxury fantasies, but I think being in NYC, you are allowed to), I was using a lot of “what if” while I was talking to my alter ego, Lil DeviL. Then i saw the shadows of the Empire State Building...i think i also saw the glimpse of a King Kong ..no? Yellow taxi everywhere. The iconic buildings right in front of me!Anyway, finally we reached the destination - Hotel Millenium Broadway, which was just 20 steps away from the hustling vibrant of Times Square. Hotel was superb!
Outside of the hotel window...aaaaahhh....nice
It was already almost 4pm when we checked in, hungry plus eager to explore Times Square. So after shower, without wasting anytime, head down and hunt for some food. Stomach was grumbling but the rest of my senses are so stubborn that we spend almost 2 hours walking and posing for pictures. LOL…Finally we settled down at Bubba Gump. The food was great and filling. Enough to keep us energized for some more walking and exploring. The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building simply magical at night. Fashion walk of fame with the colourful animated billboard along Times Square simply paints my life beautifully. I feel like I’m in different planet. I really feel brand new and inspired!
Later after few hours of walking, head back to hotel and since wireless connection is available, what else would I be doing? Uploaded the ‘fresh’ photos from my Rebel memory card to my FB, blog, twitter and not forgetting some online contests too…I’m a contest freak! And don’t be surprised I hardly sleep in NYC. The power of jetlag only hit me once I’m back from the trip. So I really spend every bit of hours wisely here..hahhahaa.


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