Wednesday, April 10, 2013

F1 Paddock and Garage Pit Tour-TUNE INSURANCE

How often do you get to be treated like this? I meant first there were drivers to fetch you to Sepang International Circuit during F1 Racing championship, then VIP passes to access to paddock and garage pit, chilling inside the cafe of Caterham team, rubbing shoulders with the F1 drivers, get to learn from the experts at the NDT room, checking out how pit stop are quickly yet carefully handled and while the heat just keep my spirit bursting like fire, my enthusiasm level was pretty much at its highest peak for a new chapter of learning and discoveries!

Yeah truly a money cant buy experience! So thank you TUNE INSURE, CATERHAM, AIRASIA and TUNE HOTELS for making my 1st F1 experience a memorable one. This gonna stay in my brain as long I could remember! Thanks to Mawarni and Josh from Tune Insure for your hospitality and keep asking me if everything is alright /going on smoothly. Of course! infact I had a great time with you guyz there! you guyz simply rock! 

Loads and loads of photo coming in..this is dedicated to some of you out there that always wanted to know how the paddock and garage pit will look like. enjoy!

Thanks BAO for the ride..and sharing some tips on drifting skills. although my heart almost pop out on the way here that   morning...hahaha
my first F1 experience to the paddock ready guyz?
such a beauty..shines like the value it represent.
Good thing about having the VIP passes was the express lane, no bag/body undertunnel pathway some cool is that?

orait we go! into the tunnel to the PIT building. going in..
without this VIP passes, I cant access to this area. so thank you TUNE INSURE and DATO TONY FERNANDES!

Inside the cafe, there are video display showing live!
this is my pit lane..enter at your own risk! haha
Mawarni and Mr Cyril having a chat...
What a wonderful experience! As my head-gear covering my ears for the sharp noise from the screeching sound of the tyres, I am having a blast over here at the SIC. I meant c'mon, it is universally known that F1 is one of the most expensive sport in the world, so if you can't beat them, join them..hehehe  
this is pretty cool experience! thanks for the headgear..or else my ear drums gonna  fall  off from the blasting sound
Hey you from the grandstand! my seat are better yo! hehehe
the crew working hard to push the mobile the their pit
Mr Cyril having a chat with one of their team from Caterham..can someone tell me how to get their uniform? very cool!
the redbull team
the caterham drivers are coming in
hehhee...while waiting ..

stretch of tyres are being deported..
Redbull team
go go go!
i assume he is one of the driver ..under my umbrella elaa ellaaa
So after checking out the garage, we supposed to leave by 12pm as we are only allowed to access the paddock area for like 1 to 2 hours the most, but guess what, since we are cool and thanks to Tune Insurance team and of course the Head of Events & Hospitality of Caterham F1 Team, Mr Cyril Francis...we are permitted to stay a little longer. Infact they even served us lunch! menu of the day was either Nasi Goreng Satay,  Seafood Penne or Grilled Salmon with baked beans. plus dessert are served there after too. how luck y right? Yeah i am blessed and truly appreciate all the good things that appeared in my life! 

Lunch was served.and no doubt..I am sucker for salmon! so i ordered this delicious grilled with beans cooked to perfection..mama mia! muchos gratias!
After chilling and chit chatting , Mawarni and Josh have to head to office for some work, so Feeq and I stayed much to the kind gesture from Mr Cyril. we managed to head to the garage again and have our pit walk to the other F1 teams..simply awesome. It was like a small kid walking along few rows of candy stores with their favorite mascot around..get it?
so this is how close i could get for a pitstop at the eh?
the loading time, tyre checked, engine checked, driver checked~
some of the lucky patrons started pouring in for the pit walk session
The dashing former F1 Malaysian driver, Mr Alex Yoong even managed to smile and said hi between takes. :) :)
After the pit walk, the rehearsal and practice restarted. We took turns to check out at the garage and then head for our dessert then some drinks at the nice. Almost 340pm when the practice session will end soon, so we prepared ourselves around the walkway behind the garage just incase we could bump into any familiar I was walking and then I noticed a lot of photographers and reporters were swarming on of the cubicles. So I quickly rushed there and finally saw the glimpse of Lewis Hamilton. It was a short interview session as he was answering very softly. 

What else then..nothing beat some self snapped photos hahaha..

So that's all for now, will update more picture once received from Feeq/ Tune Insure. So if you guyz wanna have some fun and enjoy all this, make sure go and get yourself Tune Insure everytime you fly with AirAsia..oh ya TUNESTASTIC 2 has just started. they are giving trips to Phuket, Bangkok and Bali! to top it off, Samsung S3 are also up for what are you waiting for??? go and tweet now!! Would like to take this opportunity to thank you Tune Insure once again for a wonderful experience at the pit and paddock ..great feeling to live at the fast lane! vrrooommmmm....

orait guyz!!! dont forget to buy Tune Insure! esp if you are travelling.  BEST!!!


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