Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Hop into the Year of Endless possibilities..well Hello 2023!

Well hello 2023! Now that 2022 has left us behind with a rather spectacular eventful of serendipity and a mixed baggage of emotions, let me recap some of the finer epiphany that came knocking my medula oblongata just few months ago.

I like to call it as a pleasant delivery that arrived after I have been placing in my 'life cart' yeah if you love online shopping then you know the gist. Those items that you wanted to purchase but it has always been a 'should i' or 'should i not' purchase kinda feeling. Sometime we keep this items in the cart like forever and one fine day when your mind finally come into a realization that you need to get that stuff. Wait no more. So it was the same concept that i have couple of things I've always wanted to do but it was kept there somewhere in my memory bank while some I wrote it in my journal book that I hardly look into it lately due to busy schedule. Then some incident happened that it came to my senses, alright no more excuses and wait no more.

Finally last September I made a point to put aside everything, take a pause and press that SUBMIT 'life cart' button. Long history short, some calculated risk and feeling fear involved, I made a point to go ahead and do it anyway.. life is one heck of an adventure right? Absolutely. so here I am in the land of unknown, foreign and alien but the it has been delivered right - so i just need to brace myself and go ahead to start figuring it out what I want to do next. It was super scary at first, to be honest at one point I was thinking to myself..Are we really doing this , D? i guessed my support system around me are super convincing that no matter what happened, i will be fine and somehow that assurance gives me 80% confident, 20% doubt haha.  

Growing up I always know that i am up for something big out there. I meant, I am always curious to know and experience new territory, environment, vibe, opportunities and all the likes but it has been 3 years real life put me on hold from venturing all that. Oh man, it was hard and i don't even know myself during those period. Probably it was a wake up call. Enough is enough. So that was when this #D44Project was formed. I only told to my closest loved ones and they were supportive. D is my initial and the number 4 has been a significant 'luck' number to me ..but oh well.. u know things that we called luck right. You gotta make your own luck. I noticed that in order to materialize and make things happen, you need to first of course create a dream list, then manifest it, and finally act on it. Small progress is better than no progress. I'm always a believer that if you want something so badly, you need to do something greatly. 

44 days of things that I do repeatedly will become a habit, 444 am is the time that I frequently look into when I have great ideas come into my mind. yeah weird but it does. Coincidently I have been alive in this world with that favorite number, yeah to me age is just a number. Anyway there are 44 newness that I want to experience and explore and that include to have 44 countries in my list by end of 2023. As I am writing this, I have another 13 countries to go. let's see! these are 44 list of newness that i would like to achieve in this #D44Project :

1) Take sabbatical break from life
2) Celebrate White Christmas
3) Try Snowboarding
4) Hiking on snow


Sri Lanka - The Sultry Senorita

Hye 2019! 1 year passed by just like that. People often called the world as she/her so as I am fortunate enough to fly to a beautiful Island nation at the south of India in the Indian Ocean early this year, i would rather called Sri Lanka as the Sultry Senorita!. The diversification landscapes of this place range from lush green rainforest to captivating highland to sandy beaches and rocky mountains are something that traveler like me are always hunger for. 

My style of travels have always been impromptu / spontaneous / adventurous and some even last minute (yeah i love the thrills..sometime). Only certain occasion it was semi-planned (never well detailed plan because I would eventually discover or explore something out of the itinerary). Because my mind is always open for a new adventure, new experience and how I perceive every moment as a new beginning. My principle in life is to always find new thing to do or new place to visit at least once a year. But the habit has now multiply and it can be quite addictive..haha..but for a good cause so i believe it is still alright. 

Anyway one of the reason why Sri Lanka was chosen as my next destination was simply because one fine day as I was swapping my Astro tv channels, suddenly i stumbled into a cooking show (yes you got me right..i dont normally cook) but when renowned chef, Peter Kuruvita was cooking on top of a mountain overlooking an amazing backdrop of another mountain, it caught my eyes and ears. Yeah..So I keep watching and was totally flabbergasted when he was explaining about Sigiriya Rock behind him while he was cooking openly at the peak of Pidurangala Rock as pictured below. 
Source from 
Then my curious mind started digging about Sigiriya rock. I saw all this images that I've decided ok its about time D, you need to get yourself to be there!
So I managed to get quite a good deal under MAS Airlines during public holiday stretch (26/1/18-3/2/18) which was even greater deal for working people like me. Long story short, my #beboks gang was informed and before we knew it, we ter'pressed' the 'Buttons'. Did our visa via online - fast and efficient at this link: (fee USD20, RM3.94 @ USD1 in Jan 2018) , managed to get a local driver contact and did some research on the accommodation and places we want to hike and visit, boy we were so excited when the time finally arrive!

Formerly known as CEYLON, Sri Lanka is a far off island nation at the south of India and famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins with many historic diversification. Our 7 full days itinerary was filled with long drive, enchanting sceneries, crazy hike with 5,500 steps one way, meeting new friends, fun photo and video shoot, laughter, someone getting sick, tried varieties of local food (pedas/spicy!), went lengha shopping, experience the local National Day parade, getting close to ancient Buddhist historical site, my soul was gripped with amazing wanderlust especially the small town of Ella. 

Our Journey was from 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Kerala Blog Express Season 5 - Participation

Dear friends, fellow followers and to the person who are reading this, I am trying my luck for the Kerala Blog Express Season 5 and I need favor to cast some votes in order to be selected. 

Care to vote for me please?
The process is pretty simple by following the diagram below before 10 January 2018.

First Click this link :

Then kindly register as VOTER by keying your name, email address and password.

Once all that are done, please click this link  and click VOTE NOW.  
Alternatively you can also search from Country - under Malaysia - - participant name : Umadevi Vengdesh. 

That's it! Those who has voted for me, please leave your url blog under the comment and if I am selected, there will be some token from Kerala for you! 

Thank you very much! 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 - You're exceptional, Hello 2018!

2017 –aahhh as I utter you out from my mouth and twisted with my lips, it already gives me goosebump…not in the ghostly manner but hrmm I felt like this satisfying feeling of eating a real good packed of strawberry jam :P ..warm and fresh out from the farm. Not too sweet, not too sour either. Just perfect balance and I am excited to share some of the memoirs about you.

As I will soon bid goodbye to you, my mind started to reflect what I’ve been through while you are still with me here…ticking the clock every hour, every seconds - stop pushing would ya?. I wish you could slow down a bit but oh well, maybe we are the same. Restless when we are idle and always looking for adventure when there are none. Nevertheless, you’ve mould me into someone that I don’t even recognize myself this days.. geezz but I don’t blame you, I don’t even blame myself coz I embrace every imperfections and adapt to changes like a tadpoles into a frog..well I can choose butterflies but I prefer frogs because it can survive in 2 different types of nature. I must admit it’s a mixed baggage of feelings because I will never ever see you again. But of course you will be forever remembered in my memory banks..that for sure.. 
2017, you moved so fast like the waterfall..yet cooling and can also give me some surprises gush..
In the beginning, you started off quite slow, infact quite timid ..and I told myself Im going to make my own list of resolutions like any other years but aha..this time im not going to place any high expectation infact my expectation was the lowest compare to the previous years ive been. All in the name of learning the lessons well and to manage my disappointment. So almost half of my list of resolutions is the continuous part of the previous while the rest are pretty new, crazier, almost impossible resolutions that I’ve made (à what was I thinking?). Anyway, surprisingly I’ve managed to turn some of the resolutions that I’ve penned on that black diary of mine into awesome freaking realities. Fist punch to that, D! They say things that you don’t see, you probably would not remember right..well at least I put my wicked handwriting into good use..No im impressed,  D. You are one level up from the peak that you conquered yesterday. Achievement and accomplishment can come from many types of forms. Different people perceive differently. Some look for status, monetary, power, while some look for spiritual, peace, happiness and freedom. To me, I’m always remind myself to seek for balance. You need to be thankful first before you could really taste the feeling of happiness within.
my solitude moment at Luang Prabang, Laos
Some of my highlights for this past 12 months were probably feeling like I’ve live my life Interestingly—anyway it has always been my motto but 2017, you have been different..way distinctive.way exceptional..yet! . I can be playful but sometime reality hits, I do have fears even though I’ve been called a dare devil.  Truth is, it was all along my alter ego playing the game —I am after all just a simple kampung girl from small hometown of Mentakab who occasionally shy away from the crowd (can you believe this girl?…please don’t..haha).

Sometime I just live the moment and made really bold moves when I am alone in my solitude. I have my ups and downs – c’mon who doesn’t right? But the fact that I prefer to wash away the bad and keep the good in my dictionary that probably what keeps me going. Some of my friends wondering how can I be that carefree and could not care less about what’s happening around me. You see, worry and fear is 2 ultimate toxic that a person should avoid. But we are not perfect after all, human tends to slip down a little from the slope of negativity but I believe mind over matters. Because the mind can be the most powerful thing I’ve ever own in my life…no kidding, bro. Don’t trust a single word I say, trust you guts, trust your instinct and most importantly trust what you’ve believe in.
hrmm i told yea dont trust me..haha
Orait , so as I was saying.. it started slow..engine was just about to warm up. Chinese New year came by in January..same old boring questions from the persons who gave me ‘ang pows’(a custom given by the married couples to the single people). I wish I could avoid receiving it but it was also the sign of good luck so as long as I am happy and single why not. I choose not to be rude, so normally a simple paint of smile is sufficient. I have better things to do than getting settle down for what normal people do…oppss..yeah I am abnormal..shoot me.
my multiracial family and relatives. 
Then February came along, my initial plan was to hike the highest mountain in Indonesia, Mount Kerinchi. Well that doesn’t happen coz I was down with bad diarrhea. I was bed ridden in the cold climate of 2nd largest tea plantation and Mount Kerinci was just for my eyes to admire from afar. Its ok, maybe we don’t have any faith to get to know each other this year. But I am blessed because I was taken care of by good friend and strangers that become friends. My admiration towards hiking has turned from ‘liking’ level to ‘passion’ level.. yeah I love hiking..simply because it teaches me a lot of things about life, being patient, being outside of my comfort zone, the nature, the beautiful sight, getting to know more characters and how my perceptions about life changed drastically. Not all the things you see are correct, sometime you have to feel it to know if it is right. Simple way to put it is, even sugar can be deceived as salt until you tasted it yourself. Geddit?
When you are on the recovery after bad diarrhea, time to explore this biggest tea plantation in the world with good souls, Grace, Yuli and Eka

Cute little boy..Jovan -young hiker in the making and Jonathan love to tell stories

An experience I would not forget. Our tent leaked and the heavy rain whole night made us awake and drenched wet..shivering like crazy..

The fun and happy hikers (L-R) with guide 1, guide 2,  Adi, Zetty, Mizah,  Eny, Grace, Acap, Arif, Ejatt, Kimi, Acap our Guide, Bean .
Watching shooting stars and camping by the beach with delicious food cooked by our Chef Adi.

March came marching so quick just like few blinks of the eyes. I get to sign some papers that probably the most important documents yet so far. All is good? I think so. My grandfather passed away peacefully and with his departure, it actually brings every relatives closer. Rest in peace Ah Kong. Having said that, more mountains for me to climb, more friends I’ve get to know, more running event I've participated, more characters I’ve seen,  and it crack my level of curiosity even higher.. as they say learning is a never ending process. Amen to that. 
such a friendly genuine soul, Zarina.. good vibe with this lady

when all of us cousins, uncles , aunties and long lost relatives came for last respect to our dearly Ah Kong.

thanks for the slot Tourism Selangor. 
April –aahhh it came like a fresh mountain dew. All thanks to Air Asia big points ..i must confessed that RM96 for return flight to Kerala is definitely a great deal. I get a little jittery but I like to keep that feeling because I felt good knowing the wonderful Kerala. Beautiful spirit of culture, their mindset on education and the warm hospitality simply an added points in my travel muse. The vibe was so precise that it sync with my heart, mind and soul wavelength. I might come back and put my 6 months India visa to good use. Let’s see how it goes. It was also the first time I've travel with this crazy girl hailed from Sabah and we connected almost instantly. Love you taling.. Along the way, I’ve met really wonderful souls and I cant fight the feeling like the warrior of Kalarippayattu, so strong and focus yet defeat with a twist of fate.
The posing, the singing, the was just like her name,..go with the flow.. Florina 

I am not a fan of massages but the Ayurverdic treatment changed my perception of what a real massage should be. It was the best massage that made me sleep like a baby after the treatment.. Check this out . Mayura Ayurvedic Centre
waking up with a Beautiful morning view like this...i need to come back! 

Love the colorful bright houses in the middle of a tea plantation.

With our amazing driver, Mr Vinod..he speaks multiple languages and can really recommend good food.. and i meant it..good food.. haha

first time i am seeing this.. the Appam Pooja and the amount of warm hospitality made us really at ease to wander around whats happening here.

men with their mundu (garment worn around the waist) . Tea tea tea...chaiyaaaaa

The fisherman life
The calm and really amazing feeling of staying in the houseboat where you will be having your own captain and butler. 

The beautiful Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Kochi, India. 

We watched the Kathakali Dance show but I was more smitten by a 'warrior' sway moves instead..ahakkkssss. 
Then come May, my rojakgirls overseas trip to this wonderful laid back Laos. The waterfall almost unreal but I felt I was transported to an era of 20 years behind. Everything moves slowly but colorfully. We had fun dancing, singing, photoshot like bunch of teenage kids. Well, we still are at heart. 
yeah thanks Air Asia big points ! for yet another trip that cost less than RM120 for the flight ticket.

ready to be mesmerized by the gorgeous waterfall..oh crazy Rojak girls except for Grace that cant make it here.
3 girls decided to wake up early and walked up to the peak at Phousi. credit to Faizol , professional photographer also from KL
with our traditional costume wear..i love Malaysia

Alms giving ceremony where we woke up at 430am and decided to participate..
Separately, I had fun with this new group of hikers where we went to Mount Baling up north.road trip is always something i looking forward to but driving in the middle of the night at dark small old village road can be daunting. Anyway the hike was with beautiful trail, almost like i am in dinosaur era where the rocks protruding sharply but the view...i was in awe indeed. 

At the peak of Gunung Baling with our traditional wear..haha thanks Donnie, Hatta, Mukhlis and Faiz
And since my half blood DNA is chinese, I just put on top my cheongsam..:P 

peace..yeah cant believe this is actually here in Malaysia!

Went back to hometown to celebrate Mother's day. Their happiness is my happiness. :) 
Travel all around the world but nothing like coming home to My World
Having said that, it was also the month where I lost my Hero4. I was upset even puzzled how on earth did it went missing. My mood was everywhere but then I realized I should not be mourning over a gadget but it was the sentimental value because I won it..its different feeling when you buy it. It was precious but well just not meant to be..goodbye my Hero4. you will be certainly missed dearly. 

June just came trespassing like an uninvited guest. Impromptu decision and voila my beboks girls are on our way to Myanmar @ Burma. Visa was expensive even the tickets too but we just want to get out of Malaysia during Raya holidays. So off we went and we had fun visiting the temples, mingling with the locals, meeting new friends, learning the culture, tasting the food, on a journey of 9 hours bus ride, shower at KFC toilet, haggling with the taxi drivers, ride the e-bike and met an accident where my left knees bruised like I was just out from a fighting ring of Dangal movie, train ride,  delicious delicacy, their morning was magnificently a Myanmar experience I would not forget. 

Zura's Gopro..we were so hungry but decided to take on the circular train upon arrival. thanks to Zura's chocolate wafer and choki choki we survived the ride before hunting for food!

posers ..with new friends - Chris, Anne and Bryan

With our Baju Kurung..the Malay traditional costume for Raya festival dedication back home

i was in me..without their help, my skins could be infected. i was limping after that but still i continue to ride the bike back to where we rent it..thank you very much, good Samaritans. 
good reason for me to stay at home uh? I remembered seeing these old Punjabi Doctor reaction when he saw my knee as i seek treatment. then he asked me why go riding bike in really felt from a bike or what? hahaha
A visit to Penang as a reunion with my rojakgirls was also a fun drive. All we did was to eat, eat and eat...oh my there goes my healthy diet. I signed up for Gopro event and dang...i was swept away by the charm of Hero5 & Karma seductively. Having said that Tandom Hills is a nice place for a quick nature liked getaway except for its heat. 
Oh yeah..road trip to this not so friendly local town except for Irene///hahaa 

Nice view at the back of was good but spicy

Love the morning view here..driving to an unfamiliar place is always thrilling.
i was like as if a kid getting her favorite toy on boxing day

 July—my favorite month of the year. not to be biased but because the most important people in my life gave birth to me on her birthday. So that alone make it a reason to celebrate, right? Life itself is a celebration..but celebrate it moderately. My rojakgirls did a touching birthday celebration for me at Cameron Highland. I think I almost need a tissue but neah my tears still very much a dryland for now. But I got my roti tisu as a birthday creative and thoughtful. My siblings, my colleagues and my best friend also did a surprise birthday seems like it was a month of sweetness. long lost best buddy decided to contact me out of a sudden and what a for you my dear friend. And as a reward from my contest $$, i got myself GoPro Hero5 love, i am! 
my family did a surprise trip to PD..all organized by them.. so much love. 

Birthday Road trip to Cameron highlands..i love this place. 
Love you my rojakgirls

This girl might not always be around, but she is indeed someone special..thanks Nonie..
Oh ya, how can i forget that Flo and I self-invited to Yus's open house during Eid Mubarak..thank you for the food and karaoke session yea Yus, his lovely wife and son. 
thank you for the food and fun karaoke..and massage chairs hahaa
As I was enjoying my youth (ahem), I soon realized August came gushing like a waterfall from the strong and overpowering. My legs were itchy and my hands just overbooked accidently or purposely? Hahaa..i told ya’ll earlier that I am going to put my India visa to good use right? So I am back to Kerala and then I am heading to Bhubaneswar all happening on the same week.. crazy right? Not quite. I was amazed by the amount of love I’ve received. I am forever grateful and blessed for that. Sometimes the least you expected is the most you will be surprised. My adoration towards India is like the feeling of getting the 1st sunrise after days of thunder and rain. I crave for its glory and the heat is intense..perghh..but at the end, I get to enjoyed the scenic view where my mind was at its most ease. Thank you for the wonderful things I’ve get to experienced and discovered while I was in the Land of Diversity. Come rain or shine, the bike ride will always be exhilarating as it relive my teenage dreams and Konark Temple just blow my mind away with its most taboo masterpiece. So much love to give and receive...(smilling).

road trip begins with almost 5-6 hours daily on a bike..adventurous trip indeed under the scorching sun and heavy rain..brrrrr

Thanks for bringing me here..

The Tamil nadu view at the back of me..i missed the hike and the locals

with my talented new friends at Thekkady ..great show indeed...impressive!

I am always intrigued by the ancient history of warriors...the martial arts is nothing short of magnificent acts to watch
Then on the same week where my sun-burned skins has not subsided, i fly again to India. Bhubaneswar was filled with temples and temples and ..temples..but the punjabi suits shopping was seriously so cheap! 
With our driver, Prasanth..very timid and shy person..and honest..anyone want to hire him as driver at Bhubaneswar, let me know.

I felt i was my solitude of heat with glory haha

Camel at the Puri beach

Met the legendary Indian Classical dancer, Dato Ramli.

Konark Temple..erotic temple ..look carefully ..ahaks

Then September decided to pushed away August with a flick of a finger. I’ve decided to fulfill my long lost dream of ‘meeting’ the majestic Mount Bromo with my good buddies. It was a joy, a sign of contentment and sigh of relief as I walked carefully at the crater rim of Bromo. It was magical and enchanting just like fireworks of my homegrown Malaysias’ Independence Day. Travelling with great companions is always a blessing. 
The cold freezing morning ..thank god for the sunrise. Victor and Grace.

It all started with a dream.

such a colorful village..thanks Ericka for bringing us places around your beautiful country..i missed our road trips

Love this place...treehouse, hammock, amazed.

Cafe hopping at Batu coz it was raining whole day

I was also blessed to be able to witness or rather feel a piece of heaven at Mount Kerunai where the clouds bowed beneath me. Pure indescribable moment.  Road trips plus first time to Kelli's Castle..
Such a beautiful view ...carpet of clouds ..God really showed me a piece of heaven that day!

was so tired after the Kerunai hike,, that i started to mumble in Tamil much to Zura's amusement. 

was somehow something that I was waiting for. It was Diwali mood, that one day of the year we get to celebrate by making the kolam, prayers to the dearly departed (I still miss you Patti), eating together on a banana leaf and good family get-together. First time wearing saree after many years of talking to the moon..what am I talking? But yeah I get to play dress up with my sisters..which I dearly loved, reminiscing my childhood with my brothers, watching my favorite nephew and nieces with their antics ..last but not least spending time with the 2 most important people in my life.. my parents..i am nothing without them. No amount of ‘I love You’ or hugs can replace that. Colorful wonders #powerfuldiamonds

with cheeky nephew and cutey niece
And hike to this legendary Mount Ledang that ive always wanted usual the hikers are always full of diversity was really nice knowing all of you. 

the team before the climb

oh yeahh Ledang...we conquered.
Tick tok tick tok and without realizing, November just appeared at my calendar doorstep. My powerful diamonds trip to Perth. Even thou I don’t really fancy the place, but since my sisters wanted to go, so I obliged. It’s the company that matters right? Driving overseas, dressing up, Instagram updates, snacking away, heart to heart conversation and shopping…hrmm we treat Perth like Sg Wang except for the currency cries. :P
I choose to be a butterfly ..ready to fly..

Sometime I am a Senorita? Gracias..

Sisters for life

Caversham Wildlife ..lets feed the kangaroo
Hye there..good little fella Kangaroo

first time driving a car experience.

Went hiking after resting for few weeks..ahaha to Batu Chondong Hill with new friends..learn a thing or two on new setting for Hero5..sweet! 
with Zue, Rizal and Mel
And finally oh my its almost the end of you?? Yeah December…my oh my..Probably one of the way to kick of my so called almost could not make it in the bucket list story came about. I did bungy jump before but it was just 20m high at Sunway Lagoon. That was few years ago.. and I got really bad headache for a week!!! .I even told myself I am not going to do it again.. i repeat I am NOT going to do it again..hahaha never say never right? I was lucky to be one of the winners under Air Asia Crazy Jump 2017 contest where the prizes were all expenses paid trip to Macau with accommodation and indulge for the highest bungy jump in the world at 233m at Macau Tower..yup that was like 10x higher than I did before... As I swallowed my 'never say never statement' down the throat, I could already imagined and felt that bad headache I’ve experienced before..gulp..but I did the plunge and boy it was an awesome feeling..falling down at 120km/h and I instantly felt this crazy feeling of wanting to do it again.. for the record no headache..thank god! Thank you AirAsia for all this and getting to know crazier bunch of adventurous people in my life. Keep adding the statistic and I am not complaining.
with our crazy outfit ...ready to jump!

Ready..all smiles...yeah i am!

Malaysian team!!! ") 
An evening in Paris? well..look better here than the real Eiffel Tower in PAris..
Our Malaysian team walkabout at Macao city..the night before the jump haha

oh good fren, Husin invited me for a treasure hunt and we were the TOP 5..haha most of the credit must go to Lau with his creative thinking. we had fun and i learned lot of things from this. 
not bad for thanks teammate SUKA SUKA (LIKE LIKE) 
Even though I do face few challenges and obstacles (let’s just skip this because what is life without problems, right?), but you've made me stronger, better and of course happier. And made me realize that, girl, you better start joining more contests coz i need more paid travel and gadgets!! Like I always "we cant wait for luck, we make our own luck to be lucky and dont let that opportunity pass you by" So yeah it is almost ending, like I said, I wish you could slow down or at least stay a little longer but the only permanent thing in life is change. Eventually I have to accept that you will morph into 2018 soon. I will end with a big thank you note for making my life really awesome this year. Love, hugs and is not a goodbye as you will always have a special place in my heart. Here to another year of awesomeness..bring it on 2018! I am ready...i think so..Keep Dreaming, Keep Inspiring, Keep Exploring, and Keep Living, hahaha! You got this, D!!!
You got this, D!! so are you keeping your hair or you going to cut it shorter..we shall see...:P 


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