Saturday, June 15, 2013

Uniqlo with Nora Danish!

Thanks to Uniqlo for organizing this hip and cool UT pop up camera booth at their Fahrenheit 88 outlet this morning (15 June 2013). 
With the gorgeous and sweet looking Nora Danish
This is in conjunction with the contest held recently via Uniqlo Facebook. 
Contest organized by Uniqlo Malaysia!

                                                                                                      Well, i was not the 2 lucky fans selected, but i was one out of 10 other lucky consolation winners who was not only given a chance to have 1 on 1 with Uniqlo Malaysia ambassador, Nora Danish to be in the hall of fame at their website but also one complimentary UT shirt of my choice. Since i'm a Disney fan, so I choose this Disney yellow mustard collection that I am wearing in the video clip below:
Creating the video was so much fun especially with the sweet, gorgeous and sporting Nora Danish. I still cant believe she is already a mum! Anyway thanks once again to Uniqlo and their friendly staff Nicholas, Noelle and the rest that has been such a sport. 
The video has been uploaded at this LINK- (

group photo.some have left 
nora wanted us to that's what we did
 For all of you out there who want to be in the UT 2013 pop up please head to Uniqlo Fahrenheit 88 and try out for yourself. Be wacky, be crazy and have fun!
UT 2013
Goodies that I get to bring home. Loving it! Hrrmm...its like a sign..London calling perhaps? hehee
Disney Tshirt worth Rm39.90, notebook and  Uniqlo shopping bag

Mencari Ramli 2 show-vote now!

With all the hype on Mencari Ramli 2 as I've blogged about earlier HERE , its time to cast your vote for your favorite RAMLI! Mencari Ramli 2 show will be broadcasted weekly on TV3 from 19 April 2013 onwards every Friday at 730pm to 8.00pm with 12 episodes in total. 

All 39 candidates has shown their enthusiasm, perseverance, skills and this is time for your viewers out there to start voting from 14 June 2013 onwards. 

How to vote..well simple as can even multitask while texting like how I did..

oh well i voted after the 'training' above okAY..hehe

Vote wisely friends! ensure you vote for the candidate that fit to be the next RAMLI! Head to their website at to check out profile of 39 RAMLI in the making

So how to vote?? check this instructions below:

[NUMBER OF VOTES : 5/10][SPACE]RAMLI[2 DIGIT NUMBER : 01-30] to 26268

VOTE5 RAMLI05 –Submit 5 votes for Mencari Ramli2 Participant Number 05.
VOTE RAMLI07 – Submit 1 vote for Mencari Ramli 2 Participant Number 07

***Voting contest period : 24 May - 28 June 2013
**Free of charge on the first time you submit your vote(s) 
(Regardless of the number of votes)
*Cost – 1 Vote = RM0.50, 5 Votes = RM2.00, 10 Votes = RM3.50

And guess what, if you are the highest voter, you stand a chance to win the following as well :

The Grand Prize winner from this voting contest will earn themselves an all expenses paid trip to watch Manchester United play a match at one of the following locations :
(Bangkok, Sydney/Yokohama/Osaka/Hong Kong)

and MU merchandise as weekly prizes! SWEET!

There will be also revealing the Top 3 rankings of RAMLI 1-30 once every week on Mencari Ramli 2 show and twice every week on Mencari Ramli 2 website : 

Check out the advertisement that rave every nation to try out their luck to be the next RAMLI

For more info on Mencari Ramli 2, you may check out the following channels:

Twitter : @TeamMsia

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mencari Ramli 2 campaign by TM

Its like a scene in the classroom and I will be your teacher today. which one of you are asking the following questions, please raise your hands! :P  :
1) WHAT is Mencari Ramli 2 about?
2) WHO is Ramli 2?
3) WHERE is Ramli 2?
4) WHY Ramli 2?
5) HOW to be Ramli 2?

Orait if you are a HUGE football fan then you probably already half way through the answers. However for those who are not but since your curiosity level has rose up so high, then read further. 

1) WHAT is Mencari Ramli 2 about?
Mencari Ramli musim 2
It's the latest campaign by TM following the success of Mencari Ramli 1st Season where the quest to search for the country's most promising football talent. 
Mencari Ramli Season 1 show
The 1st season of Mencari Ramli in 2012 saw 30 young talented footballers from Bukit Jalil Sport School tried to showcase their passion and talent where ultimately only 2 winners were chosen. One were drafted into the Harimau Muda Under-21 team while another finalist landing a stint as a striker in the U.S Arezzo football club Under-17 team in Italy. oh my..what a great once on lifetime opportunity man!
30 aspiring young footballers trying their lifetime opportunity
Mencari Ramli Season ONe finale
Ahmad Izham ,CEO of Media Prima during the MEncari Ramli Season 1
Mencari Ramli 2 is a docu-reality series that is looking for Malaysia's Best Footballer under 16, where they will be sent to Manchester United Soccer School to be trained and groomed to become "Ramli" (who else?) and becoming the next Malaysian football talent. This is a continuous effort in searching talent via series of events at 12 locations across Malaysia. The main objective is to provide a platform for young footballers to realize their football dreams. It is also a campaign to encourage Team Malaysia spirit through this reality show. Expect no drama, as this is serious business and help to raise the standards of our young local football talents. On top of all that, it is also to get parents to discover the potential in their own children and provide a solid support system. The show started on 19 April 2013,Friday at TV3 from 7.30pm-8.00pm. Again, top 30 talents will be selected for the finals, where 2 winners will be chosen by the judges and one through public voting. All in the quest to win the trip to the Manchester United Soccer School and also not forgetting the legendary Old Trafford with a 3 years scholarship to attend Frenz United Football Academy.  

2) WHO is Ramli 2?
Aaahhhaaaa...Ramli is a Malaysian boy below the age of 16 with an extremely skillful talent at playing football. Beside that he is also a team player that committed and have great passion for football. Basically Ramli could be the best goal keeper, defender, midfielder or even the best striker. But most importantly the most talented player. I think RAMLI 2 going to be this cute small built boy but with the biggest dream to the hall of fame.

Haih..Honestly, I was so excited and my enthusiasm level was higher than the tallest mountain about going for the audition until when they decided to search for a boy instead of a girl. So to soothe my disappointment, I decide to show them what I got. Check out the video below: 

Unfortunately my application was rejected but I bet you didn't expect that right? hehehe. Anyway moving forward..

3) WHERE is Ramli 2?
The location for auditions are stated as below :
Stadium Mini Jitra  
1st– 3rd Feb    
Padang Majlis Perbandaran Taiping
16th - 18th Feb  
Stadium Mini Manjung   
23rd - 25th Feb   
Padang Kelab Kilat TNB 
2nd - 4th March   
Kompleks Belia & Sukan Kuantan
9th - 11 March
Kompleks Sukan Gong Badak 
15th - 17th March
Padang Mawar, Pasir Gudang, Johor
23rd - 25th March     
Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV
5th – 7th April      
Kuala Lumpur
Padang Victoria Institution
20th  – 22nd April  
Stadium Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
27th - 29th April        
Stadium Hang Tuah
11th - 13th May      
Padang B Petrajaya Kuching
18th -20th May

The hopeful that came for the audition
NO pain no gain
Sweat, triumph and determination
show them the skills
Do it for your country, do it for your name and the world gonna know your name! Be a champion! -Hall of fame!!!! 

4) WHY Ramli 2?
Because they want to create more RAMLI. its like our RAMLY burger with local touch that after sought even after all the fastfood chain mushrooming  c'mon we still crave for that particular Ramly burger coz at the end of the day, its still taste the best with a twist, right? And they need someone to accompany this winners from Season 1.
The lucky devil RAMLI
Manchester United Soccer Schools
another lucky RAMLI..syokness!

5) HOW to be Ramli 2?
Do you have the burning passion towards football? Is your motto in life are eat, sleep and play football? If you could dribble, juggle,  banana kick, scoring the most sway goals, sombrero, step overs or even spinning the football, then I suggest you or someone you know to attend the audition to be the next RAMLI.

I am not only a football fan (particularly  Manchester United) that burn the midnight oil to watch their matches in the wee hours but I consider myself as a self-taught Manchester United football players wannabe. Old Trafford certainly has been in my bucket list so I would like to think that this blogpost is certainly the stairway for me to score a trip to OLD TRAFFORD nevertheless! If only i fit the criteria of a RAMLI, i definitely would have go for the auditions..heeheee 
Give way peeps, I am heading to Old Trafford soon!
For more info on Mencari Ramli 2, you may check out the following channels:
Twitter : @TeamMsia

Who knows they might be some great announcement to all of you out there. Do check out ya coz later dont come running to me asking why I didnt tell ya!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

iProperty-RM10,000 cash to be won!!!

Did the title above just increase your enthusiasm? further, you might just win yourself cash RM10,000 or other exciting THIS LINK  guys!!

Got a house for sale or property to buy? Visit

The winner will walkaway with RM10,000 to fund their own happily ever after home. Not only that, 10 APPLE TVs are also available to be grabbed. This Happily Ever After campaign is open to all Malaysian above the age of 18. Please submit your entries by 21 June 2013 (before 12 a.m.) and winners will be shortlisted based on number of likes. 20 contestants with the most likes will be selected based on the creativity of their story created. 

And all fairy tales will ends as happily ever after. This is also my chance to pursue my next property! Bring it on!

-Advertorial ~

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hello there! its already June of 2013! time certainly flies so fast when you are having great time. here to more of great time. let's make this JUMBO JUNE a memorable one..till then good night and Live Life Interestingly!
Yes, that was mine. nothing beats self portrait during sunset at Kuta Beach Bali


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