Sunday, September 2, 2012

SONY-Power in Your Pocket

Power In Your Pocket -- what does it means to me? words like this can be significant in my daily life. Like for example a walk in the park, crossing the zebra line, handling clients at the workplace, meetings, people watching while having my meal, observing the surrounding as I move or the journey to unfamiliar places on my travel escapade. I believe great things come in smaller packages and with the genius invention from the people of SONY, the power to snap/making a video/create or even design that very cool ideas of yours are about to be materialized creatively. We capture that with our eyes, mind, body and soul. The power to create anything you want is about the sized of your palm/pocket. Who says you need huge, bulky gadget to make all that happen?

Take SONY Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 for example. A pocket sized DSC-RX100 features the world's first 1.0 type CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.2 megapixels and F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*3.6x optical zoom lens. Its the key to gorgeous, detail-packed images and best of all Full HD movie clips with very low noise. Now I don't even have to start complaining about the light weight that fit easily in my pocket, there is simply unnecessary for me to do so on the quality presentable. This is probably the wait that I have been waiting for. A good quality camera equivalent with a DSLR / camcorder combine only better. And they say at times you need to zip down those pocket full of dreams, coz there when those dreams could fly freely and making it come true magically!  My version that best depicts POwer In Your POcket is captured as below:
POwer in Your POcket
DSC RX-100 just burst with power to realizing a lot of our dreams in a sized of the pocket. While we are at work, travel and have fun to learn the culture, history, ideas, life and even make some extra income from there. :) 

I can now slip it in my pocket/my mini tote bag and as at when i see something that entice me, I just need to take the SONY Cybershot DSC-RX100 out and start creating the magic! 
I can do a lot of things that I LOVE with SONY DSC RX-100
To own DSC RX-100 is like having my 3 favorite characters come to life!!
User friendly control ring of the DSC RX-100 effortlessly adjust camera settings with a jiffy. I can also create few types of picture effect without editing such as Miniature, Toy Camera, HDR painting, water colour or even illustration. With 240g on my pocket, I could create high quality, crisp and detailed images even in low light condition. That pretty huge achievement for a compact camera..infact SONY DSC-RX100 has been voted as BEST PRODUCT (Advanced Compact Camera) 2012-2013  at the EISA Award (European Imaging and Sound Association)
in a nutshell

Being at the top can be pretty awesome!
 I love the outdoor and nature always calm me, that probably one of the reasons how my sanity find inner peace. And since DSC-RX100 has been added in my dream list, to own this beauty is also to own the power to deliver high precision images and refined defocus images. With new WHITE MAGIC technology, I could have constantly clear view even when shooting outdoors. 
self snap while having my blissful holiday like this are something worth waking up for
The DSC RX-100 boasts a massive 1.0-type Exmor CMOS sensor to capture more light and reproduce stunning details with great accuracy. So just shoot and click without spending more time on the compositions to get the right mood. More refined images with BIONZ image processor too. 
with RX-100, creating the mood are as simple as abc. no more complicated handling.
i love to travel and explore those simple little things that captured my hearts, mind, body and soul. like the innocence smile of  kids, hugs of love, colourful flowers, lights in the dark and many more priceless moments can be captured creatively with DSC RX-100. Another passion of mine is to join contests..yes i'm a contest freak..imagine what DSC RX-100 can do for my participation. The only thing I need is a pocket-sized gadget that can do wonder!

Really looking forward for it to be mine so that I could capture those moments and learn as I explore this beauty. I could create awesome video travelogue or even participate in more contests out there. Simply SWEEEET~. So light and genius, I don't have to think twice to let the DSC RX-100 tag along in my journey. 
i found peace with this photo taken at Mount Sapa, Hanoi.
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this is in conjunction with the contest Blog to win the RX-100
waiting for this beauty to be mine!!!


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