Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paper Art-Lenka "The Show"

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Save our Rainforest - Speak Up Malaysia [DiGI]

I was born and bred in a breathtaking land covered with rainforest. And I love the way my parents raised me in an environment where we manage to express our feeling and love with nature freely. Waking up in the morning where the morning mist ooze your bones and spine, bird chirping melodically, the trees dancing so gracefully as the sun illuminates my humble hometown, it was the perfect moment blissfully. My childhood surrounded with much fascination towards camping in the jungle, playing ‘tarzan’ with the tree branches, pulling that tapioca from the root to be boiled and later sprinkle with sugar for tea break delicacies, fishing using bamboo sticks with my late grandma, picnic while enjoying the waterfall, experienced face to face with wild boar, monitor lizards, wild dogs, discovering weird-shaped plants and the list could go on and on. And as my curiosity running wild, I eventually get out from my cocoon and started to explore around other states in Malaysia. That was how my passion for travelling started. But sadly enough, our rainforest are dying through pollution, open burning, illegal hunting of wild and exotic animals. We need to put this entire ‘hurting’ a stop before it’s too late.

Endau Rompin Selai Rainforest.The mesmerizing ray of sunlight penetrating between trees..wah...bliss**Such a beauty

A place where I could finally let go all my worries and piercing my soul with peace and positivity, I hope we could still Save our Rainforest for now and future.

In conjunction with the contest by Digi+Nuffnang on MMS Speak Up Malaysia , I would like to take this opportunity to express it my way. The piece of art that I created are fully from recycle items such as old newspapers/magazines and whateva junkie that I could get from my scrap collections.

I've been a faithful Digi user since dad bought for me my first handphone. No turning back. I WILL FOLLOW U. Okay, let's get into the project..draw a sketch of the tree on a transparent paperPlace it on top of any recycle coloured- hard cover of old magazines/greeting cards. Cut it out using a knife, CAREFULLY. kids-dont try this at all. get an adult to do it. or u may place ur order from me..kekekekePeel it off gentlyYou can even make a 3D pop up card for gifts/campaign or as a hobby like myselfCombine the 2 cut out trees gently voila-now it somewhat look like a tree - 3D version lahit cant stand by itself, so we need to stitch the bottom on to a base. same goes with real tree, they can only grow tall with proper nutrient and solid rootsumthing like this ..get it? since Love is a crucial part of life, I'm placing the "Tree of Love" for my treenow..let me see..we need some voice to the signature logo of nuffnang should be great
Fit all those together ..oppss..not complete without any taglineSo, with great reception from Digi combine with a platform for expression by Nuffnang, hopefully the 'Tree of Love' will be protected and well reserved. [SAVE OUR RAINFOREST]

And don’t forget that we need our Rainforest in order to survive in this heinous world of destruction and development. Most of the flora and fauna are in the brink of extinction as their habitats are destroyed within split seconds. We certainly do not want our next generation to not know what is like to feel the ray of sunlight in between the standing trees at the deep jungle, the fresh and cool air while jungle trekking, the music of the jungle and what mysteries lies beneath of our Malaysian Rainforest. One example, it’s the haze and rising temperature especially around hustle and bustle city like Kuala Lumpur.

You may ask so how do we save our Rainforest? First, we can organize a trip to our beautiful RAINFOREST and indulge ourselves with the activities such as camping, cleaning and helping non-profit organisation on community services. Go green, plant more trees, stop / report any open burning, using recycle items for environment friendly so that they dont cut our trees for 1 matchbox stick. Dont go wild hunting for exotic animals and plants that in the brink of extinction. All this are useless, unless we start to get it going. So if you are thinking of lighting up another cigarette, stop at once. Start thinking about all the fascinating beauty of mother nature could offer and imagine breathing the fresh cool air..aaahhhh.

The illustrations of the unique world of Malaysia Rainforest are simply indescribable. So save it before all this are just left as piece of art for the next generation to smell, feel, touch or even see.

we dont want that to happen, dont we?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Solid 3

pic taken during sunset at Kapas Island.

This morning fill with memories,
from sadness to happiness,
the things that i use to love and miss,
Everything happen for a darn good reasons.

Its exhilarating being da' BIG 3,
standing proud as a big tree,
nope it doesn't make me weak on the knee,
after all the lil DeviL is still exist in me..
~15 July 2009~

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Unrequited Heart

The end is near, while im facing my triumph moment,
it wasnt something i could bear, but this feeling of resentment,
folding me alive, as if im a non-existent.

Judgement never fail to be fair,
But i have my own flaws,
And i aint going to burst it on air,
Coz if i do, u may start to see my claws.
And things can just go nasty as a never ending war.
Let the unrequited heart find its healing
coz its not an option to be me....


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