Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wanna Win A handphone?

Wanna Win A handphone? Well read on..

Hey! GoMobile is rolling again and they are back with their contest of 2009! They are giving out a FREE phone again! Yep, no kidding! The Motorola W209 Phone is up for grab!!! dont fret if its already september, if 2009 have not end, then u might still have the chance to own one.

What Should i Do? u may ask..

All you have to do is register yourself as GoMobile Clique member and copy the badge (as below) from http://www.gomobile.my/ and paste it in your website or blog. Link them up! Spread the word! the more the merrier..:)
Drop them a note at their Facebook page or by email: info_at_gomobile_dot_my when you’ve done so. The GoMobile team will go on its cyber rounds and one lucky winner will be selected randomly.(please spot me..me...me...kekekeke). Not to worry if they don’t spot you, there will be lots of prizes every month until GoMobile 2009 which will be held at KL Convention Centre from 23-25 october 2009. Now go and win yourself a Motorola W209 phone! Good luck!

and oh ya see u at KL Convention Centre from 23-25 october 2009.

GoMobile badge

Monday, September 7, 2009

Light up My Monday Blues

Handover me some tissues,
Enough of drama and issues,
Hey cute little cupcakes,
Please light up my monday blues.


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