Monday, December 31, 2012

Selangor, bring it on!

To sum up a write up about myself within 500 words can be quite a challenging task. I think it is probably tougher than the wake boarding or bungy jump or even gulping that awful shake of blended goat's brain and fermented tofu plus shrimp paste in one of the Fear Factor Malaysia episode I've entered few years back. Having said that I am certainly up for the MSS 2013 or also known as My Selangor Story. 

Travelling has always been an indescribable fascination of mine. Not only it has taught me a lot of valuable lessons throughout the journey but also raise my curiosity one step higher. And I get pretty excited each time I encounter different culture, tradition, art and the beauty of life. I am certainly fortunate to be able to feel the great vibe especially around mother nature. And how this places sometime open up my mind and soul almost effortlessly. To be honest, actually we don't have to go that far to discover new things. Take Selangor for instance, I didn't know there were so much it got to offer until I went for their Tourism Selangor Day Out (TSDayOut). It was an eye opener and most importantly the unforgettable memories with new discoveries while sharing it with lots of new found friends that same the share passion.

Jolly good fun ride during one of the TSDay out. Its in Melawati Hill, Selangor
I love life and certainly believe in living my life as interesting as possible. That includes putting my nose into some adventure by joining contests and competition. I love to outdo myself and in the process if i need to make the fool out of myself...well be long it doesn't do any harm to others, game on! its certainly nice to be goofy and having fun at the same time. 

Can't wait for what MSS2013 got to offer as I have learnt so much about Selangor, still learning and will always keep learning. The  friendly crew and members of Tourism Selangor are helpful and accommodating. They ensure our safety are taken care off beside having fun and keeping our stomach happy :) 

There are so many great ideas that I have in mind if I am being selected as one of the participants for MSS 2013. So watch out for more of my 'bragging' and showing off of our beautiful Selangor  through blogging, video, twitter or even instagram next year. Ohh la laa simply can't wait to let my 'katak biru' unleash the guts to try on their many activities soon!

Till then, wishing everyone a very happy and blessed New Year 2013. Let's make 2013 as interesting as possible. Rock on!!


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