Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crocs Xmas Warehouse Sale

Boys and girls, ladies and gentleman..brace yourself...because the CROCS X'mas Warehouse sale is back!!!! many have asked me when would the next CROCS warehouse sale..well..here you are. In conjunction with the seasons to be merry, CROCS is organizing the X'mas Warehouse sale which would be from 2nd - 5th December 2010...yup you heard that right...just another 2 more days. Block your calendar and get that Crocs that you have always wanted or envy to have. Coz when the CROCS warehouse is back , all you could here is the sound of tik tok tik tok...Date : 2nd December 2010 - 5th December 2010
Venue : 2nd Floor, Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya

Time : 10am to 7pm (break time= 2pm-3pm)
Prices range from RM30 to RM100 only!

orait for those who have not been to any of Crocs warehouse sale, just so you know,
Prepared for :-
~ great discount up to 70% off,
~ some cash/debit card/credit card
~ long queue so come early to avoid the traffic
~ some mental & physical dosage to prevent from getting disappointed if they run out your favorite models or sizes as it normally sold like HOT cakes..hrmmm...even HOTTER! :P

Let me introduce the Star Products that might entice you..Here are 2 of the sneak peak for your eyes only.

Retail Price: RM 129
WareHouse Price: RM 80

Crocband Nation Australia
Retail Price: RM 179
WareHouse Price: RM 90For more info or updates about Crocs, please check out their:
Website : www.crocs.com.my
Facebook : www.facebook.com/crocsmalaysia
Twitter : @CrocsMalaysia

You don't wanna miss this so have fun at the Crocs warehouse sale and see you there!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI

Aaaahhh..drool... look yummy right? plenty of rice, mutton curry,chicken sambal and varuval,boiled eggs, vegie...well..i have been eating banana leaf rice quite frequently..tempting eh?
but this drooling photo of the food might not be the healthiest staple for the body
so i wanna try something new to eat..

With the new introduction of 10 iconic Dome classic, there are plenty of food variety that i could choose from. And on top of that, the calories intake will definitely be lesser than the picture above.
oh well..let me just be frank:
"I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI!"

Click here if you want it too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crocs in The Peter Pan Musical?

Ohaiyo...remember the scene where Captain Hook almost lost his life to a crocodile? Hehee..but not to worry, this time, my favorite brand of footwear, CROCS is among one of the official sponsors for the Peter Pan The Musical happening from 26 November 2010 until 2 January 2011. First ever Musical at Sunway Lagoon now that is an achievement. Kudos!

As I mentioned in my previous BLOG about their MEGA SALES are back, well this will be a chance for you to receive discounted rate of the tickets. School holidays has started, Christmas is coming and NEW Year 2011 is approaching…so if you have any young ones or young at heart yourself, grab this opportunity to watch a magical musical all hail from London West End.

So how and what I need to do?

Buy any pair of Crocs at Crocs Sunway Pyramid and receive one (1) complimentary ticket for RM1 only. Get the second, third, fourth ticket at RM25 each only! While stocks last! Limited to 100 tickets only!

When is the ticket's screening time?

19th December 2010 (SUNDAY) at 530pm , Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

Hrmmm..interesting but When does that above promo start?

Infact it has started since 20 November 2010 until while stocks last ….so head to Crocs Sunway Pyramid now

You may also want to check out their website, join their Facebook fanpage and Twitter for more updates and interesting line up.

a)Website: www.crocs.com.my (you may do online purchase and its free shipping!)

b) FB: www.facebook.com/crocsmalaysia

c) Twitter: www.twitter.com/crocsmalaysia (@crocsmalaysia)

d) Crocs Concept Store locations: Crocs Mid Valley, Crocs Ikano, Crocs Sunway Pyramid, Crocs The Mines, Crocs Aeon Tebrau City JB, Crocs Mahkota Parade Melaka, Crocs East Coast Mall Kuantan, Crocs 1Borneo and this week we are opening Crocs Farenheit88!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Behind The Scene - Peter Pan The Musical

19 November 2010 Thanks to AllMalaysian Bloggers Project(AMBP) as i was given the privilege with 19 others selected bloggers for the Behind The Scene (BTS) of the First ever Musical at Sunway Lagoon..woots..its Peter Pan The Musical.
So last Saturday at 3pm, all 20 of us were there to witness the theatrical production at the Amphitheatre@ Sunway Lagoon. Peter Pan The Musical will be staged at Sunway Lagoon from 26 November 2010 until 2 January 2011.

We were greeted by the CEO of Sunway Lagoon, Mr Aaron Soo, who were not only expressive but was also highly anticipated with the London West End theatre professionals. They are accompanied by the boundless talent of the ensemble cast and dancers who are no strangers to productions from Disney and West End. Peter Pan is the heart warming story of a boy that never grows up, i believe the magic of Peter Pan lies beneath in each and every one of us. I grew up watching Disney cartoons and I am still amazed by the wonderful fantasy stories with happily ever after ending. It gives everyone hopes and to be optimistic in life. To be honest, the believe in fairytale is the one that made me want to see and explore the whole wide world in different perspective. Anyway, this musical is Directed Chris Colby and choreographed by David Kort, whom are West End veterans themselves.

“The true essence of the story of Peter Pan is more than just staying young forever. It is about staying true to yourself and having fun. Sunway Lagoon is the perfect venue because it is a place where the young and young at heart come to release their inhibitions, have fun and be themselves.” added Chris.

Then there were short play for us to witness with unique stage sets and props that was designed by Sunway Lagoon’s artiste.I think the whole Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon just went silent the minute Wendy serenading a song. Her voice can easily wipe-out most of the singers out there. Peter Pan too, he is so energetic that you could feel his aura of enthusiasm running around gleefully. i could feel goosebumps..simply cant wait as Peter and Wendy will be literally flying, perhaps some snow comes falling down and whimsical ambience with a yuletide theme.

Captain Hook and Smee..:)

Smee is hereAfter a short play by the principal cast members namely Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Smee, we were given a chance to interview them and also some photo session.
Peter and wendy... candidEveryone is paying attention to Mr AaronCaptain Hook said this is only a wig..thank god. while Chris looked on on the right Wendy was explaining that our Malaysian weather is hot while its freezing now in London
Its Peter Pan!
The main principal cast

Smee and captain hookSmee simply adorable..:)Captain Hook...dont mess with him Peter Pan and Wendy. Both of them are so bubbly and down to earth
With the CEO of Sunway Lagoon, Mr AaronWe were then escorted to The Lighthouse where they served some refreshment. The orange juice simply quench my thirst almost instantly as it was quite hot outside.

Certainly a West End Production of an experience not to be missed. Coz im on my way to Neverland this coming Friday for their Gala Premier. Ooohhh..cant wait.

Get your tickets at
Sunway lagoon (03 5639 0000) www.sunwaylagoon.com
Ticket Charge (03 9222 8811) www.ticketcharge.com.my
AirAsiaRedTix www.airasiaredtix.com.my

And oh yeah..this i must really give credit to Sunway Lagoon. Coz in conjunction with true spirit of giving this Christmas seasons, they has also urged local homes and associations for the underprivileged to approach them, as they will be allocating up to 400 seats for every show. Kudos for this effort. Please spread out so more kids could watch their first musical right here in Sunway Lagoon. Kindly contact Vanessa Tan / Nikki Goh at 03 7710 3288 to find out how local homes and associations can take part in this magical experience.

CROCS Mega sale is BACK!

Another great piece of news for Crocs fans! The Mega Sales is here and we have some great deals for you! Enjoy 20% off with every purchase of RM200 and above 30% off when you buy RM300 or more at your nearest Ccocs Concept Store! You can also purchase selected styles @ 50% off with every regular price item! yup 50% off!Christmas is coming...so this will probably be a great present for your loved one..comforting shoes ...simply love them to bits...

Let's Fly to Japan For FREE!


have i got your attention yet? well...believe me...if you want to receive a VIP treatment for a 7 Days 5 nights Tokyo Trip..then come check it out..this might be your one and only chance of a lifetime to earn it..the best part of it, its a trip for 2..so you can bring along someone to be your "photographer" Lol...Tokyo is a MUST visit country for everyone..the velocity city are driven with top notch culture and eye-opener awareness. If you always longing to visit Japan, or you just can't get enuff of the taste of Japan.. well..come click the link below and get started.

Check out Sylistic’s travelogue today to win yourself a 7 days 5 night VIP Tokyo Trip for 2 !

Dont come telling me that i didnt inform you guyz... Hurry up coz you need to enter by 10 December 2010 , 11:59 PM GMT +8 !!! So waste no time ya'll coz Japan..simple an endless discovery! Good luck!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Social Network

Thanks to TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd and The Social Club KL, i won 2 passes for the Special Screening of THE SOCIAL NETWORK. It's already so cool to watch the movie way ahead of others since it will be only available in Malaysia cinemas from 2 December 2010 onwards, its even cooler to watch this movie that grips my cerebrum with the fastest speaking dude, twisted, busted, smartest taste of inspiration. I don't want to be a spoiler but i'll rate 9.5/10 and its certainly an eye-opener. Money is something but not everything. Dream Big people..so keep on dreaming..:P

i've discover a lot of things too from the movie. Ahh..u gotta watch it to find out.

There were also a contest where you got to pose the most wackiest, sexiest, nerd creatively and chance to win a laptop. I just joined in for fun..B was elated to join as well. so let's wait for the result next month.This was organized by P1 Buddy.hahaha

It was certainly an inspiring movie with a little sense of humor. Thanks also for the popcorn and coke. A good treat upon touch down from Japan..

Red Ribbon Under the Sea Contest win Fuji Underwater Camera now!!!

Wow...contest from RED RIBBON and stand a chance to win a Fuji Underwater Camera..dont play play ...

1. Write an entry regarding this giveaway title : "Red Ribbon Under the Sea Contest win Fuji Underwater Camera now!!!"
2. Include the banner above and also the small banner for your sidebox, and link to this post.
3. Put Red Ribbon Boutique and Blog in your blogroll to make it easier for you to get update news from us.
4. What are NOT A MUST TO DO : like the post (FB like button), tag some friends, follow us, etc

Alright..I have done all the above ..now is the ultimate write up..hrmmm..i wanna try something different..let me blog in B.M. instead heheheehe

Buat sejarah sikit hari ini..sebab buat pertama kalinya saya cuba buat entri dalam B.M selama hampir 2 tahun saya berada dalam arena memblogging...chewah...minta maaf kalau ada yang tersinggung sebab tak paham apa yang akan saya merapu dalam masa beberapa saat selepas ini.

okay..Saya seorang kaki 'outdoor', yang suka mengembara dan meneroka hidupan luar tak kira lah samaada di kawasan pergunungan mahu pun bersantai di kawasan pantai. Kalau setakat daki gunung/bukit, nak bergambar..takde hal sebab kamera biasa atau ciput pun jadilah. Tapi kalau kat pantai/sungai/tempat berair..ini yang payah ni. Kalau kamera terkena air, mahu rosak lah jadinya. kan best kalau ada kamera underwater..(kenyit mata kat Ms Red Ribbon..huhuhu)..

Yelah..macam gambar sebelum ni..steady je atas air, gambar "tersungkur" dalam air, oppsss...haih nasib baik ada lifejacket. tapi nak tangkap gambar ikan ikan comel dalam air, setakat imbas melalui mata kasar je lah yea..kamera saya tidak boleh dicelup dalam air, nanti tamat tempoh hayat sebelum sampai waktunya..:P

Sebenarnya dah lama jugak saya impikan untuk memiliki sebuah kamera kalis air tapi belum ada rezeki untuk memilikinya lagi..so join contest ni, mana tahu ada tuah, kan? Pulau impianku adalah Pulau Maldives..terkenal dengan kehidupan laut serta keindahan alam sekelilingnya. Jika tiada aral menghalang, diharap pertengahan tahun depan akan termakbul impianku ini..Jadi tatkala saya merenung jauh sambil menikmati keindahan bumi ini, teringin juga nak menyelam dalam air dan menikmati keajaiban dunia sana. Pasti indah kan?

macam si mamat kat gambar ni, best je dengan baju diving dia yang kaler ceria tu..
Sekali sekala boleh buat minit mesyuarat, pasti aman serta dapat menumpukan konsentrasi sepenuhnya....kekekeke selain itu, sebab saya nak tahu juga, macam mana kehidupan dalam air..betul ada spongebob ke? :P
sungguh teruja ..terumbu karang, ikan berwarna warni, penyu...macam macam adaaatidak lupa juga, saya memang berminat barangan Fuji..sebab lil Bubu (kamera kecik kesayangan saya) jenama Fuji juga. dan saya baru balik dari Jepun..sempat ambik gambar Gunung Fuji dari Stesen 5 (aras pertengahan). dapat cam tak? kalau dari jauh, nampak lain..ini dak kira dekat dah ni..tu lah pasal lain macam sikit...tapi bersalji kat atas tu..ahaks.. Hrmmm..moga impian saya tercapai untuk memiliki Fuji underwater camera...
Sekian, Terima kasih diucapkan kepada Red Ribbon Boutique and Blog kerana menganjurkan peraduan ni..best best...:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peter Pan The Musical

When I received an email notification about The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) collaborating with Sunway Lagoon for Peter Pan the Musical: ‘Discovering Neverland’, i was still in Japan and boy i was excited!! infact it was my childhood dream to finally visit Disneyland Japan and took the the Peter Pan's Flight ride.the queue was almost 1 hour but that doesnt deter our enthusiasm to be there.
Weeeeeee...im in Disneyland, Japan!!!!
The flying ride..so awesome Awww...so sweetWell, if you are one of the souls who smiles each time the word Peter Pan are raised up and you watched the animated or even the movie by Robbie William, then you might not wanna miss this. all you have to do to score yourself free passes for their musical is to log in their website at http://allmalaysia.info/ambp/contest/peterpan/registration.asp and if you are blogger..just blog and send in your link.

You may choose to :
- Do a ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ coverage of the show on Nov 20.
If you're selected for this, you are guaranteed a place for the musical.

- Attend The Grand Premiere of Peter Pan the Musical on Nov 26

-Attend the second Screening of Peter Pan the Musical on Nov 27

- Bring along a friend. (yes you can bring along a friend. how cool is that?)

So what are you waiting for, come join the fun and you may check out more info about their production HERE

Saturday, November 13, 2010

konichiwa Kyoto!

hait..2nd day while i am still in Japan, i started to miss Osaka already especially Universal Studio. alright, today 12/11/10, we went to Kyoto that was about 3 hours drive from Osaka. Went and visited the Kiyomizu Temple, founded in 798 AD, the temple is dedicated to Juichi-me, and the 11 headed Kannon (Goddess of Mercy). The main hall is the major attraction due to its broad wooden veranda which is just out over a wooded canyon.

autumn is here!

so serene

kawaii ladies clad in their kimono

let's try green tea ice cream..weather was about 14 celcius..a bit bitter after taste for me but still a must try here

nice temple


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