Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

What Does the World mean to you?
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Orait, let me get this thing straight. I always wonder whether the Nostradamus prediction on our World is coming to an end or was it just a frightening theory. Anyway, the sign are everywhere. Earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption, typhoon, global warming, hurricane and the list of catastrophe that threaten our beloved Earth seem endless. Well, personally I feel it started because us human are becoming selfish than ever. We are not protecting her or even bother to appreciate what Mother Nature got to offer. This is real a sad case. Does anyone really bother to love our precious WORLD? That includes me too…bluekkk… Not everyone is perfect okay. I wish i could keep our world safely from all this damaging process.
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Looking back, when I was a child and seem not to understand many things at that time, my curiosity always keep me asking to myself. So basically all the 4 W and 1 H keep running in mind like a guinea pig just ate some ecstasy pills. In case you are wondering what on earth is W and H. Well, the W refers to Why, who, what, when and the H refers as How…duh? So, back track..I was always fascinated with the gift of life – The World especially the nature, places, culture, food, music and the people. As I grew older, I started to feel the urge of doing something back for a greener world by first changing MYSELF.
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That where I started to recycle items, do not waste my food, save the electricity, water, and most importantly watch on the items that I buy or wear. I am not THAT type of girl who fancies designer wears, bags or even watches. For me it’s a big waste of money, I rather use that to travel and gain priceless experience and knowledge as well as broaden my horizon and passion enthusiastically. And since I love the world too much, it’s always a great excuse for my foot to step into each region or country all around.

Speaking of that, I am glad that Sloggi has introduced LOVE WORLD LOVE SLOGGI campaign, a brand new eco-friendly range where lingerie is made out of recycled materials. How supercool is that? Not only Sloggi is well known for its comfort and perfect fit ability but it actually saving our environment effortlessly too. And I am a proud owner of its product too since 15 years ago especially the sporty ones. ~blush~.

So what I love about Sloggi, you may ask? Blow me away, but here are some of the facts that might entice YOU readers out there too. In case you still don’t know, read the following details with care:

1) sloggi Art For Humanity 08
A Charity Event with Malaysian Nature Society, Inter-College Body Painting Competition & The Hottest sloggi Fashion Show In Town!Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, It was a charity beach party celebrating Fashion, Art, Music and Love all under one roof to support the green causes by Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).
2) sloggi Vita
sloggi Vita has a special feature whereby each piece is infused with "nutritional value and skin care". A special feature: A Major Benefits of Vitamin E1. As an antioxidant, for skincare and anti-ageing. Awesome right?
3) sloggi PureBodyWear
In sloggi’s blue universe, broaden your horizons and find true solitude and peace; just as reflected in sloggi’s design and theme that gives you complete freedom and comfort. Be a trendsetter, not a follower: assert yourself, exude energy and optimism, you’ll never have to take no for an answer when you’re wearing sloggi!

Sloggi makes your Hips Hot too ...haha...Asta lavista baby!

Did you know that Sloggi has been with us since 1979?..yup like 30 years ago..the same year I was born..yeay…HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY SLOGGI! so Sloggi and me are buddies that was destined to meet in 1995. When, in 1979, sloggi came onto the market with new briefs that were especially kind to the skin and comfortable to wear, this type of underwear was the first of its kind in the world. The briefs, in an innovative cotton-Lycra material, were both elastic but also able to keep their shape, without the firm shaping and confining attributes of so-called “corsetry”. That was the first “Cotton Revolution”, with which sloggi created a sensation in the underwear market 30 years ago. Ooo la la..Check out the trendsetter below:
Simply in love with Sloggi latest product. And since I love both Sloggi and our World to bits, I would like to carry on my passion by travelling all around the world until the last day of my life on Earth. You see, I simply love the World because it’s unique blend with simply so many things that I could not only see, hear, smell or even taste but to feel the vibrations as the heartbeat of my soul. The beauty of life in this World could offer is simply endless. So it's always fascinating to embark on a journey of exploration. I only started to travel oversea in 2005 (well I wasn’t fortunate like some rich kids that have solid financial benefactor). That was when I won on a slogan contest and the rest like they say it was history. Since Sloggi have their timeline achievement, I think it's okay for me to brag about mine as well..LOL.

Say what you may whether I am lucky or it is unfair, but I know how hard I put my effort, time, heart, and soul into this crazy passion of mine. Nevertheless, the fond memories of all this are here to stay. And darn right, I went through difficult time too that I think some how or rather teaches me valuable lessons money can’t buy. Fuh! it was like a roller coaster ride, exhilaration and crazy but u wish it will stop for a while before taking the next ride again..

But all this would not be happening without the people that I love around me that include my dearest family, baboon and friends. It keeps me grounded but sometime once in a while, I just have to be slightly higher like a ‘tupai’ or squirrel..hanging out on a tree and having a snack is simply peaceful and inspiring. ahaks..i love sitting on a tree..relaxing sambil goyang kaki..hahaha

i have to give credit to B for taking this picture..thanks baboon..kekekeke

Not forgetting the beautiful sunrise or even sunset that touches my heart with its amazing ooze of colors in the sky. And how could I forget the feeling of being at the peak of a mountain..Simply breathtaking and I will be crazy without this Wonders of the World! Aaahhhhhh…..self satisfaction.

over the edge..bleukk

Let’s check out a video on some of the things I love about the World! i wish i could put in more but the size will be getting bigger and i dont think it's good for the environment. :)

Knowing that I actually manage to compile all these pieces of memories into a photo/video blog, credit should be given to Nuffnang as well. Or else it will be still kept in CD, thumbdrive, memory card or even hidden inside my photo album..i think I need to start digging more of it under my bed...A blogging contest organized by Sloggi and Nuffnang is going on till 30th April 2010. You may check it out here.Winning that RM2,000+ Sloggi products worth RM 135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM 50 will be a bonus as i plan to pledge it for my next Green Effort campaign.

Till then, waving off adios amigos..


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