Friday, August 31, 2012

Learn to Dive-Downbelow

Orait's the deal..ever thought of diving at Downbelow for FREE? yup.. you heard that right. just head on to their blog and start doing your magic..who knows you might just snag that awesome prize and making one of your dreams come true! If you are a true adventurous outdoor person with a knack of all things curious then this is definitely one of the contests you should not missed.

Synonym to my nickname -Lil'Devil, I love to try dangerous  outdoor stuff and escape myself into a world of my own especially communicating with mother nature. To be honest, I cant swim and I'm Aquaphobia..gulp..but that doesn't keep me away from trying all the fun watersports that I could think off such as parasailing, jet-ski, snorkeling, wakeboarding, water rafting etc. However, sad to admit that I have not try diving yet..maybe the fear of being down below..:P
i love to lead my life as interesting as possible!
But deep down I've always wonder what is like in the world it going to be scary, pitch dark with no sense of communications..and do sea-ghost really exist?? or perhaps I could meet my most cheerful buddy--the spongebob and the list could go on and on. 
The fact that I have not been to Sabah just increase my curiosity level one step higher. Sabah, the land below the wind as how it is affectionately known is indeed filled with virgin jungles and untouched islands. Such amazing and beautiful islands waiting to be discovered. 

Speaking of which, I'm attracted to one of the package offer by DOWNBELOW - the PADI Open water Scuba Diving Course
Since it is going to be my first try, why not try it with one of the best team that not only has been working hard but also promoting its marine conservation-this i like!!. Being awarded the status of PADI 5 Star instructor Development centre 2009 is something they should be proud of as pushing them to the highest level in professional diver training. Kudos guyz! 

Orait what unique about this course is that they have their own very quiet lagoon and a very special house reef with lots of marine life. Now that enticing! Cost are also pretty affordable from  RM1,320 (3-4days duration) and you could expect maximum depth of 18 metres, equipment rental, guide/instruction, required learning materials,boat/hotel transfers and certification fees.Well it pretty much cover everything that we need, the only thing we need to bring is positive mindset, fun attitude, FIT to dive and probably some spare clothes to change thereafter. heheehe

What i like about Downbelow is that they are well trained with resident PADI course director with fully equipped facilities and not forgetting in their very own ideally location at Pulau Gaya. Such a 5 star dive centre that just 10 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu, its a just a breeze away for a magical discoveries down below. so no more wasting time on the road, we will be in the water in a jiffy. I am definitely looking forward to try for my first dive with Downbelow..(fingers crossed!)
this is the deepest i could am i fit to go for a dive??
Imagine if i could do this 
pic source from Google
Aggrhhh been longing to witness with my very own eyes what the world beneath the ocean lies. Even though i must admit the fear of being underwater is still exist in me, I'm sure Downbelow will tackle all my worries. With few awards under their belt, experienced instructors and high standard of safety ensure they are professionally maintained and serviced. Really do hope I could be one of the lucky ones to experience it myself one fine day! pick me call me maybe? (hahaha i cant resist)

Being underwater doesn't mean they are off from social media network. They are pretty much everywhere FACEBOOK, BLOG and even TWITTER. so easy peasy!

You may contact them personally for more great diving courses at:
PADI 5* IDC SCUBA Dive Training Centre
Pulau Gaya / Gaya Island
Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park
Kota Kinabalu 88100
Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
Hotline 1: +60 12 866 1935
Hotline 2: +60 12 867 7375

And yeah you have till 31/8/12 before midnite strike to join this contest. so quick before Cinderella have to walk home without those flippers..huhuhu...


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