Monday, August 30, 2010


Love yourself. Go and get a new pair of original crocs that not only wont bite your feet but now it comes with so many amazing yet distinctive design.

Expensive? Dont fret, CROCS Warehouse sale is BACK with a purpose. Own one with a minimum of RM30 per pair.

Excited? So come over at Ikano Level 2, from 2-5 September 2010 (10am-10pm)

Check out the video below ..BUY ORIGINAL lah babe, wearing heels all the time will affect your joints and back in the go & get a comfy shoes for yourself....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sudah potong?

Ahem Ahem, finally the result for the twitpic contest was announced. And wohooooo..oh yeah... im one of the lucky winners. I guessed putting some extra effort does get rewarded handsomely..:P THANk YOU P1 W1max!!!.received a call from them for an invite to attend a simple prize giving from P1 W1Max Chief Operating Offier (COO) himself, En Idham Nawawi. so went to GreenPacket building during my lunch hour to collect my netbook. I still didnt know what brand of netbook would i be getting. surprises is nice.
The helpful management of P1 were helping us to fill up the registration form for the broadbandFresh from the box...aaahhh...nice smell...i like it!Receiving my netbook from En Idham Nawawi (Chief Operating Officer). The winners, Lil Devil, Mabel and Jesmie with En Idham Group pic with the helpful staff, Alvin & Cynthia. center are Mabel, Lil Devil, Jesmie
This brand new MSI U135 netbook is really cool. with built in fan, i definately dont hv to worry if its get overheated. generally i feel that this netbook is lighter than other type. So making it a convenient whenever i wish to travel. On top of that, P1W1 was kind enuff to actually give us 1 month free usage of their 4G Broadband READY in the given laptop. You heard me right, no external usb modem bulging out form the netbook while u browse the net. Neat eh? Boy i was delighted,coz for the record, i have never sign up with any broadband before (psss...sometimes i received unsecured wireless..hahaha...freeloader). so imagine with this came along, i probably will be online even during the nights /weekends searching for CONTEST! hahaha. I must admit, the line are pretty good as im staying at the 14th floor. And most probably i will continue with P1W1 after that 1 month duration. its only RM49 per month. So sudah potong ke?
Join them at FACEBOOK and TWITTER..who knows you might be the next lucky winner. Btw, there are plenty promotion updated, so add them now.

Twit-A-PIC contest

i think probably this is my 2nd twitpic contest that ive join. TWIT-A-PIC contest

My so called most creative use of laptop/netbook picture are as below. As i hold my breath, my rusty pilates/indian classical dance-bharatanatyam that i've learned before are put to good use. i could hear my back crack a little. Ahaks.

So the question is, did i win?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Simple Tips in Life

Aaaaahhh...sound SIMPLE, right? well..not quite...i've been participating their weekly contests in Facebook of which 1 winner will walk away with RM200 for best tips. But i failed miserably, so i continue joining to aim for their Grand contest giveaway instead. First i was thinking of just sending a photo, then i got 'brain freeze' on how and what to include in.

So just few days before the contest ends, (procrastination has been my worst friend), exactly at 11pm on 29 July2010, suddenly i was inspired. You know the strange feeling and thoughts that keep running at the back of your mind while u r smirking to yourself? well, mayb it was just me. So i took out my recycle bag filled with all those pieces of some might say piece of trash. And as i was drawing, cutting, colouring and finally finishing that 3D pop art card pasted onto an old chinese new year card from my associates, the time is ticking so quickly. Gulp. It was already 3.00am.

Finally, with my trusted Lil Bubu, a tripod, my lappie and all those pieces of my so called masterpieces was placed in their designated spots for a musical broadway. Ahaks..Action take 1, opps...the water spilled..Take 2...oppsss..i forgot my spongebob..Deep breath with my sleepy eyes not helping, i try for Take 3...Done.. And this is my video entry that ive created. finally finished at 4am..

dont laugh or sigh..i know it might not be an HD or poor audio quality or the whole thing. I need to start learning how to edit a video..:P Lil Bubu is an old Fujifilm digital camera that i won from Astro Hunt contest at Genting few years ago. Anyway im glad that my simple tips in life video finally earned me the Grand prize of RM1k.!! wohooo...Thank you Simple Skincare and DJ Serena C for appreciating my video..

Feel free to add Simple Skincare at Facebook and Twitter. You never know what other exciting line up is coming. Beside that you may also feel free to ask for tips on skincare, their prompt reply will keep you at ease..

Monday, August 23, 2010

BioLife - News Feed

extracted from Biolife

Thanks Biolife for the opportunity!Click here for the previous photo shoot.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guilin- Mountains of Serendipity

Destination- = Guilin/Yanshou/Lipu, China
Flight- AirAsia (0 Fare) = RM147 (return, Airport tax=RM67 + Admin fee=RM80)
4D/3N package (MATTA Fair) = [insanely CHEAP] RM290
What does it cover?=Food+Accommodation+tour+access fee+visa+tipping+service charge+Amazing Liu San Jie Show+great friends+serene places+peaceful days..ahaks
When = winter 2010 (January 6 - 9) it's freaking cold.

This is one of the destination that i dont have to do anything, i mean from research, visa application, itinerary, booking or reservation, transportation, food or even accommodation after i paid the amount above. Sounds good to be true, right? But yes, it was. How often do i get this kinda opportunity? not quite but honestly i was a bit skeptical at first. Imagine paying that much amount and getting the fullboard package from MATTA fair, that alone already an unbelievable deal. But i paid RM50 as deposit during MATTA fair and paid the full amount once i got my AA ticket.

I'm amazed how they could squeeze so many things for that price. It was insane. I have prepared myself for the worse before embark my journey there so that my disappointment level will not be a negative if things go wrong. Anyway, i really enjoyed the whole journey (even for a short one), to a majestic place with natural beauty in abundance - i would like to call it as Mountains of Serendipity - a nature wonder = GUILIN, CHINA.

Our tour guide, speaks English, helpful and love to joke around too. Was lucky to join with a group of nice and friendly people in this trip. The hotels we stayed was excellent. hehehe...coz i normally searched for backpackers lodge/guesthouse for my trip. No complain on the food, 8 to 9 delicious dishes on the table for each meals. they fed us well. But i opt for non-pork. :P . The coach brought us to tourist spot attraction around with ease, pick up right in front of the hotel each time. Talk about convenience.
I leave some pictures for your viewing pleasure for now. Will blog about it with details of the itinerary later..
Guilin Airport
I felt like i was sent to a shooting scene from typical Chinese classic drama on tv. Unreal but the mountains surround is simply fascinating. Im a mountains person. so cant help it of the euphoria im drowning into.
The town..little traffic
The hotel lobby. nice chandelier
spacious and clean
Taizi Hotel
Clean bathroom slide the curtain and this is what i saw...OMG.. Moutains and mountains....nice Our first tour to Elephant Trunk cave. can u spot it? this kiddo is simply so cute. beanie hat and winter wear peacock...katy perry's latest inspiration single. either this monkey was so itchy or mayb it was part of his performance routine
pagoda on the hill freaking cold
You may check with the Tour agent if u plan to visit GUILIN with the details as below:
Pelancongan Malinja Sdn Bhd, Lot 2.07-Lot 2.09, 2nd Floor , Shaw Parade, Changkat Thambi Dollah, 51100 KL. Tel: 03-2148 2788
*the package offer might differ from the one that i managed to grab so dont go screaming at them. haha

Friday, August 13, 2010

On the Run Moments - Esso Photo contest

Some thing caught my eyes few months ago while i did my contest hunting. "With a minimum spend of RM10 at any Esso or Mobil service station, you’re entitled to take part in our photo contest and win cash rewards. Just capture the memorable moments with your camera, submit your completed entry form to any participating Esso station and email your photos to It’s that simple!"

The contest link are here .

So on March 27, I went to the nearest Esso Station thinking that it was under Esso Wangsa Maju, but nothing special happening there. Just the usual pam attendants and cars scenario. Hrmm... my plan B was to check out Esso Sri Rampai. Upon reaching there, i saw this huge helium balloon hanging by a rope. Then there are balloons, colourful bunting and displays plus people were swarming the area. Aaaa...i thought to myself.. i just came to the right place and it wasn't a joke after all. :P. So with my Rebel and a little dose of faith and hope, i went to this sweet lady for some enquiries. After purchase some drinks and snacks, i handover the receipt to her and fill up a form. I have no clue what to snap, but as i slowly adapt myself to the new environment, i think im on the right phase. Then came along this school girls (just after their sports training), i requested them to show some happy moments eg jumping or laughing together. Most of them are shy but i managed to snap a few. Then i passed them the drinks and snacks that i bought earlier. I must then submit 3 best photos that depicts the theme by next Monday before 5pm. Was kinda blur and just try my luck so i submitted 3 as follows :

The sweet lady that help a lot of ongoers asking about the contest
3 generations - vintage
Happy kidsFew months later, finally i received a call and i was shocked to know I was the GP winner of that week..Prize ceremony at ExxonMobil with lunch served.
En Farid gave us some explanation on how the photos were chosen. A long process of evaluation and elimination not forgetting of creativity & theme was taken into consideration. 2 of my photos was on the screen (bottom)...weeeeeeWhile waiting for others to arriveaccepting my RM300 worth of Parkson voucher from Ms FaridahAll the weekly GP winners They also gave us a wooven goodie bag. Thank you Esso Mobil!

Great excuse to shop for myself. i hardly shop unless its necessary. So now its probably the right time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tongue in CHic a.k.a TIC has just turned 2. And in return, they are giving away awesome prizes in the whole month of August 2010. Such a darling baby, right?.Click here for more details. I've been reading their blog & also a follower at their FACEBOOK and TWITTER since they were 1. Love the constant fashion updates and also of course the CONTEST..well speaking of contest, just so u know,i joined their 1st day of giveaway contest..hehehe...kiasu right? well the main reason i joined coz i sincerely want to thank them for being a such good sport.. i meant look at all the events/contests that they have been organizing/giving. I know that alone has been causing major stress and taken a lot of the staff off-days. So in return of their hard work and effort, i was thinking of making them a 3D pop art birthday card.Besides, i love making the 3D pop art card as well. And is always nice to share, so let me show u how to make one..

Draw the outline with a transparent paper..use ur imagination. you may draw anything that is symetrical

Then carefully cut out the outline. as for me, i tried to make extra at one go, so i placed 2 soft card under the transparent paper instead of 1.that way i will have 2 card once finish.hehehehe

Then combine the left and right part by fixing the centre piece..kinda tricky at first

Tadaaaaa...done...but also check whether it is foldable

You may also opt to cut the corner of the pieces like an semi circle.Then paste the whole piece onto a recycle coloured card with glue. leave it to dry.

For the cover, you may reuse wrapping paper and paste on it. Alternatively, you may also make a collage. Sky's the be creative

Then, start drawing on the piece of the white 'butterfly' using colour pencils, crayons or water colours or even marker pens.

Once done, try folding the card and see if the 'butterfly' come to life!

Voila..Spread your wings and Fly!

Reading about how they like it, simply made my day too..hehehe. Check it out here Thank you!


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