Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I MAS Travel!

I used to be puzzled with the postcard in the bookstore when I was a kid. Sometimes I wonder whether it was just a painting or creation from humankind coz it doesn’t look real and furthermore it was just way too beautiful! Do these places really exist??

And how I used to envy those people who could afford to travel anyway even a short trip to KL (As I was living in Mentakab (a nice hometown I must add) at that time. Interesting stories to be told, bizarre escapade to be experienced, amazing culture to be known, picturesque places to be seen and the best of all the priceless expression while I gazed myself into the story telling table.

My curiosity level lifted up one step higher each time I hear all this stories (mind you that I have the tendency not to touch the book except textbooks coz I‘m allergic to text..hahaha) Anyway it wasn’t something I'm proud of either. Fairytale, Disney cartoons, National Geographic channel has been my favorite ever since my parents introduced them to me. A fascinating watch with lots of mesmerizing tale of the impossible!.

But there I was back then, looking at my bank account, the scholarship money is only left for books, fees and surviving. 


Deep down inside of me, I kept all those dreams in the corner of my mind for perhaps one fine day I will start to see the world out there like how I always wanted.

So over the years as time flies, finally I came to KL to further my Uni studies. There was also the stepping stone where I started to be independent for the very first time.

The power of mind is indeed the strongest of them all. It started with travelling locally then I own my first passport in 2005. It has become my passion to travel ever since and guess what.. I’ve learned a lot enough to change the way I used to think about life, it boost up my confidence, I might be a late boomer, but I get what I dream..eventually…of course with the full amount of effort, sacrifices, heart and soul. And who says travelling need to cost a bomb? 

I am truly grateful that by travelling, I have the chance to experience a lot of unimaginable things and also witness the beauty of life has to offer and oh yeah the priceless happiness to my soul.  Chill to my spine and bone.. kekeke..

From a bizarre appetite in Manado, Party like a New Yorker, gigantic trees with gigantic historic monument in Angkor Wat, gondola ride at Venice or the bloody race during prehistoric age at Colosseum, Rome, amazing lake Lugano of Switzerland, water rafting and elephant ride at Phuket, peaceful and enchanted Bali, the incredible journey of Mount Sapa, Vietnam and top notch cultural show at Shenzen, the smallest active volcanic mountain at Tagaytay, Philippne, picturesque protruding mountains at Guilin, shopping haven at Bangkok, the museums and iconic building of Eiffel Tower Paris, the red light district of Amsterdam, clean and systematic Singapore, unique species of animals at Perth, everything is big, bold and huge in Dubai, the sulfuric mountain in Taipei, food galore in Hong Kong, everything distinctive & futuristic in Japan that keeps me jaw dropping with astonishment and I could go on and on about our beautiful Malaysia too.I love TREES and i love nature, basically i love the world!

So if you ask me  “What kind of traveler are you?” let me answer that through my simple verse of expression:

A traveler that MAS travel coz that’s my passion,
Shout ‘YAHOO’ at each destination,
Living my life adventurously yet not forgetting the tradition,
Did I forget to tell you that I LOVE competition?
Blogging, photo, video or even story narration 
I’m eager to learn and oh yeah sharing the moments of reflection,
The world is my inspiration,
Where I get to dream and fulfill this burning infatuation
From Party like a New Yorker at the city of realization,
To virgin forest that lack of modernization, 
Life is indeed beautiful as it grips me with anticipation,
Hopefully to South Korea or Cape Town pretty soon, 
You may want me to be your traveling companion,
Coz I am the kind of traveller you are looking for on a lifetime trip of your fascination.

So what are you waiting for, if you want to see more of my spontaneity and adventure, pick me as your next MAS traveller. 

Click this LINK and check it me if you like it :). 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Doraemon & Darth Vader Came Alive

Hrrmmm...i know..3 years late. but late is better than never. I was really looking forward for the Hot Air Balloon fiesta ever since it first started which was 3 years back. But somehow things don't happen as I planned and due to oh well...i leave it blank and let's just put it as in the "10 things goes wrong" list..:P. Then come the 2nd year of this fiesta, I was just not in the mood. But surprisingly, this year, i decided by all means, I must give it a try to witness with my very own eyes and to watch the hot air balloon goes up up and away to the sky while i admiring it getting smaller and smaller mode. here i was..about 7.30 am at Putrajaya. Hrrmm...too early you may ask? But actually i was late as the first 300 tokens has been given out to be exchanged later at 9am for a chance to fly high with RM10 (Adult) or RM5 (child). Anyway I was not that disappointed as to be here alone is already an 'achievement'..kkekekee..ok maybe i was exaggerating..

up up and away
blue skies
Darth Vader ..I am your father...huhuhu
Gone with the wind
frown clown, joker and Doraemon . ..release them please...ahaks
looking this this iconic face already plant smiles on my face
for a minute, i thought a giant Doraemon is attacking the the cartoon series.
looking at this, i blame myself for not purchasing the Groupon paramotoring voucher...huhuhu
stalls..from fastfood to local delight to toys..
yeah im happy...
The crowd started pouring in at 9am where Darth Vader and Doraemon came alive on sequence with their respective soundtrack music was playing. Happy faces around...hehehe...So many stalls were there including fast food to local delight. But i am pleased that finally i was there for the first time..maybe to try the fly high ride next year...we keep that in check okay..  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FREE iPads to be won!

Grab your favorite pair of worth RM150 & above, you’ll be rewarded with an entry form & stand a chance to win an iPAD from Crocs!!Yes an IPAD! So if you have ever dreaming of owning this beauty, quick! Head to any nearest CROCS store and make your dream comes true.
Only from 15 Mar till 15 Apr 2011

photo courtesy of Google search

Good Luck everyone!
Check out their FACEBOOK and TWITTER for more updates.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MEETING FAR EAST MOVEMENT & PARTY like a G6 at Singapore!!! last we finally managed to reach there on time and Singaporean are bunch of punctual lots, so the taxi are waiting to escort us to ..guess where....jeng jeng jeng...MARINA BAY SANDS hotel! All 8 winners from different channels like Zouk, Hitz Fm, Mjuice and UMM itself were delighted .

with Ryan of Hitz.Fm
However, it was a little chaos in the beginning as time is definitely against us that day. But we could see that both Alycia & Michele were trying their level best to get us in for the M&G but the manager of FEM were pretty strict on the time management and that the duration of the interview from Malaysia media were also shorten to few minutes. So while waiting for our cue to be called, we went ‘window shopping’ . every corner are exclusive boutique and we couldn’t stop but to start compare them with our Malaysian Gardens, KLCC, Starhill and KLIA...haaaaa...

Ooo...finally the view of the iconic Marina Bay Sands ..i was so happy that it happens coz the initial plan was to either head to Wave House for the concert & if approved, the M&G session too.
Looks like a whale resting..can you spot those tiny people at the skypark..observation $20 per pax..siao
yes..i was here
the ladies..from left Heidy, Dreamie, me & Karen
little venice in the mall
nice !
Heidy, Dreamie, Tjun, Karen, sarah, Arri, Ruby and I
 We chilled at Fuse for a drink before were called to the Suite at level 53. Imagine the minute we stepped in to the Chairman Suite,...
woots stepping in..
there was a baby grand piano resting peacefully with a view so colourful during the night as the backdrop. was worth the wait! Never could I imagine being here, let alone having the chance to actually see for myself the grand suite that come with their own pantry, mini gym, piano, living hall, huge bedroom and restroom.
the gorgeous view
the huge main area
still waiting..
and discussing as the interview are done in another room
i wanna stay here...
 Well...and it won't be complete for me without using their toilet before going back..LOL. hey how often does we get this kinda of chance, right? imagine paying $17,000 per night !!!!
Anyway, we couldn’t managed to have the M&G session as they were running late to kick off their concert at Wave house, Sentosa Island...few steps from the place we are staying. Still , it was not a big disappointment..coz we still might hv the chance either before & after the concert for the M&G.
So, we took the transfer back to Siloso Beach and as the taxi arrived, we (B, Karen, Jun & I) were stunned. A Chrysler? cool eh? Upon arrival, Michele hand over the tickets and we entered Wave House.
Wave house and the ladies from Blackberry / SingTel
FAR EAST MOVEMENT FREE WIRED TOUR tickets...come with 1 complimentary drink each

at the backstage...waiting to meet the group! woots

Can you see the crowd..this was taken from the back stage..with bursting wave
wohoooo...the major screen

Youngsters were everywhere with their bikini & shorts. Opening act was few upcoming Djs. And then finally, we were asked to be at the backstage...coz we are meeting FEM! at last..shook hands, say hi, photo with them and while i walked my way out, Dj Kev Nesh told me to party hard yeah..and i finished his sentence -- 'like a G6'while i showed the rock handsign followed by laughter from the group..that was memorable. :) :)
Finally...we've made it!!! Super cool guyz
Then the rest of it, like a has been years since my last open beach concert like this. it was crazy when FEM makes their appearance on stage..screaming voices everywhere..we were WIRED! with full bursting of wave at the back of the stage, every little souls out there was having fun like there was no tomorrow.
Oh like a G6

thanks to Rica for bringing us to the VIP area
with heidy and Dreamie

with Vix and Rica (hitz fm Kuching and KK respectively)
Then Rica of Hitz KK invited us to upstairs of WaveHouse and we dance like crazeee...heheeee thanks Rica. Vix of Hitz Kuching was there too. Party over and we were starving. Was searching for nearest food court but this is not Malaysia..all kitchens are closed. Thank God for 7Eleven. Bought noodle cup, drinks, bread and we sat by the bench at Song of the Sea merchandize store for some munching and chatting. 

Btw, incase u were wondering where was Joshua, he was in the room with PSP, food and tv. :P

The next day, woke up early coz we want to chill by the nature-based swimming pool. Tucked in lush green with man made waterfall and the sound of the cicada penetrating the place seems like haven. 
aarrgghhhhhh....i like it here
let's swim
splashhhhhhh..the slide ride was awesome
Rica, Sarah and I

Sharp 12pm, we checked out from Siloso Beach Resort and head to Harbour Centre.Our Aeroline coach scheduled at 2pm. so we have a little more time to have lunch and check out the place perhaps for some souvenirs ..if time permits..:P

As usual, postcard to my lovely family back in Malaysia
with Aqmar, reporter from Kosmo

I would also love to take this opportunity to thank Universal Music Malaysia especially Michelle and Alycia for their great job and concern. It was nice meeting all the other winners as well from Karen, Tjun, Arri, Sarah, Heidy & Dreamie not forgetting Rica & Vix. The trip was short, but i'm sure it will last for long time in our mind..Singapore, we'll be missing you! ahaks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Universal Music Malaysia 'fly us like a G6' to SINGAPORE!!!

Just as reality kicks on what has happened this week (meeting with MEL B & EPF Masters Footballers), received a call on Tuesday night exactly about 10pm.  was puzzled as Michele Ng of Universal Music Malaysia announced that  was the Grand Prize winner for the Far East Movement( FEM) slogan contest from their website. I was the one delighted as I knew by then we are on our way to Singapore for the Wired Tour concert by FEM. So who are they (to some that still haven't heard the song invading all the radio wave "Like a G6"--where have you been??) ?

The Far East Movement is a rapping, songwriting, and music event producing group formed in 2003 in Los Angeles, California, consisting of Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif, and DJ Virman. They put together the first multicultural live music event in Koreatown, LA to benefit a drug rehabilitation center in the their community called "Movementality".These rappers from LA are ready to take on Singapore on their first ever Asia tour! So put your hands up!

Well, back to the call..after some clarifications, we decided to bring Joshua along as it was the school holiday and we almost wanted to buy the tickets to Singapore last Saturday during the MATTA fair. Well...good things happens when we least expected. Wednesday was pretty hectic for both B and Joshua. Passport application & to purchase Aeroline coach ticket that are selling fast as we are scheduled to head to Singapore this Thursday itself at 6am.
I didn’t sleep the night before coz i worried i cant wake up on time and yeah i’m pretty excited too. Ehehehe.So at 530am, we arrived at Corus Hotel, met Michele and Alycia ,the main P-I-C from Universal Music Malaysia (UMM). Really cool staff of UMM. The journey was pleasant as it took about 5 hours with food on board. Seats are comfortable and spacious, seated at the upper deck with lower deck are the ‘lounge’ area. 
The 'lounge' area at the lower deck of Aeroline
So at 11am sharp, we reached at Harbour Front, Centre Singapore. Transferred  by cab and finally we arrived at Sentosa Island. We will be staying at Siloso Beach Resort where it cost about $220 (promotion rate) and $270(peak) for Deluxe Room. The best part was it's fully sponsored by UMM, SingTel & Blackberry which includes Aeroline coach (return) , transfer, accommodation with breakfast, FEM access tickets at Wave House  (Siloso Beach) and maybe..hopefully hv the chance for meet and greet (M&G) session with the 4 members of FEM for 2. It is still under pending for approval. So fingers crossed. Upon check in, it was free and easy till 5pm. 

Siloso Beach Resort (lobby area)
Love the swimming pool from this view..gonna explore them before later
The journey of my travels started with a single step

MERLION--hear it ROarrrr
So without wasting any time, after chucked in our bags in the room, we took the free ride Sentosa express to Universal Studios Singapore (USS)! Anyway USS is slightly smaller than the one we visited in Japan but the colourful candy shop keeps us all in jolly mood. Before that we took this opportunity to check out the Merlion statue that was like more than 15 storeys high. 
Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

US japan - checked, US Singapore- Checked..2 more to go
entrance of USS
oh no
When Candy are out of reach..or was it Sugar High
Hi,,introducing all my friends..melt in ur mouth
Candy..licious..and its loading
oh oh..Jelly Belly ..kekekee
Hrmmm...being bullied..NOT!
The view
Family treat
Beware of candy dropping
After all that, our stomach started to we took the MRT from Vivo City and heading to Little India. We settled for late lunch at Apollo Banana Leaf. Satisfyingly delicious. Then, walking around with a full stomach seems like pinching us to dreamy land as 3 of us looks like sleepyhead walking around there...hahaha. Almost 4pm, so we planned to head back to Sentosa.
Little India
The picture speaks for itself
Yummy with a portion of rice
 I really wanted to go to Marina Bay Sands as its one of the iconic building at this moment in Singapore but due to time constraint, i might have to let go this thought of mine today..perhaps next visit.sigh...

Then  received an sms, stating that they managed to arrange for the meet & greet and that we need to be at the lobby by 430 pm. Gulp..we were rushing like mad cow..oooo...can we make it on time??? stay tune on my next blog post...


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