Friday, April 29, 2011

DJ Bento in the House!

Woots..DJ Bento just PM me at my fb as I got mix up with the name on my previous blogpost about the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party..thousand apologies ..anyway..check out his mix --simply wicked...ROCK it!
Thanks for the Gift, DJ Bento! :)

You may also like his Fanpage at HERE. Talent knows no boundaries.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Brunch at The Prince Hotel and Residence KL

Hi everyone..hope you guyz are having a great Wednesday!

Just want to update about the Easter Brunch that I had at The Prince Hotel and Residence KL last Sunday. All thanks to them as I was one of the winners under their Happy Easter FB contest.  
Anyway, when people mentioned about Easter, does it ever come across you mind what is the real meaning of Easter? Is it all about the cute painted eggs or little Bunny coated in chocolate and colourful candies in between? was more than that, it is actually significance of Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus .
Since its origins, it has been a time of celebration and feasting and many Traditional Easter games and customs developed, such as egg rolling, egg tapping, Pace egging and egg decorating. Today Easter is commercially important, seeing wide sales of greeting cards and confectionery. Even many non-Christians celebrate these aspects of the holiday while eschewing the religious aspects.(Taken from Wikipedia)
So at least now you know. Orait, back to the Easter Brunch, I was at The Prince Hotel at 1155am. Met the friendly Social Media Marketing Executive, Mr Travis Tan to assist me on the registration and handover the voucher before introducing me to the Mandara Spa ladies for a 5 mins shoulder massage counter provided at the side entrance of Eccucino. Cool eh? Some pampering just before the brunch session.
Wine anyone?
The first thing that caught my eyes was the dessert session. It was nicely decorated with easter eggs hanging on an oval shape arch. Pretty creative and colourful that glued many patrons especially kids for some peek. Eccucino also served local dishes like murtabak, satay, chicken curry, noodles while for Western, lasagna, salmon,beef and roasted lamb are served. The buffet lunch is at RM72++ with nice ambiance setting for family gatherings or co-workers luncheon.

so colourful ..nice :)

Pastries, cakes and all thing sweets makes this Brunch even sweeter. :)
I love this...dip the marshmallow into the chocolate fountain...yummy
The huge, crispy skin roasted lamb cook to perfection
Mini chicken burger...delicious
The salmon with chickpeas on the left is a little bit salty but the fish deep with cheong fun sauce is simply heavenly.
Mr Clown was there to entertain the patrons especially kids, but adults got to bring home some balloons too.
Wait for their turn. He was really good at what he does. Out of the blue, you could see love shaped, dog, bear or even a flower
Sushi section was fresh and it cute...
yeah its a chocolate,so i ate them...huhuhuh...and it deliciously sinful...gulp
Ice cream with fruits...nice the yam and chocolate ripple flavour added with strawberry and dragonfruit
There was also a section for kids to display their creativity by painting the easter egg
while some are delighted to get the face painted.
'spiderboy' in the house...heheeh
Just so you know, The Prince Hotel and Residence KL are also the proud official hotel for the famous "Michael Learns To Rock" (MLTR) Live 2011 in Kuala Lumpur..And to some of you that might not know about my recent blog, I actually had a chance to meet one of them, Mr Mikkel Lentz during the may check out HERE for the post. 
While I'm finishing my last piece of blueberry cheese cake, saw few policeman and suddenly a little chaos at the lobby area, you know why..can you spot the chrome Lamborghini car below with the TMJ plate?. That stands for Tengku Mahkota Johor (Royal of Johor). Prince Hotel definitely the right choice for the royalty.
Before leaving, Mr Travis handover this cute little goodie bag that consists of some dining vouchers, candies and chocolate.

Overall it was a nice Easter Brunch and I got the chance to meet one of my blogger friend, Cia Wei too . Thank you The Prince Hotel and Residence KL for your wonderful hospitality. I'm sure to come back again. 

For those who are keen to dine in, this is their address
The Prince Hotel and Residence KL
4, Jalan Conlay, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, 
Tel: +609 2170 8888
Email :

And be sure to add them in Facebook and  Twitter coz there will be exciting contest, announcement and promotions. So be a fan now! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Meeting Mikkel Lentz of MLTR

Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR)..taken from Wikipedia:
Michael Learns to Rock (also known as MLTR) are a Danish pop-soft rock band that performs songs in English. Formed in 1988, the band has sold over 11 million records worldwide, mainly in Asia, and in addition, another 6 million or more paid downloads for their single "Take Me To Your Heart" which was awarded "Most downloaded single of the year 2006"

I grew up listening to their wonderful of my favorite was The Actor that i remembered keep playing it using a cassette player especially when I was 14 years old. it was like the THEME song of the year for me. I played it repeatedly that probably my late grandma would had already memorize the whole lyrics satisfactorily even if she doesn't sing it out loud with me. Yup that was the song that put me to sleep, accompany me while I'm doing my revision and also when I'm in my emo state. All this happen when my late grandma was also my 'roommate'..hehe.. I dont really know why I love that songs, maybe the tune, or their voice or I just always feel very pessimistic with low self esteem back then so the lyrics are little relatable coz I'm not an Actor.....ahaks..So today after 17 years looking at their posters/cd cover and pictures, I finally managed to meet one of their stylish guitarist, Mr Mikkel Lentz. Excited! heheehe..and he still looking good! He said he loves Malaysia as he has been here couple of times. He was very friendly and I actually asked whereabout  Jascha Richter & Kåre Wanscher .he then gave his best smile and told me that there were probably just resting in the hotel room. Even though I didnt managed to meet  Jascha and Kare but I still consider myself lucky to meet him while taking my Easter Brunch at The Prince Hotel & Residence KL yesterday. (24/4/11) Thanks to The Prince Hotel & Residence KL and also their friendly staff, Mr Travis.I'll post another blog about the Easter Brunch shortly but this must come first coz I finally met my childhood crush..:P

Mikkel Lentz of MLTR..woots!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party

So they said it has been the wicked party of the dont mean any horror /ghost joining in but hey we will never know as their spirit might be there invading some of the souls that night..hehehe..sounds creepy right? anyway the party was actually phrase as 'Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party' and it was in-conjunction with the F1 GP that was held in Sepang KLIA. As this party are only open for those exclusively invited, I was pretty excited to be joining them for the first time this year. So that is one of the reason I left earlier from the JB Party at The Apartment, KLCC. heck. :P

 arrived at Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines at about 640pm for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party. Angeline and her friend, Subie were among the first to arrive. Thanks to Victor Wong for giving 2 extra invites. However, the registration counter would only be opened at 8pm. But in this case, it doesn’t, it actually open almost close to 9pm. So we chatted the whole 2 hours away as our hair started to lose its grips and the make up on our face started to melt like an ice cream cake. Hahaha..well anyway, as the crowd started to pour  in and the queue are getting longer, we just couldn’t wait anymore, as we really need to go to the restroom.
Theme was Stylish Black/Chic Gold for both ladies and gentleman.  And for the first 100, we were given a mini bottles of Black Label and their signature pin.
We got ourselves some tables, settled down and get the gentleman to take care of the place as the ladies rush to the restroom. Only to find out that it was the mobile toilets around..kinda lame but luckily inside the tent, it was all good. The Setting, the stage, the sound system, the music and the crowd just increase the temperature of the room that is already heated up.
The hosts was our lovely Hannah Tan and Dom. Some bloggers we met, some celebrities we took pictures with and of course some old and new friends we found. The party lasted until wee hours but we decided to go home at about 230am.

We were one of the early birds so it was pretty empty while the ladies being brief

me, Angie and Subie

And suddenly it started to get dark..


The crowd started to pour in

Look up..Keep Walking

Dom - E! News Asia host
The lovely Hannah Tan

Pffttt...this is the 'restroom'

Me, Nicole, Angie, Subie and Yi Wern. thanks Tian chad. :)

Ms Malaysia , Thanuja
DJ I-tek

So glam! as the lights just switch on at the right timing

me, Evelyn,  Subie, Angie and Shevani

overall we had fun
 All together it was a nice party with most dress to impress that night.I dont drink so basically just dance and watching the rest sinking themselves with influx of alcohol. 

Always remember NEVER DRINK and DRIVE, coz you might just KILL innocence LIFEs...anyway KEEP WALKING!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shayna, my latest Crocs addiction

Hye Crocs fans, hope everyone is doing great!

 Have you not heard about the latest arrival of Shayna? 
At one of their store, Ikano Power Centre (IPC)
Signature Crocs holes allow for breathability
Well if you find Crocs Shayna is rather familiar, you  may notice that its a wonderful twist from their classic model the Crocs Mary Jane. And just the other day, I had the chance to experience their latest model where I truly love the comfortability of the new slingback design replacing the traditional strap. With the new slingback, I could ensure that it provides better grip yet there are some space for my feet not forgetting for the extra support and stability. 
One thing for sure that I really admire about Shayna are the croslite material circulation nubs for a massage-like feel, featured on their footbed. An added advantage when you are out for a long day walk. The technology of croslite material enables  them to produce comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic, antimicrobial, odor resistant and recycle shoes. Well that are some plus points of having Crocs as my shoe collection and I can even wear it to work! It actually resemble a more feminine touch compare with the normal Crocs’s signature models.

Clearer shot of my latest addiction, Shayna
The slingback design that provides extra support and stability
 Shayna are easy to match with your favorite pair of jeans or even with a simple dress for a more casual events, while for professional working days, it can come handy too especially to those who are taking the public transportation. The shock absorbing soles relieves pressure from your feet, lower legs, knees, hips and lower back, reducing fatigue over time.

For those who love to add some colours to Shayna, you may accessorize it using Jibbitz. These cute little charm promised to makes your Crocs looks more vibrant and cheerful.

I actually chose  these  2 little cute Jibbitz for a more girlie look. So what do u think? Hehehe..there are plenty to choose from and certainly plenty to accessorize with your pair of Shayna.

So adorable pair of Jibbitz
There, little more colour added
I'm ready to go. :)
 And for those for love traveling like me, fret not, Croslite material makes Crocs shoes amazingly lightweight so I don’t have to worry for any excess baggage. The best of all that its so easy to clean, simply use soap and water, wipe it off with dry clothes and you are ready to go. So rain or shine, Crocs will not going to let you down.

I’ve tried it and I love it, so when are you getting yours? Quick, come and get it at their nearest stores around your place and you will instantly love it. 

This adorable Shayna comes in 3 colours namely Black, Espresso and Oyster. Sizes available ranging from W5 to W7. Retail price  is at RM129. You may check their website to locate their stores around Midvalley, IPC (Ikano Power Centre),  Sunway Pyramid, Fahrenheit 88 and 1 Mont Kiara.

Be sure to add them in their Facebook and Twitter for latest model and also the ongoing promotion. Want to know Here!


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