Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Selangor Story 2013

Hi readers! I am Devi also known as the Little Devil..yeah you'll get to see the both good and bad of me...if you get what I meant. Anyway, I would like to dedicate this special post to Tourism Selangor and the other official sponsors that includes AstuteXperience, Vivatel, Areena Luxury Hotel,  Sunway Lagoon and Golden Palm Tree for making My Selangor Story an unforgettable journey of rediscovery, learning, fun, appetite  seducer and meeting new friends. Learning another culture and tradition has always been fascinating let alone the one of my own.  Travelling is a passion that running in my veins since I was introduced to a world of Discovery channels. 

Some of my favourite moments during My Selangor Story 2013 are summarized as below : Enjoy! 

Premiere Klang Hotel and Tanjung Medan Muara Ikan Bakar
overlooking Tanjung Medan Muara Ikan Bakar

Little India, Sri Nagara Temple, Gedung Raja Abdullah, Royal Gallery, Kuan Yimm Temple, Lady Lourdes Church, Archana Curry House, Gayatri Sarees Silk, Masjid India Muslim
Sunway Lagoon
Areena Star Luxury Hotel, AstuteXperience and Petaling Street

Batu caves during Thaipusam 

Golden Palm Tree Resort

Cycling at Golden Palm Resort, Cendol Bakar, Bukit Melawati, River View Seafood Restaurant, Firefly Kampung Kuantan.

Vivatel Hotel and Kenanga Wholesale City

It has been quite an exciting journey as I didnt know what to expect in the beginning. I'm glad that I took the initiative to participate this competition coz now that is over, I realized that my curiosity towards exploring Selangor has just began. There are plenty more stuff to be learned and discovered, I am sure I will be joining more of TSDayout and exploring  Selangor through my 5 senses in the most unique ways. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vivatel and Kenanga Wholesale City

Well they say when all good things must come to an end . Same goes to this wonderful 5D4N trip and this is My Selangor Story Day 5. Woke up feeling a little drained out as didn't have enough sleep for couple of days but so many things and lessons has been learned throughout this journey. It was simply unforgettable moment for me to be able to experience and discover the magical creation of what Selangor gotta to offer. 

We stayed in Vivatel Hotel,  a 4 star boutique hotel that cater for leisure or even business. Inspired by nature and 4 elements in life, the rooms are equipped with complete ornaments that represents each of the mood and taste. That include fire, earth, water and air. AstuteXperience has again sponsored for our stay here in Vivatel Hotel. :) Thank you!!

We started with a hearty breakfast and room tour thereafter. 
nice creamy rich half boiled eggs

all furniture and the sauces are modern design that simply cute to look at
this is the room we stayed last night. clean and aqua effect simply very enticing

The entrance of Vivatel
Room tour by the Head of Vivatel
checking out is easy and convenient. 
huge ballroom that could accommodate up to 1000 pax.
Suitable for meetings, conference or company annual dinner with decent pricing
the fire inspired room

love the green backdrop paveway

one the key features here is the self check in kiosk. easy fast and efficient!

meeting rooms
Later we went to Kenanga Wholesale City for another round of tour and some shopping. But since we are running on time especially for the Indonesian bloggers that need to be in the airport shortly. 

Kenanga Wholesale City or also known as KWC is Malaysia's first one stop fashion shopping mall that brings together a large and comprehensive directory of businesses. A Must visit place especially those who loves to satisfy their wardrobe with latest fashion design. 

briefing on the items sold for each floors

korean pop and latest colourful design

7th floor of occupied tenants.
Vivatel Hotel
85 Jalan Loke Yew
55200 KL
Tel : 03 9205 8888 / 03 9285 8210
Fax: 03 9205 8889
Email :

Kenanga Wholesale City 
8.01 Kompleks Kenanga Wholesale City
Jalan Gelugor, KL
Tel : 03-92218081
Open daily from 10am to 8pm

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tourism Selangor for giving me a chance to anticipate a wonderful experience during the journey. Not forgetting the sponsors such as Premiere Hotel, Sunway Lagoon , Vivatel Hotel, Arenaa Star and Golden Palm Tree. Last but not the least it was certainly nice to meet such wonderful bloggers from both Malaysia and Indonesia, Ms Chai and Ms Allison, Hj Safri and En Ramli. Till we meet again! :) 

Petaling Street and Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel

Woots! after some splashing time at Sunway Lagoon, its time for us to make our way to our next destination, which was Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel. We checked in the new hotel and realize some of the floors are still not ready as it will be launched soon maybe right after Chinese New Year. Anyway our room was nicely decorated and i personally love the comfy bed. Quite small in square feet but every floors has its unique design of artistic by its own. 
the new 5 star business hotel

the comfy beds
toilet and rooms

relax first. 

We went down to lobby and was given a short briefing about AstuteXperience lead by Ms Gomathi. Each and everyone of us received a complimentary membership and discounted coupons in selected hotels all around the world. Just to highlight a little bit on what AstuteXperience are offering should one become their member. Not only you'll receive great discounted rate  but also the luxury of staying in many major accommodations that suits every different requirement. AstuteXperience was also one of the official sponsors for Areena Star Luxury Hotel KL and Vivatel Hotel KL during this wonderful 5D4N My Selangor Story trip. I remembered talking to Ms Gomathi about travelling trips and how she described that she loves Indonesia that she will actually travel for a short weekend getaway anytime she wants. So cool eh? be it for leisure or business trip, AstuteXperience will cater your dream destination with ease!

On another note, Areena Star Luxury Hotel KL and Vivate Hotel are also being their partner hotels. So thank you very much for giving us a privilege for a good night stays with full hospitality! Recently 8tvQuickie - famous local tv show has also featured AstuteXperience with the friendly Managing Director, Ms Gomathi herself. For those who want to know more about great offer from AstuteXperience, you may add them on Facebook and who knows you might be their next mystery prize winner!   
complimentary from AstuteXperience team
Mdm Gomathi was explaining on the usage of AstuteXperience. 
The kitchen at their new cafe

After the briefing, we went to explore the famous Petaling Street . you can basically find everything you need over here. From food to CD to Tshirts or anything fancy with lesser price than the normal store, its always busy around here. 
the famous Petaling Street
the nightlife of a busy street..
nice watches n caps
bags, key chain, wallet , tshirt ..and everything

For more info on Arenaa Star Luxury you may refer here 
Add: 49 Level 8 Jalan Hang Lekiu 50050 KL
Tel : 603 2022 0962
Email :

Thanks to AstuteXperience for making this possible. Truly an experience to be remembered! cant wait to start using their membership card!

My Selangor Story - Day 4

Imagine yourself being captivated by the beauty of nature and life in your own country and do not worry about anything else. Immersed into a world of paradise when it is just a stone away and this is My Selangor Story Day 4!

Early morning rise and shine as I bite the fresh apple in the basket of our Canary Palm villa. Our itinerary today will be Yoga session by the Leisure team and follow by light breakfast.  
wakey wakey.
 We head to the swimming pool area and chill a bit before starting our Yoga session. After breaking our spine and stretch to the maximum, its time for us to have some light breakfast as we will be heading to Smiley Beach for cycling activity! All specially prepared by the Leisure team of the resort. 
beautiful reflection
swimming pool 
fresh fruits..nice! 
yoga session
CIk Raja Murni explaining to us on what to do during yoga session
breakfast was better than dinner last night. 
happy bunch of people :)  
Upon reaching Smiley Beach, we choose our bicycle and ready to cycle around passing by lush green surrounding. It was really fun!

hye says ericka

colourful kites and hats on sales
having fun with the rest of the clan
playing kites and chilling by the beach
game of volleyball
It was a short stay in Golden Palm Tree but nevertheless we totally enjoyed the whole stay. With heavy heart, we left this place with hearty meal of lunch with the hope to come again!. 

Then next we continue our journey to Kuala Selangor as we will be visiting Bukit Melawati. On the way to our next destination, we stopped by for the famous Cendol Bakar at Kuala Selangor.

one of the only drive through cendol that i have ever known
ice -ready to rock your world
the owner of Cendol Bakar doing the best for  dessert for us on a very hot day...
look at the crowd!
reserve for Tourism Selangor
rika as our model of slurping the cendol durian
 There are few types of cendol ranging from Cendol ViP- RM2, VVIP(+pulut) RM2.50, Durian Pulut RM3.50, Durian RM3.00, Cendol Tapai RM2.80 and Cendol Tapai Pulut RM3.20 . I love durian so I tried the Durian pulut which was simply packed with flavors and ignite our taste bud into deep indulgence. 
cendol durian pulut..yummy!

 The name of Cendol Bakar came from the sugar palm that burned to perfection. This create a nice fragrance and add extra boost to the flavor. Located just beside the road, you not going to miss it with the traffic cause by everyone want to have a piece of cendol bakar. 

Cendol Bakar
Kg Assam Jawa, Kuala Selangor
017-6222017 (Rifhan Farhan)

Next we continue our journey up to Bukit Melawati and we went up via tram. Upon reaching there, the main attraction beside the lighthouse are the silver leaf monkeys.

the silver leafed monkey with their babies golden fur
After visiting Bukit Melawati, we head to River View Restaurant for a seafood dinner! From steam fish to crab chili to deep fried squid and vegetable. Food is definitely something to die for. Scrumptiously delicious.! 
River view seafood restaurant
food and more food! :) 

Sunset was a beautiful scene with locals trying to fish at the river. 
The local  waiting for their catch before night fall. 
After scrumptious dinner, we head to Kampung Kuantan where we will witness another GOd's creation for Firefly watching or also known as Kelip Kelip/Kunang Kunang, Kampung Kuantan. According to Saifuddin, till today there are no any advance camera or video that can really capture the magnificent or the Firefly. So if you want to experience the real deal, it can be only witnessed with human naked eyes. Indeed a surreal experience as we went on a boat ride where a man will peddle the boat near to river bank. It was full red moon that night and we could see the firefly blinking their sparks clearly. Almost like a fairytale or in a scene in Avatar, simply take our breath away. So make sure to come and visit for an educational tour. Boat ride operation hours are from 745pm to 1030pm, last call is 10pm and open daily. 
all the happy faces after the boat ride.

Firefly are in the brink of extinction but we can do our part to ensure that this precious treasure of us are well preserved. After a long day, we finally wrap up the night by checking in at Vivatel.


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