Monday, January 26, 2009

Simply the Best

250209 - You know, its really the greatest feeling to be back home with the most loving persons in my life. Im blessed to have them as my family members. I missed them alot. We chit and chat, eat and drink, laugh and cheer...Even sumtime when situations are against me, i know deep down i have them as my strength and pillar. Their presence seems to soothe all that and i love them to bits. nothing can compare or top it off. Nothing going to stop me from having fun time with them...steamboat tonite... wuhuuuuuu..... picture soon to be rolled...

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Lion Dance

180109 pavilion. A significant dance during Chinese New Year. The world championship lion dancers was at Pavilion on sunday afternoon to perform their skills and talent. Met this cute lil' gal named Maya with her dad and grandparents(from France).
The troupe that captivated from all walks of life at the entrace of Pavilion
Peek-a-booAdorable lil Maya
The golden Ox
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous & happy chinese new year!
i'm off to hometown to celebrate with my beloved stay tune! ciao

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reunion Dinner Balinese style at Bora Asmara

160109 With a twist of Balinese, Apex Reunion dinner 2009 was delicately peaceful and serene. Not until the Pecha Pecha group came and did a surprise birthday party for one of our consultants. Sound of laughter and dance music started to penetrating the night.
For those who are wondering where on earth is this you are:
Bora Asmara Restaurant,Lot 2933, Kg. Sg. Penchala,Jln Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-77260964

Wheel of Fortune - Malaysia's version

110109 - I've posted about going for an audition sometime last year in Dec 08. tadaaa....received a call from Skywalker and was selected for the recording of Roda Impian..fortunately it fall on the day i just got back from Langkawi....weeeee...thanks to all my supporters - B, Anand, Jay, Rogan, Ina, Nonie, Syam, Ana, Chik and Wani. I had fun turning that heavy wheel of fortune. Even though the temporary black out at Sound Studio at Filem Negara malaysia did freezed my cerebrum. Did i win? find out that when i'll be on air soon at besar wang besar....

Thanks again to my B for the photos shot.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Land of the Eagle

A great sojourn at the Land of the Eagle enough to keep me revive...just miss the sun, island, mountain and all the nature freshness could offer..Catch up with Aida for dinner at Fat MUM...i miss those tofu...:( . and as recommended for the desert at was sinfully wicked!it's none other than a place called..LANGKAWI..
Lang SquareBontonBonton ResortThe landscape
Oriental Village7 wells WaterfallWaterfallIt was full of fun at the waterfallTanjung RhuSunset at Tanjung Rhu....uuuuuuSunset at pantai ChenangThis is how they process the local delicacies -'Karas' Putumayo RestaurantBaby Kailan +Oyster sauce (Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant, Kuah Town)The Andaman, Datai Bay

At Fat Mum Seafood..(L-R:me, Fat mum and Aida)

Thanks to Aida for the recommendation - chocolate lava cake
Basically, we have cover most of the places in Langkawi from Tanjung Rhu to Kuah Town To Chenang beach, Padang matsirat, Andaman Datai etc. Renting a car as affordable as RM50 per day (Myvi) was definately worth it. The nature never fail to captivate me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Craziness Imaginary

pic taken during sunset at Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

Its a guarding anticipation,
reflection of craziness imaginary in admiration,
gripping my soul with satisfaction.

~Devi da' Lil DeviL~

BBQ on New Year eve

BBQ on New year eve at Andalas Klang. it was supposed to be a pot luck but being the good host, the Aloysious basically prepare most of the food. It was a chilled nite with everyone busy indulging the food, catching up, playing mahjong and chit chatting. Resolution of a brand new year with vibrant colour of mood. Enjoy...
danish is trying his luck in mahjung...hahahah
the wishes cards and baloons
christmas tree is still standing tall

Monday, January 12, 2009

Curtain fall, Welcome 2009

yeah i know it's already the 2nd week of Jan 2009, or to be precise, its 12 jan 09. but was quite busy lately with activities and traveling planning.
2008 has been a roller coaster year of recovery for me. Was diagnose with sickness that put fear to most women, but my stubbornness wasn’t helping either. No one will ever understand what another person when thru unless they experience it themselves. i couldn’t have be more grateful and blessed for a wonderful family, friends that keep giving me faith to go thru that hurtful chapter. the whisper of  words keep playing in my ear…"that I deserve all the best thing in life”. 
And with the new beginning of 2009, I’ve planted the positivity in the corner of my head that nothing shall stop me from pursuing my dream, passion and interest. Coz when we start attracting good vibrant, everything will be alright and as the curtain fall, im welcoming 2009 with a BIG fabulosity happiness on my passion and dream, more huge contest winning, traveling, staying healthy and wealthy….wuhuuuuuuuuuuu!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ferringhi's Stone, Penang

to cut the story short,we challenge ourselves to step our foot at batu Ferringhi,Penang and be back to KL within a day...u think we can do it? jeng jeng jeng....

the mini waterfall
captured this while in the car
fyi, mission was accomplished...but was too exhausted that our appetite has actually rejected the famous food of penang such as char kueh tiau, nasi kandar, asam laksa, pasembur etc...come to think of it, i dont know why we made up that silly challenge...maybe too much of infusion on escaping from the buzz life of KL. then again...we still dunno why? hah!

The Warmth of Christmas

271208 - the warmth of christmas is spreading everwhere. i miss my parents...and crazy siblings...sigh... its ok , i have that emo feelings under control...literally...Moly must be coughing out loud now...coz she said i dont have that expression on my rolling eyes...Lol
While enjoying the food, here are some jolly good moment captured...
those innocent eyes

baby matthias
boys will be boys
young grandma...yup..she's a grandmarachel's bundle of joy*hugs* mother and son
all eyes on matthias alfred..cute eh?cookies/candy?the robert's flyaiman :)sici and hubby, uncle ragurina and her fianceebella and her classmate great grandma peek-a-boo
adios amigos...


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