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TSDayout For White Water Rafting at Hulu Selangor

Work has been crazy with meetings, meetings and meetings lately. Deadline, minutes, paperwork, assignment and the list go on and on with pilling load on my desk. Not to mention the crazy traffic around Klang valley to and fro to work. Sounds familiar in your life too? Well…the last thing we probably need right now at this moment is to put all those behind and go for a quick break from this hustle bustle city..The next questions that would come pouring in your mind would sound a lot less like the details below:
1)But where?? 
2)What to do?
3)With who?
4)How much?
5)Why is it difficult to make it happen?

Aaahhh…so the devil has heard and its time to be spoken..jeng jeng jeng.. 

If you are clueless but your body, mind and soul have been pushing you to react the opposite, I suggest you keep reading my blog to find out how. And don’t be surprise that we could find it all in our beautiful Selangor!

You see, I am a true believer of live life interestingly. So even if I am a dead beat at work, my weekends should not be one. I tried to organize a short trip somewhere but at times I could not manage to get my friends’s schedule in place so when Kanmani whatspp me if I would be joining #TSDAYout by Tourism Selangor at Hulu Selangor for White water rafting. I was like…what? The first TSDAYOUT for 2015? Yeah..its happening on 4th April 2015. I just jump in with delight. I quickly fill up the online registration form and wait for their feedback. 
1st TSdayout of 2015!
If you are a newbie about #TSDAYout, let me enlighten how Mr Grey of 50shades enlightens to Anastasia . Tourism Selangor Day Out also affectionately known as TSDayout,  has been around since 2011. Yeah dude..ever since I joined their first activity, I got hooked and intrigued. Since it is a day out thing, it is mostly activities found right here in our very own sensational Selangor for half or full day. Organized by Tourism Selangor and all you need to do is basically to bring a positive attitude and have fun! Who could have thought that this #tsdayout has been virally addicted where more places has been introduced, more friendship has been developed, more blogs has been penning about it, more photos has been shared, more people are getting jealous with our facebook timeline..haha

It is now a branding by its own. In #TSDayout We gather, we did the awesome activities, we bonded, we share memories, we are inspired and hungry for more ! All thanks to the creative mind from the people of Tourism Selangor / Discovering Selangor to promote the sassy state of Selangor from the public to the public.

Okay…I think the introduction speaks for itself. I am excited to spill what are the activities we did on that 4th April 2015..get ready your gopro, your life jacket, your clear mind and come swim with me in this next adventure I am about to share for you.

That early morning Saturday drive from Setapak to Tourism Selangor office in Shah Alam was smooth as the skin of a jelly. Upon reaching their office, Shoba and Anu was at the registration counter and helped us to distribute goodie bag..

Registration counter
oh ya, their goodie bag is nothing short of interesting items that are also equally useful. Light breakfast was prepared for all the participants. Slowly other participants started to come in and catching up with both friends old and new is always exciting. Kanmani, Bella , Rfan, Adam and 3 (Khai )s form a pack and boy it was like a chatter box in there. 
the Shah ALam blue mosque looking gorgeously majestic as the sun rising with delight

After a short briefing by Mrs Renuga (PR exe) and Pn Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din (GM) of Tourism Selangor, we are pumped up for our next adventure. 
Briefing before we depart to Hulu Selangor. (Pn Noorul on the left in orange and Ms Renuga on the right)
Tourism Selangor chartered a cosy bus for us and the journey from Shah Alam office to Hulu Selangor also known as "The Sleeping Hollow' where the almost an hour journey was pleasant and relaxing. The reason Hulu Selangor was chosen as the 1st #TSdayout venue this year is to keep within the theme of Visit Selangor Year 2015 and in conjunction with the Heritage, Eco-Nature & Sports. Actually, Selangor has many fascinating places to visit, but only we are a little ignorance on the beauty of this sassy state. So many things to see, do and eat! Come let's plan another road trip here.
wefie time in the cosy bus! 
the mountain ! nice backdrop
 We arrived at the destination and within a short walk, we saw the river on our left and a small hut ahead of us. We were also introduced to the friendly rafting operator, Mr Pie Abdullah. He briefed us on the safety and guideline of water rafting and tubing. The cost for the package of rafting and tubing is about RM180 per person for 3-4 hours depending on the water level and the group size.  
Mr Pie Abdullah, our friendly rafting operator/guide
Pic by Khairul Idzwan
the rafting vest is slightly different from the normal life jacket.
helmet for protection
let's go
After the briefing, we armed ourselves with the safety gears before hop on a tractor to the rafting point. While waiting for our turn, one of the guide get us to play some games as ice breaker. 
Pic by Renuga. Like a bunch of escaping campers we are..haha

Then Mr Pie briefed us again on the do’s and don’t’s while demonstrating some of the technique if we are trapped under the raft in the strong rapid. Just be calm and let the flow takes you..just like our life, there are things that we do not necessarily need to be in control..we gotta learn to let see.. when everytime I engaged with this kinda outdoor adventure..its not only for fun and the excitement but to learn and it has also been teaching me valuable lessons when facing challenges in life. 
tubing time
Mr Pie giving us some instruction on the do's and don'ts on tubing
And also briefing on how to handle the paddle.
Pic by Renuga..ok IM ready..lets go for tubing!
First, I decided to do the tubing but the rapid was so sluggish that it started to get a little boring for me. Then Vanessa asked me if I want to swap with her to do the rafting..i immediately said yes. Ahaha. But it was equally the same effect since the rapid was moving slowly. The scorching sun was another factor of dampening out enthusiastic spirit earlier that morning. But as we paddle the raft to the end of the river bank, We were beat, thirsty, hungry and annoyed. 
Pic by Khairul Idzwan..the rapid level was not as we expected as it was a dry season...hrmm..
So when Mr Pie asked if we wanted to try out for 2nd round, we were a little hesitated. But Mr Pie gave his assurance that the rapid flow beginning to speed up, so our crazy group decided to give another try..and thank god we did because it was fun and erupts with anticipation! As they released us to the river, we were like in a rafting competition at first. Marching left and right to get the momentum speed right and moving forward was in our league. 

wefie time! what a bunch of crazy people we are. fun is the word! 
row row your tube!
a lonely path of greens and calm river flowing.
Then as we reaching the ‘cliff’, we were instructed to stop as only per raft are allowed to flow through. That was when, our nervous pill started to kick in. We could hear the sound of the falling water, the chirping sound of the bird while the sun were blazing proudly on us..i looked up , then left and right…ok..its happening..ready? set go..we were paddling and paddling as we moved very closely to the water slope and suddenly I could only notice we were falling ..all together almost 90 degree down ..water gushing but we managed to pull it off..and were back on track as the water washed us away.. that was so much fun, that we did another round..woots! the day just getting better and better.. and then it was time to head to our meeting point. 
let's go for 2nd round
we need to pull our raft again
sign of relief when they 'landed' safely!
But not for our group..notice all the panic faces reaction??? hahah..
So as we were paddling, the guide stopped and pull the string of the raft and turn them 90 degree before it went capsized and all of us were thrown out from the raft..haha..we’re being bullied voluntarily and we kinda liked it haha.. since we were already drenched wet, and the stream seems to be pushing me a litte, I just did the ultimate thing..lie flat face up and float like a plastic bottle ready to be washed away. Suddenly I felt so light, so liberating..peacefully relaxing as I gazed myself with nature around me..seems like I found a new paradise here. This is what I was looking forward to..for a moment, I totally forgot about was pure bliss and as I raised my head, I saw the rest of our group did the same..and we were like bunch of light plastic surrendering to the river flow. We even did a ‘star shape human boat’ by placing our legs in the centre while holding hands like a bunch of kids. 

The current started to push us away..we cant balance ourselves..hahaa
so this is what we did...let it go!
As i look up it was beautiful ..light blue skies with white cotton candy like clouds.
some even taking a minute to hop on the tube and doing a freestyle tubing.
We arrived at the ‘take out’ point drenched wet from head to toe but this time it was satisfying. Even though our body was a little sore after all the paddling and falling butt first on the stones earlier on but our mind was so light as if we just did a rejuvenating spa treatment due to the wonderful floating effect.

Stomach was growling like a hungry HULK so we devour the delicious chocolate bars, fried noodle and sandwiches. At that moment, our group table was silent for a long we started to upload some photos at instagram and sharing videos. Then the crew told us to clean ourselves at the shower room nearby as we are leaving shortly to another destination for late lunch and an introduction on bird watching by PC Wings at Kuala Kubu Baru. Wait another lunch? wow..nice! 

Off we went after shower to the city hall of Kuala Kubu Baru and after briefing and presentation by the PC Wings on bird watching, buffet were served. We were so exhausted but my appetite wasn’t ..haha..then it was the announcement of Instagram photo winners. I almost forgot about the competition.. and yeay I've won.. congratulation to the rest of the winners as well.. we had our group photo and then it was time to bid goodbye. 
Mutton and chicken bryani.
Silent moment...
Pic by Khairul Anuar. the instagram winners
pic from Bella's hp
goodies likey!
Our chartered bus was so comfy that most of the participants slept during the ride back to Tourism Selangor Office in Shah Alam. 

So have I answered your 5 questions earlier in the beginning of this write up?.if no..then I do not have any advise to offer .. but if it is a yes..then what are your waiting for? 

So in a nutshell..I've truly had fun during the TSDAYout. 
Enjoy the video below : 
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My previous experiences with Tourism Selangor :
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