Thursday, June 30, 2011

YTL TEMBOK BALI -admiring the sunset

Hye peeps, thanks for visiting my blog today. As promised here are some photos meeting with the local kids and people of the nearby fishing village. If you missed the earlier post, please feel free to check it out Part 1 and Part 2. Most of the kids are shy but the minute the camera were pointed at them, they are pretty ease at posing for us. The black sands are quite rough this time around, according to Fauzi (supervisor of YTL Tembok Bali) at certain months, it will turn into soft powdery liked. I love how they designed the boats here. It reminds me of creepy crawlers especially the tarantula. Hehehe..oh well maybe it was just me.

The cool design boat..almost tarantula like
These kids are so shy especially the boy, he's like freezing himself..check out his lastic..heheh
Apparently black gold can be found here..neah...
It was nice meeting friendly locals..except for the far left..he is from Paris..Coma so va?
friendly bunch of people..especially the boy in the centre with peace handsign. 'Gambar kita akan masuk MALAYSIA!!!!"
It was also very entertaining talking to these 'makcik' .her comical reaction burst laughter in the silence of that evening. She even asked if she look nice in the photo after I snapped them.
The makciks that sell some snacks
the sunset..seems like the sun shying away slowly

bye bye little sun

and the night started to penetrate the resort..the lighting seems perfect for my eyes
And there..a couple has reserved for a candlelight dinner by the poolside

Stars are less visible tonite..but it is equally beautiful as yesterday

the entrance with bamboo trees..very ZEN

The BUDDHA heads decor
Honestly I am the type that love to have so many activities/things to do in my travel list, but i came to realize that sometime we just need to slow down and back to basics while be in awe of the beauty surround us. I guessed YTL TEMBOK Bali has it own distinctive aura that we could only feel once we are there. Don't trust me? well..come here for yourself to believe it.

Oh ya, im not done with the post of the whole trip yet, and no im not trying to create any sequel like the harry porter series either. So wait for my next post for more of Tembok Bali that has capture my heart curiously!

p/s: This trip was made possible by Guardian Malaysia & YTL Tembok Bali 

Monday, June 27, 2011

YTL Tembok Bali - Paradise Day 2

How do you feel waking up in an environment like this -if not everyday at least for a day? Simply indescribably feeling. 
one hand holding the camera and another holding a glass of chilled orange juice..aaaahhhh

The bursting energy of peacefulness are not only everywhere to be seen but to be felt, effortlessly. I must admit, my brain are in the verge of massive influx of inspiration while i admire the beauty of this paradise..YTL TEMBOK BALI...

Rise and shine..its time for breakfast at Wantilan Restaurant 
Yummylicious breakkie and boy i was stuffed!
 We taste only fresh food as it was prepared with love. Its not only made using natural ingredients but the staff can actually recommend and explain to us based on our food liking. Hendra and Adry were really good and their warm hospitality makes us feel like home. Hendra even bought cendol from nearby stall for us and we only found out after Adry told us as he was off duty for his birthday that day. We couldn't be more thankful for the added service value by your staff. Adry also shared some of interesting stories in YTL Tembok since he started working there. Witnessing dolphins and whale by the shore (we were shocked to know that! makes us want to come back and see it for ourselves) They always come to each guest tables and ask if they could offer anything. very pleasing and helpful. Highly recommend both of them for promotion. :)
Breakfast are served
After scrumptious breakfast, i joined some of their activities scheduled for all guests on daily basis. They cater from weaving, cooking class, Lontar, YOGA, jamu making and many mores. There would not be any dull moment here.

Let's try some weaving of the activities after breakfast
I probably lost my sense of creativity as the only weaving i know is to weave ketupat..but that was like ages ago when i was staying in kampung. But it sure bring back some memories reflections.
Chilling on a hammock
Next activity spa and spa therapist will explain before doing what she does best
Fresh and natural ingredients used..i feel super fresh after that
i was the only one tried this LONTAR activities. drawing on a palm tree.and i took it back as a souvenier..hehehe
some drawing skills here
The spa therapy took almost 50 minutes..with the soothing music background, I could easily doze off in relaxation.

Its time to relax by the swimming pool
as i am resting peacefully here, one of the staff will get us to try the a energy booster.

so serene and peaceful here

walk by the beach..notice the black sand..yup..its the black sand sea

swimming has been breeze..the water is pretty chill
Gym facilities

some artwork painting by the staff and guests

little detailed thing like this added the decor of this place.
like a postman, Hendra passing some items to the boat man

Wait for my next post on meeting the locals at the nearby fishing village and enjoying my fetish on witnessing the sunset.

This trip were made possible by GUARDIAN MALAYSIA at YTL TEMBOK BALI.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CROCS Warehouse Sale are BACK!

Yup you got that right! Those who has been asking me when is  the next CROCS warehouse sale are going to take place..well wait no more. I was just informed that it's back again and will be held at IPC (formerly known as IKANO POWER CENTRE) 2nd Floor from 23-26 June 2011. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to replace those old shoes and get yourself a new pair..or maybe 2 or 3..:P

They also cater a special promo offer for all Ambank Credit card holders
RM10 off for every RM100 Spent (just pay using Ambank credit card and customers will be entitle to this special offer)
While for New Ambank Credit Card Applicants:
Apply new credit card during the warehouse sales (June 23 to 26) and entitle for 1 x RM10 voucher (redeemable only during warehouse sales and with min purchase of RM100 & above)
Rest of the public
For purchase above RM200 in a single receipt, entitle for RM20 vouchers (T&C apply)
Come and join them to receive more latest updates at the following link :

Thursday, June 16, 2011

YTL SPA Village Tembok Bali- Healing Day 1

As the saying goes, it was short and sweet. I am talking about my 2nd trip to Bali but 1st time to YTL Spa Village Tembok. The 3 hours flight with AirAsia was alright and upon touched down, we were greeted by the driver of YTL Tembok Bali. Mr Songkeng (i hope i get his name spelling right). 
Our personal driver..minerals, gado gado and towels to refresh ourselves
handmade Journey guide book
 Then it will be another 3 hours drive to the destination which are located up north of Bali. 
Now you know where is Tembok, 3 hours drive up north from the Airport
He was very friendly and as we chatted away, he shared some of the local stories and tales as well. We were offered gado gado, ginger sweets and minerals. 
gado gado
We stopped at one of the Lotus Restaurant, an open air restaurant by the beach which overlooking the Lombok Straits for toilet break. 
Lombok Straits
Mount Agung..breathtaking..I am a mountain yeah it gives me goosebump
Terrace paddy field
Finally after 3 hours drive, we arrived at our destination. YTL Spa Village Tembok BALI!! 
The lobby area
I was really tired but the welcome treat was refreshing and pleasant that it took my exhaustion away almost instantly. Imagine all staff addressed you by your name.  Not Sir / Madam but my name..Aaahhh..I never felt so appreciated or important for their extra effort to treat every guests like a VVIP..:)
aaahhh...lime juice and food massage..loving the pampering given
I could feel the strong vibe of optimistic energy, penetrating my mind with ease and certainly not just another resort I have seen or been. This place remind me of Permai Rainforest Sarawak, only minus the luxury and private sanctuary. Nestled between Mount Agung and the beach, YTL Tembok Bali simply ignite my heart, body and soul effortlessly.

Checking in was simple, staff took our luggage and Mr Fauzi , the Assistant Manager escorted us to the room, KAMAR room. Spacious, private balcony, clean and I've noticed that beautiful wood decor with detailing  of exotic concepts around the room. There are altogether 27 Kamar rooms, 2 Suites (Purnama & Surya) and 2 Villas (Baruna & Samudra).
Spacious and impressive room
The huge toilet looks so relaxing..with flower petals here and there..and its SUPER CLEAN!
Jemput minum..hehehe
The smile that they planted on their face, the sincere heart gesture that show the true beauty of  Balinese and a reminder to me that there are serendipity haven still exist over here. After a round tour of the resort, 1st activity - SPA treatment. :)
Before entering the treatment room, the therapist will introduce herself and explain the process of the treatment
Treatment Room, all ingredients are from natural source (herbs, plants and spices)
After 15 minutes of food massage at the treatment room, we were given JAMU and crushed iced coated with palm sugar...yummmyyyy..Then, we get to chilled outside in this unique sofa comfy
Frozen strawberries and chilled fragrance petals dipped in the chilled aqua..soothing
I was treated like a queen..hrmmm ...bliss and blessed..i know..envy? make a trip down here then
Spa treatment room - you may choose from varied type of treatment that suit your interests
 People are so genuine, that you feel like being lifted up to another world. This place really suitable for everyone that seek for soul searching, honeymooners, rejuvenating and most importantly a paradise that leave you breathless and innocently get carried away by the beauty of the nature. 
couple getting ready for the spa treatment
overseeing the poolside
The Kamar Rooms
The sun is about to set. By the poolside
Can i stay here longer, pleaseeeee?
Check out the stars..
Dinner was served from 7.00pm -1030pm, food was freshly prepared by local Chef name Made. We were very impressed with the staff  that served us especially Hendra and Ari. Their attentiveness is definitely brings value to YTL. Not only they are accommodating but they actually give some tips or two about what to order and to do around here. They are well mannered and always  ensure that we are comfortable plus quick to response from our body language itself.  

The presentation of the food justify the taste of the food. Excellent taste and 3 full yet healthy course meals simply guaranteed our satisfaction.  

After dinner, we just chilled by the poolside and enjoyed the picturesque view where candlelight glowing in the night and the sound the wave accompany us on this peaceful night. Stars shinning bright and I wished I could freeze this moment because it was beautiful and perfect. Star light gazing was a wonderful experience.infact it is one of the innovate spa treatment where we just need to lie on the floating bed and enjoyed the scenery under the sea of stars. caught 2 magnificent shooting stars on separate timing that night...awwwww...:)  Dream a little dream :) perfect way to end the night.
hrrmm...wish i could own this place...ahaks
Alright will keep you updated for more beautiful moments/activities of this paradise. So, wait for it yea. 

p/s: Thank you Guardian Malaysia & YTL Hotels


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