Friday, September 13, 2013

DOVE photoshoot

Had the privilege to be featured in September issue of CLEO and WANITA magazine under DOVE Best Friends Forever column with my sista, Moly. The photo-shoot was taken in July 2013 with the friendly team of Unilever, Impact Communications and their appointed photographer. Thank you Watson for the opportunity. 

We arrived early for hair and make up by Ms Cindy. Simply love the result where it was almost natural in color where she enhances our eyes fiercely. We were asked to wear white top as it reflects the purity of Dove. I love their body wash especially with cucumber extracts..mild fragrance but fresh milky like texture. 

It has been a while since my last photo shoot for a magazine and each experience has been wonderfully exciting. However, it was Moly's first experience and I'm sure more to come for her. Born to be a poser, I think we didn't have much issue infact we were having fun while Angie interviewed us on our chemistry and closeness as besties. 
interview time
wandering what she was thinking? what to eat later?
smiley moly

u gotta be tough and love yourself

smile for the camera
time to strangle moly ! haha
how time flies..i still cant imagine my sista is all grown up now

one for the group
bloggers and fellow contestants

It was also nice to meet Julia and her 2 Bff, Aimi and Fazilah. Thank you for the ride back home. We chatted and snap some more photos like teenage kids preparing for proms. :P 

Wanna to know more about the interview? Check us out at the latest issue of CLEO and WANITA (September 2013 issue). Another memories to be kept, another piece to be cherished. 


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