Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are you 701 Enough?

Aaahhh...Are you 701 Enuff? Well, for those who never heard about it, you might have been missing a lot of information you know. Well, to begin with..701 panduan is the ultimate source for local search or better known as Malaysia Online Directory that range from maps, city guide, travel, movies and even bussiness search. It ain't get any better without the latest trend invading every single world wide web..yup Blog. 701 Blog has varieties of cool information that you can search for. My personal favorite will be the Travel & Lifestyle and of course the latest being is their Contest. :) Christmas is also getting (hint hint) hopefully my wish to own a Iphone 3Gs will be fullfilled this time..~sob sob~

So as i was searching for something to eat for tea break, i saw this last piece of bread that has expired. Hrmmm...then suddenly as if a blinking lamp was appearing on top of my head. why not creating something with it since i cant eat it anyway?. so i grab a blade and start crafting on it.

Almost done but have to carefully tear it out from the bread as its kinda soft took out those pieces carefully..nice or not?

What about this? HOw about some 3D pop art..?or this? camera action...roll? honestly i dont really quite 'feel' it..i just need to get out of the house
So i went down to get some fresh air and perhaps can join with the kids to play basketball/cricket. Then suddenly, i had an idea. grab my Canon, some papers, markers, blade and my 'heart'. It's always nice to be out of the house for some fresh air..right?
i love greenbanana leaf? making me hungry as i was thinking about banana leaf rice.then i gathered some of the kids..see those happy faces? :P
I bought 3 balloons.
Then coming running the little brother. kids can be shy but when their clans are there.
...posing comes naturally for themI did some editing just to create some colours on the balloons..the youngest boy on the front right just cant let go of the balloon..its officially his..:Pnow he is using it as his pillow. so easy to get them to pose.
.coz all of them simply like a pro. I like this photo the naturally HAPPY.
like how 701 panduan makes every malaysian life isthen all of us when to play..yeah i feel like im in primary school now.who says u only need to be kids once?
Later that night before midnight, i did some experiment with my canon and a torchlight. hahaha..just for fun..let 701 light up your day like how it does to mine.
So the final question--Are you 701 enough?
Im sure u'll get the answer by now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Care to vote for me? Thank you

Dear homo sapiens,

care to vote for me? voters chance to win come and vote for me..hehehee... thanks.. 2nd last picture..Umadevi Vengdesh at this link

dont forget yeah..thank you in advance.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tantalizing TAIPEI

And this is how i spend my AIR ASIA tickets to Taipei that i won earlier. From the town city of Taipei, to captivating Yang Ming Shan National Park, to majestic Jiu Fen and to old mining village - Jing Tong..the journey was indeed i was looking forward for.

Night view of Jiu FenFisherman WharfThe lighthouseSulfuric -Yang Ming Shan National ParkNight view from the guesthouse101 taipeiTaipei Airport Library - Ben Tio

Jiu Fen..A mei tea house I love night view..simply bling blingwaterfall at ping shiLove letter-i likecute cream at the Modern Toilet restaurantdelicious food not nessessarily served on a nice can be served on a toilet bowl too :) ok rub for luck


pic taken at an abandoned house in Ping Shi, Taipei

Continue your revenge of becoming a sinner
I have nothing else to say
But to be myself and just be happy
Coz u r the main reason i was not
Goodbye to all the hurt
Farewell to all the pain
Let me take this road to a better place
Where i'm in control and not u..the sinner.


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