Saturday, November 29, 2014

Belum Rainforest Resort, Banding

Dah ke BELUM? Well thanks to Belum Rainforest, I get the chance to experience the beautiful rainforest of Belum for a quick getaway last weekend. It was at Pulau/Tasik Banding near Gerik, Perak and I drove for almost 6 hours with 2 pit stops along the way from KL using the North-South Express Highway and exit to Kuala Kangsar before venturing into Lenggong and finally Gerik. Before reaching Simpang Pulai, we noticed the huge sign of Mydin and Agro mall on our left and since it was time for lunch, we decided to check the place. Nothing much just some few stalls selling fruits and on the other corner there was wet mini markets selling vegetables, chicken and some fishes. 
MYDIN in the middle of the highway to survive? time can only tell
fruits stall


Once you are in Gerik town, just go straight after a small roundabout and look out for Belum Rainforest signage as you need to turn right after the traffic light and after 20 minutes drive, you will finally see the huge ROYAL BELUM signage on a hill across the bridge. This is the bridge that connects the north to the east coast so imagine those days before the installation of the bridge, it was crazy long hours drive! 
while we are at the are not going to miss the huge ROYAL BELUM signage
Finally we  arrived! We checked-in and found out that the room was at ground floor, so we requested for one floor above hoping that it would be a nice lake view. We managed to change the room but since the standing tall trees keep growing, the lake view is bearly visible however with the greens all around us, it is still a good way of waking up! :) 
spacious with wooden deco..i like!
no television as this is rainforest ..go out and enjoy the mother nature!
the toilet

gateway to nature indeed

 After settled our things in the room, we decided to check out this place. Oh ya, parking lot is available but quite limited if its packed. The resort look a bit old or maybe the design made the place look as such, I personally think some maintenance works need to be taken care here and staff should be trained on how to be more customer oriented. I'm not telling they are not friendly but they are too shy to approach us! Only the more prominent post staff are willing to paint a smile and say hi or to guide us what to do over here. haha.. Actually there are so many activities to do here infact there are lot of hidden stories that we discovered along the way with the local villagers that willing to share. Well..this resort have so much to offer but lacking of proactive staff to deliver it..hope there will be more room for improvement in the near future for Belum Resort.
The cafe
the superior room décor

a lot of stairs..lets run
As we were walking around the resort, En Fauzi approached us and offer to show us around. Guess it was our lucky treat, we managed to view the superior room and private posh villa as well. The house boat is also a nice place to stay, but perhaps next time as there were only 2 of us. 
passion fruit
overlooking the peaceful lake during sunset..
I wanna built my country home with a chandelier like this..
loving the leaves that stick to the wall naturally

view from the top of the assembly point
the houseboat

so peaceful and relaxing here

wanna dip?

the rumah kampong ..3 rooms style

huge houseboat..advance booking is required.

private pool!

bottle on the air

you can go for kayaking or bamboo rafting as well

will sure to come back here and explore the rainforest..perhaps to witness the rafflesia!
After checking the place we went to reception to check out the packages. Since I am not fit to enter the jungle, so we skipped and plan to do something else tomorrow. went to the room and ate our delicious sandwiches. went to bed so early coz it was so silent and quiet and nothing to do but to rest..hehe

Will update soon on the 2nd day where we managed to round the island via speed boat and another place for hill top view .simply magnificent especially after rain as we saw the rainbow and the clouds caressing the trees.. wait for it! :)


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