Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going loco with my LOMO

Yup...the euphoria is in the air.....as the grand prize winner of CNN Beijing contest, im going loco with my new prize, LOMOGRAPHY. what's that? well to some that dont know...let me share my 2cents worth of info...Born in the USSR, it was mass produced for the enjoyment of Soviet population in the 1980s. These little cutie produce various photographic effects, from playing with the angle, colours and focus, it also allows users to capture moment / happy accident in their life in unique ways. Lomo has since made a revival and has spread globally as a trendy and creative form of photography. Lomo camera presents the world differently, perhaps in a way you've never seen before. B going to have a lot of job to do now...he even more excited than i am. It wouldnt harm anyone with some glimpse of our Lomo rite? here you are...
signed, sealed and safely delivered by my bro, Ronnie all the way from mentakab. hehehe
Thanks to Astro and CNN.
And christmas gift come early...wuhuuu... wishing everyone a very happy, joyful, wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS! ho ho ho....

Monday, December 22, 2008

The dishes Is Singing--Sangeetha

211208 ..too much of being carnivore...Let's try vegie food lah today. off to masjid jamek for a quick lunch before heading to kelana business centre for an audition. Sangeetha is the name...i mean the vegie lunch that we decided to eat. Very close to Masjid jamek Putra LRT. Food- was 'unspeakably' delicious; ambience- was as if u r in Chennai, India; cleanliness - the foodware was like a shining armour; presentation-delightfully tempting;..without further ado..presenting...Sangeetha Restaurant... i told ya..the presentation is delightfully tempting...
they host party hall as well...so if u feel like eating vegetarian, try calling them at 03-20323333.

The Awaiting

pic taken at Bangsar Putra LRT

"The awaiting can be a platform of various anticipation. Resulting of joyment, heartbroken, confusion or even a painful feeling. Sincerely a moment of piercing your brain with numerous thoughts and tale."

quoted by Devi

i was in my moment of thought just the other day and was wondering what better way than initiating a quote for every PICTURE OF THE DAY scene. hrmm...sound so poetic rite? and yeah my brain was smoked with philosophy. or just being plain creative.....anyway..i'll post every now and then as my next "impossible is nothing" mission. it's not like im going to appear in the next James Bond's movie but u'll never know...hahaha...im a narcissts..naturally...so bear with it...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jug of Secret

was that any secret in it? well...honestly ...it was none..personally, i believe everyone has a little secret in their cerebrum braincells. whether your sub conscious mind allow you to be conscious or not...that will be another story all together...i got my JUG of SECRET...and its full of secrets...so who says im going to spill the beans?...
have a productive week ahead everyone! signing off, devi da lil devil...:)

Tunnel of Twilight

it's like a twilight zone where you feel u r being sucked..literally into a dungeon of wonderland..but after a while...i feel weird..in a good way...hrmmm....so next time if you were about to take the lrt, try standing at the end of the train...well...moving forward of coz to have this weird feeling.

Cool gadget-digital photo frame

received a totally cool digital photo frame as the runner up prize from Cartoon network -Astro.yeah..i love cartoons...and i love contests...heheheh. just plug in your memory card/usb(with lots and lots of pictures/music inside it) and walla...u can now view your pictures AND listening to music distinctively. It will playback automatically and best of all, there is remote control for that. awesome gadget...made in hong kong and the packaging was superbly remind me the colour of incredicble HULK. well...im loving it...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Is Coming...but where's Santa?

Christmas galore with gigantic christmas tree...some are nice while some are just plain so wrong..anyway..night of glitters are shining like a flickering stars on the streets...the rest are pure the usual...

San Francisco Steakhouse

Great promotion offer at Rm16.90 per set value meal comes with bread & butter (Starter), grilled salmon with cajun spice /spring chicken (main course),soup of the day & free flow of soft drink. and the food was far more better off than the same menu at any shopping complex food court...plus really courteous customer service. i've got no complain but only happy stomach and value for money......and oh ya...all this happening at any San Francisco Steakhouse.
grilled salmon with cajun spice
Spring chicken with the brown sauce that ooze your tastebud to guilt
the happy customer 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Life is beautiful yet indescribable at times

pic taken at Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju, KL

"kickstart the day with the right attitude..and u'll soon find life is indeed a beautiful journey no matter how long or far it going to take you"

quoted by Devi...poyonyeee (vain-pot)....kekekeke


eoe Online - PART 2

remember i was blogging about eoe Online earlier, well...the pictures has arrived (just 3 working days later)and i must admit, the service and quality is simply excellent. not only it was safely delivered, they actually place each photos in an album & sealed it in a cute box. now that what i called satisfaction guaranteed. definately will be my favorite online shopping for printing pictures. so dont keep all those photos in your pC / hardrives, get it print at eoe online and flip it like a polaroid picture... or as gift for any occasion...

so what are you waiting for... get it print like NOW! hehehehe....

good job,

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nuraini & Nur Hisyam Wedding Reception

301108 The day started with prayers called Marhaban. family members and frens were helping out at the back for some really good food...yum yum...mak andam (makeup artist) arrived late already pinch the situation when suddenly the whole flat went blackout. talking about panic attack before the reception. poor nuraini (nonie) was sweating but she was all cool. Things when pretty well at last went mak andam managed to pull it off within an hour and TENAGA finally did a good job on that day. happy faces of the couples are everywhere to be seen...

Nuraini & Nur Hisyam Solemnisation Ceremony

291108 Nuraini & Nur Hisyam solemnisation ceremony was held at Taman Bunga Raya Mosque. I was honoured to be appointed as their official photographer. while some funny moments and adrenalin rush that definately will be kept as fond memories. not only that the bride arrived late due to unforceen circumstances, we totally forgot about the tudung (headscarf) for me..yeah...gotta wear that when entering a mosque. luckily (nuraini's 8 years old sister, baby) lend it to me and quickly we got in before the ceremony started..hehehe.. And "seperti pinang dibelah dua"..here are some of the pictures. Congratulations! and Happy Married Life!


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