Sunday, October 31, 2010

World’s Coolest Intern

Standard Chartered Bank is on the lookout for the ‘World’s Coolest Intern’ to join the Breeze mobile banking team in Singapore.

"If Tweetdeck and Facebook are the first things to greet you in the morning and the last things you say good night to, you’re exactly the type of person they’re looking for! "


Then i asked myself, are you kidding me, i was born to BE IN LOVE and ADDICTED to both Twitter and Facebook. I dont think so i could live a day without them. They simply has become a neccesity than something that i only wish to have.

Why Im cool enough to be THE World's Coolest Intern...

I am an Opportunist that always look out for something new and interesting regardless what form of the activities. It could be something physical, mental or even virtual. Every seconds, status are updated around the globe by users in facebook or even twitter, do you know how many people are actually reading your shoutout or twitt and how many contests or information that are running around it.well..pretty much. Not only the notifications i've received everyday early in the morning excites me, but i always check out the contest, freebies, events and information that happening at the social network.

Thanks to Facebook, i managed to find long lost friend, cousins, relative and even the opportunity to travel around plus other perks like participating their campaign and events to meet up with local and also international celebrities. Opportunities like this dont come often, infact maybe only once in my lifetime, so instead of asking me why i choose this when i already have steady job/post in an Unit trust firm, i asked myself WHY NOT? I love to travel so if i do get the chance, i dont mind being posted anywhere in this planet as i could easily adapt to the environment.

I have this burning passion that drive me to do what i love, and love what i do.

I always believe in live life to the fullest. 6 months might be quite long for some, but hey if its the title of World's Coolest intern with Standard Chartered Bank & get paid SGD 30,000 for it doesn't amuse you, seriously, you must be out of your mind. I'm willing to take the challenge, climb the highest peak, hung up like a chimpanzee, fly the airplane, explore the darkest cave or go for parasailing even if im afraid of height

Meeting new people has been one of the highlights of my life be it the locals, celebrities, corporate executives or even CEOs.

I communicate well with people & i love taking photos so that i could updates my activities through my blog, twitter and even facebook.

Anyway even if i was not chosen, im pretty happy that i gotta the chance to create this post at the nick of time by reminiscing every photos and memories ive had in my life before this. And im hungry for more...wink wink

Click here for more details of the contest by Nuffnang

Friday, October 29, 2010

MAS -Dinner at Al-Halabi, JW Marriot

I was invited by Lynn to join MAS's blogger gathering and also to catch up with some of the MAS & their digital advertising Team, Fleish-man Hillard. The gathering took place at this exclusive lounge by Tarbush at Al Halabi, JW Marriot Hotel, KL last saturday.

I think the last gathering that i went was Dinner at Courtyard by it was more than a year ago. how time flies.. But it was really nice to catch up with Lynn, Jung Yee, Wai Fong, Jonathan, Kenny Sia and also first time meeting Stephanie from Fleish-man & Mohd hafiz. In conjunction with their new flight to be launched on 15th November, they are also giving away 2 return tickets to Beirut. So with good food and great company, the ambiance seems perfect to spend our Saturday night.
Everyone is paying attention on the video presentation, coz there will be a Quiz later to win those air tickets to Beirut.head of Marketing, Ms Wai Fong is giving us some updates on the latest soon to be launched airplane. Then, the Beirut Quiz that i think i failed miserably..hahahaAnyway, i enjoyed the food. then why there are no picture of food? coz i was too hungry..burp :P
Nice ambianceYeah I look "tall" today just checking out the lobby of JW marriot. Im not a fan of LV, but i think the deco are niceJW MarriotThe Lobbywe head to Pavilion later to exchange our GOLD CLASS GSC tickets to watch RED. And the Festival of Lights mood has started to spread.. nice kolam eh? i wish i could do this when im back to my hometown for this Diwali.
Thank you Lynn, MAS & Fleishman for the invites and a wonderful gathering.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biggest Crocs Concept Store has hatched

Something BIG, really BIG has arrived.
Date : 08 October 2010 (Friday)
Venue: Lot G-013A, Ground Floor, Midvalley MegamallThe biggest Crocs concept store is finally HERE at Midvalley Megamall. With the retail space of 1,700 sq ft, it probably also the biggest Crocs store in South East Asia (SEA)..woahhh.

Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd - the authorized distirbutors for Crocs in Malaysia proudly reopen their Midvalley concept store to the public last Friday. Due to the overwhelming success of this paricular outlet since its initial opening in 2007, they strives to serve its customers better by expanding the outlet size to almost Twice its initial retail space. Check out a snippet of their store below:

I was also being introduced by the new models available in the store which comprises

- Crocband Sneakers -so cute and adorable- Crocband Flat- Crocband Genna G

You can also find other Crocs concept store at Ikano Power Centre, Sunway Pyramid, The Mines, Mahkota Parade (Malacca), Aeon Tebrau City (JB), East Coast Mall (Kuantan), 1Borneo (KK, Sabah) and the very soon to be opened-Farenheit 88 at KL Golden triangle in November 2010.

If you prefer to shop online, fret not its all here at and the best part is Free Shipping & Delivery right to your doorstep.

So what are you waiting for, come join us and be part of the Crocs Feel Good Revolution" by clicking 'like' at Crocs Malaysia's Facebook page and also follow on Twitter at @Crocsmalaysia.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


ADAM LAMBERT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!OMG!With DiGi, Always the better choice
so when,where,what and how to get those tickests?

Date: 14 October 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

All you have to do is write a blog post telling us what you love about Adam Lambert, and why you should win the exclusive tickets from DiGi. You may also check it out here
Adam Lambert needs no explanation. He might be 2nd for the American idol seasons 8 but we all know he is our number 1 entertainment performer. And he is rocking it harder than ever. I think it is also safe for me to say that he is the male version of Lady gaga. Girls even the boys are in love with his music if not for his high level of energy and the dynamite power that he deliver during his performance. I too love the enthusiasm of his undying passion towards music. His controversial performance simply amazing..POP with surprises and craziness. So what i love about this talented man?

He keeps all the characters alive
He can sings well and let the glass break anytime soon

He rocks the stage with deep admiration He has great taste of high fashion & that he pull it off oh so naturally. with that smile,he is melting every hard rock I deserve to win coz :

~i adore everything about Adam lambert, his unique style, distinctive voice, talented soul, the fact that he is bold enuff to admit to the whole world that he is gay..well even a real man can't admit a simple honesty.:P

~he is one of my biggest Americal idol's inspiration, the reason i started to watch American Idol..really!

~coz i keep playing his songs over and over in my ipod & the fact that I'll dance like there's no tomorrow in his concert..probably my first ever concert i'll be attending here live in Malaysia.

~I have been practising what and how to greet him should i have the chance for a MEET & GREET with the man himself..Adam lambert.

~I have prepared the most 'Glam dress' with my matching boots, mascara and thick eyeliner.

~last but not least I am one of DiGi Loyal fan..c'mon give me a break

Digi Angels please grant my wish..thank you and here a video clip of how the highly recommended signature dish of the season..Adam Lambert. i'm ready to be Glambert!

*pictures courtesy from Google search.

Friday, October 8, 2010


It was a contest organized by AdidasMY at their FB fanpage Here . The contest required us to choose our favorite colour of the model, then tag 7 friends and complete with a slogan. That's it. I choose purple coz i heart that colour.Over few hundreds entry was received. So i didnt expect to win. But when the PIC called me and mentioned that i was one of the winner, boy i was excited.cant wait for that gear to be mine. After some hiccup here and there, finally i received my new gear,the latest Adidas Fluid trainer. i still prefer the purple one tho. anyway since the organizer said i can't choose the colour,so i got to deal with it. But the size that i requested earlier was supposed to be size UK5 but PIC got mistaken and ordered size UK41/2. Kinda tight, but according to PIC, they have run out of size UK5. can u imagine? so i need to get my trainer to be 'expanded' later. errrr starting to like the colour..: my purple training mat :P

I think it worth almost Rm300, i cant tell on the comfortability yet until i get the shoe expanded. so till then, sabar yea. And big thanks to Adidas for choosing my entry. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


with the orang asli at tasik chini,pahang. pic taken by my dad.

It's not sweet until u taste the real feeling of happiness

have you ever felt it before or feeling it right now at this very moment? if u do, give yourself a pat at the back.but if u dont, close ur eyes and give a deep thought about someting or someone that makes u feel like smiling from your mind. Get it?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 4 - DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Life without DiGi Iphone4 is kinda boring and plain.

But Slowly the wave of DiGi Iphone4 is gripping my mind with anticipation. i even wore my favorite DiGi baby tee with my favorite yellow man...

DiGi Iphone4 will definitely paints my life so colourful and funky and crazy till my jaw drop with amazement. DiGi Rocks my World. oh yeah!!!!

DiGi Iphone 4 LIFE!!

Thank you Nuffnang and a big Thank you to DiGi for giving me a chance to express myself during this competition. Hope everyone enjoy it as much as im enjoying myself blogging about it...weeeeeeeeee


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