Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali 2011

I am currently back in my lovely hometown with blasting sound of fireworks..but seems like the air are filled with smokes that it literally fade the wonderful vivid display of colours. Anyway Diwali mood has invaded..reached home about 6pm earlier and managed to did the instant 'kolam' with my sistas with the limited colouring dipped into the rice. First I was thinking about drawing a peacock then i thought it was too cliche'  hard, so i settled with a simple design which come from the heart..a love shape ..hehehe.. Lit up the oil lamp, served the food for prayers and chit chatting with loved ones always an anticipation moment for me!
Lit it up and let it shine!
mum's cooking is the best! :)
love them to bits. :)
 And presenting our piece of art.
This is the kolam design we made. Got KUCH KUCH HO TAI feel or not?
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all that celebrate this Festival of Lights a very Happy Diwali and may the colours of life shine upon you!To the rest of you, happy holiday and eat some muruku!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Office being raided by Nesvita & Flyfm!!

Woots! the title explains it all. It was in conjunction with their online contest at FlyFm (On the Spot Raid Office Edition)brought to you by Nesvita 3 in 1 where you need to register your office and submit a slogan on why FlyFm should raid your office. I've been drinking Nesvita 3in1 every weekdays morning for almost 4 years now. Yes, i am addicted to this drink beside plain water. I've submitted last Thursday and I was one of the lucky person to be selected. They call me the next day itself!. So to dish away those Monday blues and to kick start our motivation for the entire week, it doesnt get any better than this. We got some extra energy booster with the FlyFm crew coming to our office as early as 945am to set up the props, bunting plus arranging some prizes to be given away later. That's not all, they even cater some food for us.
Bunting are all set up
The mugs, foldable recycle bag and Nesvita 3in1 - my breakfast every morning
Training going on, everyone was paying attention on the board, but I think at back of their mind, most probably they are waiting what does FLyFm crew are up to later.eheheheh
The goodies
About 11am, Hafiz and Nadia (both cheerful DJs of FLYFM) entered with a round of loud and cheerful energy of applause. After some brief introduction, we had chance to test our bowling and mini golf skills. Best of all, the 1st winner to strike the bowling pins and manage to beat hole in one will win RM50 cash each. There was also lucky draw where some lucky participants received Ipod Shuffle, Seagate Harddisk 320GB and another RM50. cool eh? everyone went back happily with the Nesvita mug and recycle foldable bag. :)

Trying the mini golf
Almost strike, so close yet so far
The happy winners!
Nonie, Nadia and me!
Yeah, Rm500 cash,  hamper worth RM200 from Hafiz and Nadia! we meet again!
There are plenty more food after the caterer left. dont worry,,we will finish it..:)
Everyone was happy and charged up for this wonderful raid up! Apparently Nesvita will be contacting me for the rest of the hamper worth RM2,000 soon.
Group picture..!!
Thank you so much FlyFm and Nesvita for choosing my entry and we had fun with the crew this morning. Add them in Facebook and keep listening to FLYFM! you never know, you might be the next lucky winner! Stay optimistic and keep FLYing peeps!

Check out the video HERE 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BISOU bake shop - Jumbo cupcake

I was thinking about something sweet today and suddenly the thought of cupcake came into my mind. Well let me relate to my 'feast' with a jumbo size cupcake that get me sugar rush for few days..Few months ago, Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia updated their status on a promotion giveaway, my eyes were wide open for a sec. It accompanied by a photo of comparison between the Jumbo size cupcake and a normal cupcake. 
pic courtesy from Bisou Bake shop/Harper's Bazaar FB wall..
Yup it was that huge, all heavenly made with love from the friendly staff of Bisou Bake Shop! .
And to win one of this Jumbo cupcake worth RM110, all i have to do was to email to Harper's Bazaar by telling which are my favorite cupcake from Bisou Bake Shop & why. Then lucky strikes, an email stating that i've won and in order for me to collect this Jumbo yet cute cupcake, I need to inform in advance at least 3 days prior to the date of collection. So one fine Saturday (after reservation made), I went to their KLCC outlet to get a glimpse of this colourful & vibrant Jumbo cupcake.
Located at Level 3, Suria KLCC..just beside the TGV Cinema
Some of their signature cupcakes
I was intrigued by its colourful love shaped 'confetti' on top of this DARK SECRET.
I can actually smell the nice vanilla plus chocolate flavor upon reaching there. The staff are friendly and efficient. They also recommended some of the other signature cakes and cookies. It was so colourful and cute that I felt it was hard for me to eat them.

Bisou Bake Shop first started in June 2007 at Asian Heritage Row but now they have expanded and open another 2 outlet which one in KLCC and another in Bangsar. Seems like a trend nowadays that most people craving for cupcakes, besides its a good gift for celebration too.
The packaging was equally creative too
The minute I received it, I just couldnt resist but to open the box to have a peek.
Temptation can be a guilty pleasure..ehehee
But its okay, i wrapped it up to bring home and share it with others.. grrrr :)
Drooling right,,,creamy on top
It was one of the best cupcake ive really
I tried my level best to not 'hurt' the cake, but i couldnt help it. The nicely decorated moist creamy cupcake just need to be eaten as it was too tempting. It wasnt too sweet which was perfect and the best of all the icing was soft but with rich dark chocolate flavours. The cake was moist and yummy. 

You may add them on Facebook and check out their website for more cravings..:P If you are planning for birthday parties, celebration or even just for some snacking time, who knows you might find your liking there.

Thanks to both Harper's Bazaar and Bisou Bake i'm craving for one..maybe will go and get it later..byeee

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pulau Ketam outing (Tourism Selangor)

Woke up way too early this morning when i just got to sleep at 2am the night before. zzzzzz. But i was pretty excited as Tourism Selangor has organized a day out trip to Pulau Ketam today! By 7am, I'd already reached KLsentral where our meeting point was. Some of us decided to take the Komuter train which was honestly a bad choice :P. Just say we managed to reach the last station, Pelabuhan Klang almost 1 hour behind the scheduled time.  
almost reaching.
Anyway upon reaching, we took a boat ride which was almost 20-30 minutes from the jetty to Pulau Ketam. Good thing was that we were all insured courtesy of Tourism Selangor. yeay! We then were asked to gather at Balai Islam for briefing by the crew, Fazly Razally and Dian. The representative from Majlis Perbandaran Klang, Mr Winston Chua was there too. There will be a mini photography contest going on as well. The rest of itinerary are pretty much free and easy to explore these floating houses with boats and variety dialects like Hokkien, Teochew, Mandarin and yes! awesome inexpensive seafood treat!
bicycles are the main transportation here..
So we were given options to either explore by foot or cycling. I took this opportunity to cycle coz i think the last time i did, it must have been ages ago. :P Only for RM5, you can rent the bike for a whole day. Its pretty small island, so im sure even without a map, we definitely wont get lost. 
It was hot and burning! :P
haha. After some exploring under the scorching hot sun and snapping some photos, I decided to go back to our briefing point as it is already 1230pm. Here are some of the photos I've took. wasn't the best as my mojo was not there. not enuff sleep doesnt help either.:P
its a recycle 'mansion'

The Chinese Temple
A lot of rubbish..i think they need to beef up the place and get more dustbin! hahah
hanging clothes
the sporting uncle
floating houses and their boats
the playful kids
Rumah Pesara /Home of the Retiree
Ahaks..just for fun!
at least there were some crabs here..muddy!
Then its time for lunch! no crab tho, but it was an awesome lunch with steam fish, squid curry & prawn sambal. yummy!
After lunch, the Tourism Selangor crew selected the best 6 photos and won by Nigel (i personally love his photos), Spectre, Kelly Chin, Daniel, Sky & another guy..sorry forgotten his name..oppsss...Congrats and it was nice meeting you guyz! We had our group photos (can someone forward to me any of the group photo, didnt manage to get someone to snap it..thanks) and took the speed boat on the way back to the jetty. By 530pm, I was finally at home, tired and stinks like a dried it was fun! thanks to Tourism Selangor..hope to receive invites for the next outing ya..till then..keep exploring :P. So add them in FACEBOOK or TWITTER, who knows you may join for another #TourismSelangor Day Out like this too!
The only stuff i bought from there..its a cute spongebob minifan..kekeke


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