Monday, August 25, 2014


The short dress or known as the mini dress are seen to be one of the items that every girl have in their closet. The short dress may be bought to be worn once to a certain occasion or simply because it just caught your attention while you were shopping. Whatever the reason must be, do not hide those mini dress at the back of the closet as you could perk it up to show off your personality. The short dress will never go out of style as designers are always producing new ideas of designs and prints to suit every individual’s taste and personalities. There are three different ways where you could style up your mini dresses and look fashionable as ever. 

The first look is to match your short dress with a nice pair of sneakers. Women can choose from the classic Converse one or go more relaxed with slip-ons. This kind of style is suitable for the girls who want to show off an edgy and laid back character. Not only that, it makes you feel comfortable walking all day long with comfy pair of shoes. I personally love this look especially when I travel as I tend to walk a lot for sight seeing. So comfort is definitely the key for this essential look.  
Looks so comfortable right? 
The second look which women can try is the simple and cute mini dress pair up with an oversized sweater or denim jackets. This style is perfect when you are in a cold setting and it gives you a classy look. For the ladies who aim to get a toned down and descent look, an oversized sweater will do the trick. However, make sure that the hem of the sweater is longer than your actual dress or it will probably look sloppy. Besides that, overlaying a denim jacket on top of your dress gives it a simple yet stylish appearance which makes it perfect to parties and fun celebrations. 
Another classic yet edgy look
denim jackets will do the trick
The third look for women to try is by slipping on a pair of dark or neon coloured leggings with the mini dress. This type of look is mainly for the ladies who do not want to show a lot of skin. You do not have to shy away from wearing the short dress as leggings can help you show off your dress style with confidence all around town. 
love how simple black and white add on the rocker chic style

fashion that never fade..always chic and look cool
If you are wondering where to get some new mini dresses, try checking out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of beautiful mini dress designs and you could have it delivered straight to your home! I'm going to add few more short dress for my collection too but honestly i'm spoilt for choices because Zalora simply have great varieties of latest arrival.  Just one click away so go and check it out now!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pensonic Cooking Class with Dato Chef Haji Ismail

Received an invitation or to be more specific I actually won from the Pensonic Raya-Merdeka Bring Chef Home contest, so thank you Pensonic for a great Cooking Class with Dato Chef Haji Ismail on a rainy Saturday morning last week (16/8/2014). 

Reached DoubleTree by Hilton KL early and was greeted by friendly staff of Pensonic. Dato Chef was already there and gladly took photos with invited guests and participants at the photobooth with props. I also noticed that there are on ground Instagram contest for 7 lucky winners to bring home Pensonic Chef's Like series kitchen appliances. He is such a friendly, down to earth and funny person. Simply light up the room as we enter for a cooking class with him.

First thing first, picture time..then breakfast! i was so hungry so the finger food really helps..haha Pastries, donuts and cute cupcakes filled up my empty stomach that morning quite well. :) 
Chef Ismail so sporting
Thanks Shireen for the company.great chat we had
DoubleeTree has always been one of my favorite hotel in KL
sweet rush
sweet and sour roll
crispy pastry
fish mini cupcake
Then while chit chatting with Shireen, I noticed one of my teen crush which is also one of the Pensonic's ambassador. Alan Yun...i used to had crush on him haha..very friendly and was nice chatting with him after last seeing him during press conference for Gubra in 2006! 
year 2006, press conference for Gubra..hehe
year 2014 ..hehe we meet again..we still look the same kan? haha
While waiting for the session to start, we continue to snap some pictures around. who knows might win something under the instagram contest. hehe. The event finally starts at about 1030am, but Chef ismail didnt want us just to sit and listen, so he get us to form a group front of the stage and next thing we knew we were dancing to the  beat from "Sway With Me". He can really moves! was quite fun. After 10-15 minutes of dance routine, he finally decided to teach us how to cook Nasi Cili Hijau, Ayam Percik and Otak Otak. Very informative session and he kept us entertained with his wits and humor. The class was interactive with questions and answers plus the laughter from the audience. 

class going to start
Some of Pensonic's appliances
The steamer looks cool! I have the oven at home and its easy to use

and there are 7 prizes for I participated the instagram contest as well
Feeling lucky? 
The whole hall smells good
3 dishes cook by Chef Ismail
After the cooking session ends, it was time to announce the winners for the instagram contest. and jeng jeng jeng..I was one of the winners so i won a oven..hehe another collection in the house..hehee Thank you so much Pensonic! 
all 7 winners with their prizes

After the prize ceremony, it was time for lunch. Food are deliciously served at the back of the hall, buffet style. And the menu also included the dishes that Chef Ismail cooked earlier. Yummy!

Prepared by Doubletree 

More food
Managed to bump into Aunty Roselyn and Teh during the session as well. It has been quite some time since our last meeting. It was nice to meet them again. :) Good luck in your masters, Teh!
Met Aunty Roselyn after so long. so friendly. 
with Teh , Roselyn's daughter and i knew her from Pantene contest.

THank you once again Pensonic for a wonderful event. It was informative and cant wait to cook! hehe . Follow them on Facebook for more updates and line up ! till then adios amigos.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Color Run - happiest 5K on the planet!

Last Sunday was definitely one of the best day that will be fondly remembered in my life. I came across about the Color Run dubbed the happiest 5K on the planet (I couldn't agree for more) through CIMB facebook as they were one of the co-sponsored for the event. Synonym with its name, The Color Run is basically no-rules 5km marathon that create the idea of wearing white at the starting line and finish plastered in colors!! Almost like HOLI festival except for crazy dance and rave after party effect. Anyway since I'm always game for unique and motivating theme like this, I've joined one of the simplest contest in their facebook page to score 2 free passes worth RM150 for it. I've collected my race pack a week earlier and it has been quite some time I feel this excited for something upcoming. Yeah i miss those feeling but fret not my mojo is back haha..time to heighten new discoveries. 
Founded in January 2012, The Color Run engaged to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing people from all walks of life together to participate in the "Happiest 5K on the Planet". Single largest event series in the United States, it has exploded in 30+ countries with hosting more than 170 events in 2013. 
Awesome line up! 
Honestly speaking, my first marathon run was when I was in primary 4/5 and it was not that fun. I normally run on treadmills nowadays to keep myself healthy and stay in shape. This Color Run however entice me probably due to its fun character and the anticipation was pretty hype up.  

I was so semangat that i woke up at 5am even though I slept at 1am that day. My sis supposed to join me but she was too tired, so I went alone. Padang Merbok was still dark when i arrived at 6am, while I could see so many Color Runners already filled that area. My spirit and mood was definitely high in excitement. After warming up session, the runners were released batch by batch as there were thousand of us. Some clad with their cute tutu, knee length striped socks, headgears, colorful wigs and even sarongs! ahaaa. It was massive energy of good vibes I must add. Mixfm DJ Linora was hosting the event with awesome catchy dance music that definitely will keep your heart racing and pumping for a good entertainment. 
ok ready?
it was only 615am but participants already filling up the space.
Road was closed but lucky I came earlier so managed to get a parking spot..haha
So since this is my first color run, I didn't know what to expect but equally excited as well. I was walking towards all the booth from TNT to Toyota and CIMB to check out what's happening. There were photobooth and some free insta polaroid-like photos to be taken home for free as long as you upload your photos and #hashtag the write words. Most of the photos are taken from my Nexus 4 smartphone.
nice ! thank god i brought my Yes4G huddle as i dont subscribe to data plan..
There were also the trampoline jump shot but the queue was too long, so I've decided to come back later after the run.
must remember to try this!
I dropped my bag at the BAG DROP counter, with my BIP number 01403 tagged with it to claim later after the run. As I was walking to the starting line entrance, guess who I bump into? Hans Isaac..hehe..then I also met nabila Huda, harith Iskandar and Joanne Yew of (The Journey's fame) from afar. Some of my friends were there but I could only bump into Kanmani and new friend, Irene. well check it out the fun through some pictures below, millions of vivid color combinations for sure! haha
woots !.Hans joining the run as well
Observe our white Thirst and clean face.
The line was so massive that all of us have to wait for our turn to reach the starting line where Linora and other volunteers was up on a pillar throwing colorful powder on us..Every 1KM would be different stop of massive color blasting. Our first stop was TNT pit stop. We were ORANGED..hahah and we continue our walk among all these happy runners. if you are having a bad day, the energy here will definitely keeps you happy and smiling from ear to ear. We were like bunch of kids that don't mind being thrown with color powders (made of corn and its safe not curry powders okay) unto us..infact i was willingly standing in the middle instead of avoiding the chase. That's the whole point of coming here in the first place anyway. 
YES ah..first check point..ORANGE
how often do people come to istana selangor in colors like this..just after being plastered with orange powder at the TNT stop
We photoboomed, join the fun, dance, jump and laugh out loud. Thousand of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometre. The most havoc was at the CIMB stop..pitch RED with their volunteers so enthusiastic throwing colored powder on us like it was a competition. The atmosphere was surreal and it definitely create happiness and lasting memories for all of us.
we are at the blue zone..
Tugu Malaysia route..
the colorful bunch of tutus
come ready ! haha
we are colored..haha
the craze of lying on the road
my adidas fluid looks so rainbow
merdeka merdeka! haha
these 2 are funny and bubbly people. thanks for the company
photo from Ahmad Daud
peace..finish line!
I had so much fun at the Color Run..really, simply cant wait for 2015! It was greatly organized, everyone is having good times there, from kids to adults. How often do you get this vibe nowadays? People are saying HI to each other, smiling and joining the fun as if we are one big family. 
some of the polaroids ive managed to retrieve, more to come soon as i went back after the trampoline jump and forgot about Toyota booth..lucky my fren penarbekala managed to collect on my behalf..yeahh
Last but not least, my mission to have the trampoline jump shot before i go home. So i waited in line for the final shot which was taken by the CIMB 's official photographer. orait done, went back home covered myself with ponco (also distributed by CIMB 's volunteers) so that our cars are not plastered in colors..haha..and bringing back memories of a lifetime. Thank you CIMB! check out the video below, time for me to get a GoPro..hehe
ive made it to the Color Run,,see you next year! thank you CIMB for the photo


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