Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Fiery DrAgON 2012!

 I'm reminiscing everything that had happen, what ive done, what i shall hv done and what ive learnt..most importantly No regrets. 2011, u hv been both B@#$% and Angel to me. so yeah u've planted some memories that I will cherish but at the same time probably there are certain slot that i just want to get rid of it. Anyway most importantly, I grew to not only love myself even more (i know im a narcissist, so what?) but also to the underprivileged. My perspective towards life definitely has changed miraculously. There are more than meet the eyes.

But I am still the hard headed soul that will lead my life the way i want and I honestly don't give a tick about what others going to say. Coz I am the lil'devil after all.Wishing everyone a prosperous New year. keep chasing those dreams that you have been keeping at the back of your mind. Never compare yourself with others but keep their success / failure as a reminder to you. Lead a healthy and happy/positive lifestyle. By all means, avoid anything that will do more harm than good to yourself. Okay im not going to nag all of you with these advices but its good to be reminded, right? Hrmm...i remembered telling myself early this year that I'll be quiet as the church mouse Ryan Gosling..or did I? I think yeah..i just traveled to Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong plus few local road trips. Few dream destination have to put on hold.(hang on there, lil devil)...but at least i have more time to write and joining contests, meet some really cool people, do the things that ive always wanted, sharing the same passion and learn to fight ignore those nasty @#$%*.

Let's wait and see what's coming for 2012. It's time to torch the dragon fiery and get rid of all the negativity. At the same time let's make 2012 a SWEET ride! And photos always accompany my blog, so there you go...
Let's make 2012 a Sweet ride! woots! katak biru says put put
So long 2011, let's welcome the fiery Dragon 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Taman Negara Pahang -Breathtakingly Part 2

Yo everyone..i know ..i know..this post suppose to be published like 1 month ago but unfortunately Ive been busy (ahh lame excuses) ok ok the truth is ive been occupying myself with a lot of stuff (that's better! :P) Anyway as the last Taman Negara post previously, it continues give urself a good few minutes to spare some reading here! neah...just probably feast your eyes with some greens and more greens..Green is the new black yo!

Woke up early in the morning as the chirping birds with 'lustful' voice of bugs and creepy crawlers of the jungle invading the air as if acknowledging that this is their territory. Or was it a welcome ushering? Either way, the fresh air I breathes the minute I walk out from the cabin, aaaaahhhhh....i can only feel it myself..You on the other hand, gotta be here to feel what i felt. so eat that! lol..

This is our cabin


welcome in

orait..let;s start our journey to Titian Kanopi..
The weather was so fine, fresh in the morning and best of all with great company! :) while trekking, the beauty of nature are definitely something to be admired.
the rains yesterday keep the route a little slippery this morning.
The trail pretty easy. so no worries except probably beware of some leeches..hehehe.
my dad..reminded me of the good old days when we used to 'masuk hutan' :P
Check it out who decided to accompany us while trekking...
Look what we found...a wild boar. probably the same that we saw yesterday hehe
i felt so small right now..but this one really cool bamboo trees growing healthily
the grip from the branch are pretty strong that it left a mark on this tree
the broken must be wondering-nak kena rotan ni..:P

uphill time..hehe..i remembered taking the same picture like this in Phuket.
these huge trees might be more than 100 years.

Not for those who are afraid of height..

I've enjoyed walking on the suspension bridge..well they said it was Walk across the longest Malaysian suspension bridge in the world, at 530 m. about 25 m-40 m high, and view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the summit of the forest. Simply amazing and breathtaking. 
One person at a time to cross..keep your distance from each other..i feel like im in the quest with Indiana Jones..hehe
dad was sweating..tired..but he enjoyed it very much
reaching at this point, u need to climb a ladder ..literally..
And along the way we met with a couple of Paris, Anne & Anthony and a New Zealander, Joshua. Since we decided to just stay 1 night as dad has thing to do, we offer another night stay to them. Joshua happily accepted it. well at least the opportunity are put to good use. He even invited 2 of his friends to bump over..the cabin i must admit is pretty 'luxury' comparing to staying in a tent/guesthouse around there. :)
Anthony, Anne, lil devil, Joshua and dad for a Kodak Moment
This is the spot for tiger watching..huhuh
 Then we went back to our cabin and hand over the key to Joshua. After refresh ourselves, we decided to have our lunch in Jerantut town..hungry man after the trek.
Yeah we were here!
 Took the boat ride (RM1) to crossover, heading home with fond memories of Taman Negara...peaceful weekend with greenery encounter. Short but relaxed weekend getaway.

This place easily get high tide after heavy downpour..
So, r u green with envy yet? come to Taman Negara Pahang and enjoy the beauty of life gotta offer before its too late.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Extreme Challenge-Sunway Lagoon

I came unprepared..honestly..with 4 hours of sleep, I was purging and my menstrual decided to visit..topping the list was butterfly and probably dunno what else was flying in my stomach..hrrrmmm…the least I could hope was to come back with the consolation prize—Nestle hamper worth RM200. 

Last Friday, I was one of the 20 shortlisted participants chosen from the photo contest at Sunway Lagoon facebook page that came to take up the challenge for their Extreme competition.
The enthusiastic 19 contestants
But..not as determine I would expect it to be…that morning I could see almost 19 participants were pretty hyped up to take up the extreme challenge happening at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia except for myself...:P . Registration starts at 10am by the friendly Sunway's staff, Ms Ivy.
the smile was probably a cover up of the nervous-ness inside..hehehe
 The briefing started with an enthusiastic ‘Chief Tribe’ explaining to us the instruction of the challenge. We were teamed up randomly and I was in team C with Ahmad Faizul. Each team were given an envelope which contain all the tasks that we need to do. We were given close to 1 hour 20 minutes to finish all the 8 challenges. Each completed task will be given 1 bonus point. No point will be given if you didn’t manage to score the right answer/finish the task correctly. Most importantly no cutting queue..yes we need to queue with the public if need be.. Time and strategy are pretty crucial as those who check in after 12pm, their points will be deducted accordingly. 
The Chief Tribe was giving some instruction on the Extreme Challenge
As the Chief Tribe starts clocking, all of us rushed to the table to collect our designated envelope. We wasn’t shocked to see all the tasks as we kinda expected it already.. So with no particular order, there were 8 pieces key words with simple diagram on it that includes – JUMPER , BULL EYES, GO FOR A RIDE, WHEEL ADVENTURE, SWINGING TARZAN, SPLASH THE MARKER, ROW ROW YOUR BOAT & the last one I can quite remember but it was something to do with surfing..

Off we went to do the easiest and less crowd which was the wheel adventure, we guessed it right the ATV ride. We found a marshall with green army-liked attire, complete with military green marker painted on his face. We showed the small piece clue to him, he instructed us to calculate how many red flag along the trail. Sound easy right? Yup..but not quite..after wearing our safety gear, off we go, then suddenly Faizul having problem with his ATV bike that he was left behind and I started to forgot about the counting…LOL..but thank god he managed to count the flag half of the trail, after crossing the road, another team was asking the marshall about the flag colours that it strike me the reason I took the wheel adventure in the first place..kekeke…so I managed to calculate another half of the trail. Came back to the meeting point, I asked Faizul how many flags he managed to count and I combined with the one ive managed to count. Told the Marshall and he was staring as if my answers were wrong…but luckily we got it right, so he pasted 1 sticker on that clue piece. Off we ran towards the 2nd task, BULL EYES—the archery. Unfortunately we didn’t managed to get any point as we didn’t hit the we went to the 3rd , GO FOR A RIDE..(the GO KART) but there were already different team lining up there and to wait for another 5 minutes will delay us. 
So we skipped that and we proceed to SPLASH the MARKER which was the Paintball..not as easy as it seems as we need to shoot a ping pong ball that was hanging on a mock tree,it was about 30 metres away. Both persons in a team MUST shoot the ping pong in order to score for a point. No point given if only 1 person in a team managed to do it..peer pressure man! Thank god, both us managed to shoot it! Woots..i think I’m pretty lucky as only 10 bullets per person, Faizul managed to do it after 3rd or 4th attempt, mine was almost the 8th or 9th attempt..hehehe..ok next we decided to go for ROW ROW YOUR BOAT—yes it was kayaking. We need to pedal our kayak for a shape of the number ‘ 8’ around 2 bunkers in the middle of the lake. I think we did it like a pro..hahaha..teamwork and proper communication during the kayaking. Pedal to the right when we want to sway to the left. So we score a point for that. Next we move on to the SWINGING TARZAN—yes you guess it right -the flying fox…it was already a killer to climb those stairs up, the worst part upon reaching to the top was the staff that handling on the harness,rope and buckle for the flying fox was having an heated argument among themselves (a black and 2 bangla). That not only freak me out coz as they were buckling those ropes and harness on me, they were busy arguing..and that pissed me off. I actually raised my voice and said “can you guyz just cut this out, im not going for this ride with a condition like this”..but then they apologized and fixed it properly. The marshall gave me a water balloon tol hold on my right hand. Geez…I need to throw the waterballoon on the yellow bunker that was located in the middle of the pool as I sway myself on that “ride”. This is funny, I was quite prepare to throw the waterballoon until imbalance took place that I lost my position and went slide backwards… I was trying to look down where on earth was that yellow bunker..i don’t care and I just dropped the waterballoon. Reaching the end, as I went down from and walking towards another marshall, she give me a sticker. So I guessed it hit the yellow bunker earlier. 
At this point of time, we are left with 3 tasks to be completed. Time are running fast. Faizul keep asking do you wanna do the bungy jump..i said yea…as I always wanted to do it. But my head starts to spin with the scorching hot sun and lack of sleep and water! The bungy jump needs only 1 person from the team to do it for a point. So we decided to proceed with the GO KART least we just need to do 10 laps within 5 minutes and I’ll be sitting on a ride..apparently we were the last team to complete the GO KART. The rest of the team has completed it. Hrrm…ive started to doubt about winning top 3 now..yeah hamper will do good. Hahah…
Finally the jump that I was waiting for…ahem ahem…as I climbed the same stairs as the flying fox earlier…darn…I was wondering to myself…what on earth am I doing it..laziness started to pinch in..but my alter-ego, lil devil was invading and said..wth..just go up there and do it!

To be honest, ive always wanted to try the bungy jump but never expect it will be in this condition. As my head already spinning and exhaustion kicked in, the dizziness seems to add the pinch of salt on an open wound. But giving up especially now is definitely not an option. So as I brave myself to dish all the negativity and think of the dream ive always wanted to as I reached the suspension bridge, I handover the 2nd last task piece to the marshall and prepare for the jump. The staff are bunch of friendly and great people. They make you feel at ease and relax. As they explained the safety precautions and instruction before the jump, another staff were busy wrapping my two legs with towel followed by hooking it right to the harness and all on my waist. Faizul and Ayu were giving me some motivation chat. I put aside my fear and tiredness, move very slowly forward till both of my feet are half out from the board where im standing. I look up, both hands up to the side and getting ready for the jump. Counting down 3,2,1 and I just let myself free as I could hear Faizul’s voice cheering from afar..i then leaned forward and jump off from the board high above..I could only feel my body was light as a feather and suddenly it was going down that makes me to look down, it was surreal coz I was probably in a shock that I could not was a silent jump straight down not until when I could feel the trigger pushed me up that it strike me. And I screamed my lungs out loud after that…Wohoooooooooo……the scream of relief and exhilaration probably continue for like almost 20 seconds..hahah..Adrenalin rush in, my blood stream was moving like a bullet train straight to my brain through the veins.. It was indeed an awesome ‘ride’. Fuh..massive headache after that, but we still have another task to finish, which was the surfing. Huh? Faizul came down from the stairs with the sticker attached on the JUMPER clue piece. 

Finally we ran toward the surfing point, there was already 1 team getting ready for their turn, so we queue up and waited. Suddenly I feel really dizzy and nausea. I went to the side and find the bushes before throwing up. Bleurrrkkkkk….hehehe…at least I felt slighter better thereafter. The other team couldn’t manage to get any points as the task wasn’t easy. We decided to skip and proceed to clock in our time. Upon reaching the meeting point, Dyat and his teammember were already there. We were the 2nd to arrive. Passed to the chief all our clues with stickers attached on it except for the BULLEYES and SURFING. Bonus point for clocking in before 12pm. Other teams arrived gradually until it was almost 1220pm that all 20 teams were in.

While waiting I took some the time to took some pictures of the prizes in stake with my spinning head..LOL

2 x Ipad2, 2x samsung tab and 2 x Lomo camera
Hamper worth Rm200 for the consolation winners
20 goodie bags of Nestle merchandize..thumbdrive 4G, plush pillow,waterbottle etc
my weight was written on my hand, before the jump earlier
After deliberation by the Sunway Lagoon and Nestle Drumstick team, finally the Chief came forward to make the announcement. Since everyone agreed to announce the TOP 3 first, he started by calling the 3rd placing team followed by 2nd and finally the champion. Faizul and I kinda didn’t expect much to be in top 3 and I was hoping for the hamper only. With massive headache kicks in, all I could think off was to get rid of the pain in my head. 3rd placing won by Ayu and her teammate, then came 2nd which was quite a competitive pair, and before the 1st place was announced, Faizul actually turn to me and said “ I think we had a good chance to be the champion” I was smirking and said neah probably Dyat ‘s team will be the first not knowing how many points they have scored.
Ayu and her teammate won a lomo camera set for each person
the competitive pair that won themselves a samsung tab each
 Not until when the Chief screamed “And the 1st place, the champion of this extreme challenge goes to TEAM C!!!!!!” that it strike me..OMG…its us..i screamed and jumped off from my seat..HIGH 5 to Faizul and the rest of the participants…ahaks!..and there…the gorgeous white IPAD2 wifi 3G worth RM2,199 belong to me!!! Wohoooooo…even tho it was my 2nd IPAD2, but this is a keeper after all the “crazy stunts” ive did..So yeah I was extremely over the moon with the winning. Didn’t expect to be the champion of this extreme challenge..i guessed I was lucky to be teamed up with Faizul, we never stressed each other but teamwork ,communication and support was the key point on our winning. 

The prize ceremony was short and simple presented by the General Manager of Sunway Lagoon, Mr Mag and Marketing Manager of Nestle, Ms Carol. Thank you guyz and to both Sunway Lagoon and Nestle for organizing the Extreme Challenge.

muaks! hehehe just nice as another Christmas gift for me!!
 Apart from winning, the extreme challenge had teach us about teamwork, determination and having fun while we are in it. So yeah I had fun and make new competitive friends..haha. Strange thing is that I’m still having headache after the jump…im like a swinging junglewoman…hahaha..
Happy faces!!!
So what are you waiting for, if you want to have fun like we did, come and add Sunway Lagoon now! A little sad that no footage /photo of me doing the bungy jump but what the heck, I’ve truly enjoyed it. And yes I received my certificate for that..hehehe

i received my certificate of insanity...
 p/s: Thanks Ayu for fetching me to and from the Asia jaya LRT to Sunway Pyramid.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Richard Marx-Live in Genting Highland, Malaysia

11 Dec 2011- A day that probably I'll be Right here waiting for the one and only singer-songwriter music legend, Richard Marx as his songs will be remembered for Now and forever!

It was indeed a memorable night for me to be there at Genting Highland, above the clouds literally. Finally I was able to watch the legendary Richard Marx serenading few of his best singles hits live in conjunction with his World Tour 2011. I used to listen to his music on radio or even watching his video clip on MTV..u know those were the years with his famous big hairdo (probably Disney The Lion King gotta do with it), but having said that, listening live and being like few metres away from the stage was even way better coz it was almost dreamy! 

Among some of the numbers sang and played just with his acoustic guitars and piano were Endless Summer Night, Keep Coming back, Hazard, Now and Forever, Don’t Mean Nothing, When You Loved me (latest single) and of course the finale before he ends his acoustic evening-Right Here Waiting. The almost 3000 crowd was cheering and this man really rock the night smooth and so fine! It bring down memory lane almost to the spine..hehe

Thanks to NTV7 for those tickets and im glad I was fortunate to witness one of my idol since I was 14 that very night!
got my tickets..let's enjoy the show
waiting and waiting...just like the title of his big hit song
Finally, 20 minutes later after local indie artiste, Liyana finished her opening act, finally the man that we have been waiting for humbly dazed in the stage. The rest of it, like they say- a history to be remembered. This multi-talented icon simply keeps us amazed with his soulful voice almost like a ghost whisperer that hypnotized us into supernatural encounter. Wohhhh… 
He can write good music, sing beautifully and play the guitar so well..woaaaaaaa
local indie artist Liyana Fizi was lucky to be performing with Richard!
I think he is kinda cool dad too judging by how his passion for music has basically been absorbed silently by his 3 teenaged boys. Synonym with his latest album titled Stories to Tell, he indeed  has a lot of interesting stories that he shared with us that night. Like how he finally agreed that “Women Are Always Right!” statement as he refers that to his wife, Cynthia. And how he was really into this mysterious dark series that he actually wrote and composed the big hit HAZARD. And how he told us about his best friend, the late Luther Vandross where they both created one of the most beautiful song “dance with my father” that earned them the 2004 Grammy Award! He even jokingly said perhaps the ghost of Luther are with us that night watching us..
Performing with his sons virtually on If only you can SAVE ME
He also made his way down stage to mingle with the fans..darn u VIP seaters!
Another funny story was when he was writing This I Promise You for Nsync. The screaming girls towards this POP boy band was absurd, he knows pretty well where he stand. not until came a screaming young girl towards him while he was walking out from the secret location while collaborating with NSync at that time. He was just about to - oh well kinda rise on cloud 9 when that girl asking “R u Richard marx?” , before he could be flying up, “oMg…my mum really loves you!” so there, he knew that he cant compete with the boy band vibe but tell all you want, I on the other hand feel that he still has his charm, wit and yes looking far more better than he was during the 80’s or 90s. Honestly, he looked dashing for a 48! That man can really sing and play the guitar/piano so well! It was as if he breathes through the notes and rhythm of music. I'm still clueless on how he could actually wrote those deep meaningful lyrics and he still does. Inspiring! 

he look better at 48! not missing the big hair do
The last song - Right here Waiting - *.*
Thank you NTV7 for giving me the chance to reminisce and walk through memory lane. I truly enjoyed it!


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