Thursday, February 26, 2009

Part of IndoChina...

17-220209 Embarked on a journey that capture my heart deeply with the breathtaking contour of paddy fields, the innocent faces of young children blanketed by their warm dyed clothes, the soothing melody by the creature of the mountain, the cold air that kiss my cheeks in the morning of world natural heritage, the gigantic milestone protruding from the sea, the everlasting serene of tranquility and peace that pierce my soul so artistically that I feel my tears almost burst into cells of happiness. Honestly, it’s indescribable …I just felt it. I breathe the air of unimaginable guilt that I wish it would stay as long as it could. The reviving journey was so pleasant that surprisingly I wasn’t easily exhausted even though my running low stamina might just go poof anytime at the end of the village.

The breathtaking Sapa
Ta Van Village with Black H'mong tribes crossing the bridge

Hanoi City

Hanoi CityWorld Natural Heritage -Ha long BayFrom the peak view
It’s too beautiful with the cool fresh weather, the smiling peach tree flaunt proudly, the bubbly running piglets, the hypnotizing image was surreal that I really have to blink my eyes and pinch myself…is this what the tribe of H’mong been seeing every single day in their life the minute they woke up from sleep? Well..for them it could be just another day but for me it another day in paradise. But of course all this natural beauty sometime are swept away by the poverty and the way of life over here. Coz my heart sink everytime I see young kids with running nose, barefooted and starving come close to me and just paint a smile on their face. The capture of their faces is still fresh in my memory bank. We could only offer some biscuits that we bought along the way. The way they indulge the pieces was so heartwarming. It feels like how we manage to eat KFC 25 years ago.
It's a Deep feelingBut I manage to bring back all this priceless moment and keep it safe on my mind. I retrieve what I deserve to have on that hills of Sapa. And I’m glad that I have the chance to feel it.
If you are interested to visit these places in Hanoi, you may contact :
Ad: 32 Hang Vai str – Hoan – Kiem – Hanoi
Tel: 8438295489 hotline: 84912216063

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Neo's Buffet Steamboat

060209 For those of you that on the lookout to find really nice buffet steamboat WITHOUT costing a bomb in your pocket around wangsa maju, look no further...with buffet style that have varieties of seafood, seafood balls, vegie PLUS BBQ. yup you got it right..the steamboat come together with BBQ service. further more it is HALAL and they come with 2 flavours of soup - chicken and tom yam. was lucky enuff to 'dine' in that day as they serve this really yummy and crispy fried oyster+egg. This special dish does not serve daily. Staff are friendly and efficient, the owner are courteous too. 2nd time here..earlier the price was RM21.90. mind you that the seafood are serve fresh so be careful if you saw some clams peeping out from its shell. Hrmmm...all this for RM19.90...i dont think so you will be bothered to complain anything. I rest my case with their 6 choices of ice-cream...Located at Seksyen 2..Neo's Buffet steamboat can be contacted at : 03-4149 8885.

the fresh seafood..stingray, crabs, clams, bamboo clams, prawn etci am alive...ready to be BBQi love this...either BBQ / steamthe owner..sorry forgot his name...the decor seafood ballsfresh green and noodles..hehehe...this was my favorite dish..scoop it out from the oyster and place it on the crunchy salad..wrapped it and woila...its smoking...burp..hardly could move..senget picture...hahahaha

Friday, February 13, 2009

My soul has just returned

pic taken at Black Sand Beach, Langkawi

Interestingly enough, my soul has just returned
Circumstances are quite rough, but the failing resilient has also landed
My journey seems to pull through, My eyes were no longer blinded
The love is flying high, And I know it has succeeded


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Worsen Wound

pic taken at the peak of Gunong Dato, Seremban

The haunted past is invading
Penetrating my soul painfully
Like a deep cut right through my heart
The wound never seems to heal
I am sinking helplessly

Discreetly Guarded

pic taken at Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju

Discreetly guarded, time is ticking
i hate the side of you
all this differences is driving me off the wall
i wish u frozen and set me free
i know it will eventually

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I C U C Me

pic taken at Mentakab's Night market

I saw you watching me, You say u adore
I say it's disturbing, and plain annoying
So take a hike and go away

Cant get enuff of Mentakab

280109 just got back from mentakab. wasn't excited coming back to KL ever since a thief tried to break-in my rented condo before CNY. so i went back again to mentakab that weekend. lol....and dad cooked for me crab curry with extra eggs in it...its yummylicious... and i spend that weekend gossipping with my 3 sistas, that includes some juicy and anger release stories...ratha...chill ok...sometime we surrounded by pain in the head plus ear-droppers in the working place. 2 of my brothers wasnt around, so no choice we talk about them too...both of you must be coughing non-stop that weekend rite? hahahaha..anyway...went photo-digging under my parent's bed, and found out all the hidden old funny that all the memories kinda spilt out...i've uploaded it in my facebook..certain thing are meant to be kept...such a playful bunch we are...Viva's the best!
how can i resist the crab curry with extra eggs in you appa! went to pasar malam (night market)..look what i found...its kuih bakul...the auntie that sell the kuih bakulratha, moly and me-stop at KFC for loo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lata meraung Waterfall...massive enjoyment

On 2nd day of CNY, it was humid and hot...ding! Everyone shouted...Waterfall!!!! This is the 2nd time we went there. Its in Jerantut, Pahang. You have to 1st go to Jerantut town, then pass by the orang asli settlement. The journey was slightly creepy as we passed by empty hut/ dilapidated houses, some rubber plantation, caught in between of dead cocoa tree and small narrow road. But trust me, the destination we are about to reach was pure heaven. We brought along some mandarin oranges /'kam' to give away to the orang asli kids. This time, all of us feel like the journey was slightly further with few changes on the surrounding but that give us some shocking encounter when a group of absent-minded mat rempits showing off their struts like bees and flies chasing for u. But luckily nothing unwanted scenario we continue until finally we saw the stairs. After 10-15 minutes walk uphill and passing by the mini jungle...we finally arrived to the gorgeous and magnificient Waterfall called Lata Meraung. It was massive enjoyment, the waterfall almost piercing our bones with delight, cold as 7up from the fridge, blurrrrrhhhhhhh....the Viva's escapade during 2nd day of CNY...was wicked and sinfully enjoyable ...muahahahah
dead palm trees street...dried and dying off cocoa trees...puspaa..and her fetish on korean band, tvxqfalling tree on the way to the waterfallthis branch remind me of the memories with my late grandma when she will cut it using a parang and let us swing like little tarzanpuspaa, moly, mum n dad --cant wait to cool us offit's freaking cold..i tell uronnie cleaning his shirti love this spot right here...its exhilarating!anand and ronnie showing off their favorite bug, the drangonfly..the red ant..quench the thirstmassive enjoyment!

It's Happy 'Niu' Year!

26-280109 Yipeee...was in hometown to celebrate the 'Niu' year. Started with a steamboat for reunion dinner on the eve. On 1st day of CNY, we headed to Elephant Santuary at Kuala gandah, Lanchang as our 1st destination. Due to long weekend holiday, the scene was packed with both local n foreigners. Some are there to swim with the elephants or even having the chance to have the ride of the day or just simply enjoy the company of that giant mammal. Entrance is free, however a small notes of donation will be great! Our next list was to Deerland. Entrance is RM5 per person. It's just 3/4km from the Elephant Santuary. The animals are quite tame here, so we take the opportunity to rub shoulder to shoulder in their kingdom called Deerland. u can even hug the sun uh? There are albino hedgehog, sugar glider, snakes, peacock, rabbits and of course the Deer. It was actually managed by one of my dad's fren. So it's kinda cool to see most of their family members are the person in charge in every corner of the park. Just as we about to go home, our po po (grandma) called asking what time are we coming? hehehe...Once a year, most of my uncles and auntie will come down to visit po po. So that nite, the gathering of Chew's family did bring us back to memory lanes. After catching up with the rest followed by 'ang pow' collecting session, we head home and continue our makan session. It was eating galore since i came home...and not forgetting the gossip session with my crazy but lovable siblings..

Lion dancer mainly young boys at the opposite of our street. As they have stipulated schedule for every streets before performing. Apparently our street will be only on 5th day...hrmmmthe red carpet that i was talking about each time i come home...moly get it rolled...hahahathe paste for steamboat during our reunion dinnerprawn frittersyum yumthe rest of it was dipped it in..busy while eating, the fireworks started to roar that nightat lanchang, my siblings with see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil...(L-R: ratha, anand, moly)Elephant Santuary, Kuala GandahWanna shower with the Elephant..yes you can...Baby elephant playing with the kidsWanna take a ride?Korean lil gal was crying-I want my mommy! the big tree (L-R:Moly, me, Ratha, Ronnie)
dei...feed me lah wei

Anand finally came to the rescue at DeerlandA pair of young hedgehog...the one on the right is an albinoso cute and adorablego away...cant u dating with my galpic by Anand. me and a snake...slimy.hahhahaAnand's new best fren...the sunbearlater at night...visiting grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins for CNY gathering(L-R:)my 2 auntie and mum with popo and kong kong. Popo cant stop laughing coz I asked her to pose..while Ah kong couldnt be bothered..hahahaPic taken by Anand. we are muhibbah cousins...malay+chinese+indian...aiman and anand


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