Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Is Coming...but where's Santa?

Christmas galore with gigantic christmas tree...some are nice while some are just plain so wrong..anyway..night of glitters are shining like a flickering stars on the streets...the rest are pure the usual...


cre8tone said...

merry xmas

Santa clause is coming, to town~

Anonymous said...

hey gal :)
hey nice pictures!
nyway do become 1 of my followers yeah?
thanks a lot!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

little prince's mummy--i dont see any...but maybe during the eve he'll show up

ary.sanjay--thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Santa is just a urban myth, to make chliren happy, but the photos of christmas just excits me as the festive for this is always been delightuful yet hated by the continue carol songs played more times in the day.

oh that delighted fruit cake, christmas pudding and all that sweet things with the roast turkey,family dinner and the season to be jolly inculden alcohol.

drinking has arrived and satan were always mu.dad.cousin and fmily with credits cards and cash for christmas presents.


Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

Myke ...some memory bank just got robbed eh?


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