Thursday, February 26, 2009

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17-220209 Embarked on a journey that capture my heart deeply with the breathtaking contour of paddy fields, the innocent faces of young children blanketed by their warm dyed clothes, the soothing melody by the creature of the mountain, the cold air that kiss my cheeks in the morning of world natural heritage, the gigantic milestone protruding from the sea, the everlasting serene of tranquility and peace that pierce my soul so artistically that I feel my tears almost burst into cells of happiness. Honestly, it’s indescribable …I just felt it. I breathe the air of unimaginable guilt that I wish it would stay as long as it could. The reviving journey was so pleasant that surprisingly I wasn’t easily exhausted even though my running low stamina might just go poof anytime at the end of the village.

The breathtaking Sapa
Ta Van Village with Black H'mong tribes crossing the bridge

Hanoi City

Hanoi CityWorld Natural Heritage -Ha long BayFrom the peak view
It’s too beautiful with the cool fresh weather, the smiling peach tree flaunt proudly, the bubbly running piglets, the hypnotizing image was surreal that I really have to blink my eyes and pinch myself…is this what the tribe of H’mong been seeing every single day in their life the minute they woke up from sleep? Well..for them it could be just another day but for me it another day in paradise. But of course all this natural beauty sometime are swept away by the poverty and the way of life over here. Coz my heart sink everytime I see young kids with running nose, barefooted and starving come close to me and just paint a smile on their face. The capture of their faces is still fresh in my memory bank. We could only offer some biscuits that we bought along the way. The way they indulge the pieces was so heartwarming. It feels like how we manage to eat KFC 25 years ago.
It's a Deep feelingBut I manage to bring back all this priceless moment and keep it safe on my mind. I retrieve what I deserve to have on that hills of Sapa. And I’m glad that I have the chance to feel it.
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ahhou said...

Wow, postcard quality photos.

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you brian.!

Grace Foo said...

ha...i agree, photos are like post cards...

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi grace..thanks..hehehe


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