Monday, May 25, 2009

80th BOH Carnival

160509 Hehe..won 4 exclusive passes for the 80th BOH carnival through online submission at FLYFM website. My team was myself, B, Ronnie and Anand. Venue was at Zoo Negara. It was full of fun, bonding and more iced lemon tea. Not to mention, the local delicacies and traditional games that keep us occupied with much anticipation. The crew of FLYFM, Hunny Madu and HOTFM, Kieran keep us entertained as MC. The CEO of BOH, Ms Caroline was really down to earth and friendly which make the event a successful one. From batik printing to spinning gasing, congkak, batu seremban, wau making, guli to the real Bonding Quiz that keep us running for clues and answers. Boy it was fun. But we didn’t manage to be in the final, so off we went to re-visit all the animals. Ronnie, B and AnandCongkak anyone?kids trying their hand on the spinning boardThis boy is a pro ..seriously..champion state playermy so called batik masterpiece..bring it back as souvenior..kekekewith Hunny Madu and KieranChampion in teh tarik..seems like gymnastRonnie and IMs Caroline (CEO of Boh) and BFlamingoThe I love U -group remind me of Bambiuh uh...should i hands down or hands up?
eh...that iced lemon tea making me thirsty


Hazniza Zin said...

nice picture beb!! ... i like all ur pict!! ;)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks a lot ieja...glad that u like it..


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