Sunday, January 16, 2011

Win One of Ten Free Pairs of Levi's Curve ID!

Levi’s is a brand that needs no introduction.
From denim jeans to vintage jacket, the household signature has been around us since 1873. I remembered how both my parents said they are ardent fan of Levi’s jeans when they are young and innocent. And how my dad used to buy for mum her favorite pair of Levi’s jeans that include straight and timeless boot cut on her birthdays. I personally love mum’s corduroy (dark blue and maroon) but no idea where she misplaced it after I left home to further my studies in local Uni many years ago. I guessed it will remain a mystery to all of us. :(

Anyway Levi’s and TIC are currently organizing a contest where 10 lucky winners could earn themselves a pair of Levi’s CURVE ID. How cool is that…but how, you may ask? Well.. Easy the link here.

So off I went to Levi’s Boutique, Pavilion that was located at 1st floor to check it out.

Excuse me miss, im here to join the Which Levi's CUrve ID?

Friendly staff,Ling (if im not mistaken) was pleased to help me to do the measurement. First she placed a string around my waist. This is followed by another measurement of my hips four inches and subsequently another eight inches below the original waist line. Hips dont lie, baby..they dont lie..hehehe. Then, her colleague came to the rescue to help up. For a short moment, I felt I was this spoilt brat that needs some extra attention. Hehehee…After the measurement, she checked on the chart and conclude that I should opt for Demi Curve. As simple as that. So I tried size 24 (Demi Curve- Straight cut) and it fits like a second skin. Tried the catwalk and yeah I feel good as the model in the advertisement. Well..the measurement helps me to choose which curve ID that suits my body type. Most importantly it feels so comfortable!

So have u got urself measured for the latest Levi’s CURVE ID? Quick do it before 21/1/11 and tell them how u feel ..who knows…you might just earn yourself one! Good luck!

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